Vito La Fata – 21 Day Group Training Marketing Machine


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Vito La Fata – 21 Day Group Training Marketing Machine

Vito La Fata – 21 Day Group Training Marketing Machine

Price:  $497
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“Discover Exactly How To Take Your Time Back And Earn More Money By Creating A Highly Successful Group Training Program, While Getting Your Clients Results.”

If You’re a Fitness Professional Who Wants to Start A Group Training Program But Really Wants a System To Follow… Or, You Have a Group Training Program That’s Struggling – Then This Is For You.

Transitioning from personal training to group training is an exciting time in your business.  You free up more time, serve more people and make more money.  However with any new business venture, it can also mean a bit of doubt and uncertainty.

But this is where I can help you.

You see, I’ve helped countless fitness professionals from independent trainers, boot camp owners, studio owners, and managers in fitness facilities kick off strong group training programs in the fitness industry that have made hundreds of thousands of dollars in group training revenue. I’ve also coached hundreds of fitness pros about how to launch and grow their own successful business to six figures and beyond.

I’ve seen all of the obstacles that you can potentially face, understand all the responsibilities that you have as a business owner or trainer and know exactly what you need to do in order to have success when you start a group training program


“If You Really Want To Kickoff A Massively Successful Group Training Program,

Then You Must Follow A Solid Business and Marketing System!”

When You Are Serving More People,

Here’s EXACTLY How The Dollars Add Up:

“Now, based on past experiences no one who has followed the Group Training Marketing Machine-system has done less than 4x their investment…but let’s say conservatively (I would rather show you the worst case scenario), you get just 10 new clients from your first promotion. You would bring in roughly $1000-$1500 cash up front, and in 21 days you put the new clients on your monthly agreements like many do…… And let’s say you train large groups (which you should!) and charge an average of $125 a month per client…Over the course of the year running 12 promotions and getting 10 new participants/promotions the math is:• 12 promotions x 10ppl = 120 new clients in a year.
• 12 new clients/mo x $125/mo = $1250 monthly revenue
• 120 clients/year x $1250/monthly revenue/client = $150,000.00120 new clients x $1250 for the year from each new client… that’s each of the clients paying just $125 month, that comes to $150,000! And 120 new lives transformed!And if you charged just $147 per client, you’d be banking $176,400!

And if you charged $197 per client, you’d be making $236,400! I can keep doing this to match whatever price point fits your area and ideal client, but you get the idea. 


“We followed the plan that Vito laid out and in just one week 43 individuals signed up to take part in the program. That’s over $6,000 in a few short days! The result? The nutrition planning and our workouts combined to generate an average of 7 pound weight loss per participant. That’s the key in this business, results.”

Ian McGriff

This is what we have all been after since Day 1 when we decided to go out on our own and we rolled the dice to become a business owner.

But, somewhere along the way we got hit with bumps in the road…because when we stepped out on our own we realized just because we were great trainers didn’t mean we would be great business owners and marketers.

And that’s the crux in the road right there…

 Operating business with proven systems is
the key to long-term success.

I learned this the hard way, when I struggled through my first years as I took my business from a corporate job, to my apartment complex, to my garage and then into my studio…

I was hoping that just because I opened my doors, put up a sign, had business cards, and some flyers that people would come to me…Well they didn’t.

What I did discover after many years of mistakes was that… When you have a reliable, well thought out, and timely marketing calendar and systems, your business finds that sweet spot and can start stacking one profitable marketing campaign on top of another.


How Do I Start To Make 10x My Investment FAST?

  • START using systems.

I started fast-tracking my success when I was introduced to and learned how to use systems. They saved me time, money and experimentation when I didn’t have any of those luxuries.

  • Get coaching.

I lost a lot of time and money trying to do everything myself. But once I invested in coaching, I got the “inside scoop” from other successful people’s experience and that:

  • Shortened my learning curve
  • Amplified my profit
  • Taught me tactics that work and principles needed for long-term success…


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