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Andrew Warner’s – Interview Your Heroes Standard Edition

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Archive : Andrew Warner’s – Interview Your Heroes Standard Edition

Are you ready to
fast-track your success?
What if you could make every conversation meaningful,
interesting and useful?
Is it possible to:
grow your business
create a tribe of raving fans
get more customers
sell without being sleazy and
have better personal relationships
All from just mastering one skill?

Learning to interview – regardless of the
setting – is a skill that will change your life.
You can start meaningful conversations with influential people you admire and high-profile guests, even if you don’t have a track record, and even if nobody knows who you are.
I’ve been there and can show you how. Interviews have changed my life.
If you heard my interviews you know that I used to be socially awkward – and never know what to say. I hated being in situations where I had to carry on a conversation. And dating? That was another nightmare. But I knew that if I wanted to be successful, I had to get better at talking to people.
Interviews are a great way to start a business or grow an existing one.
They help you:

build an audience of raving fans that buy & share your work
connect with customers, investors and advisors
build your own credibility by “piggybacking” on the credibility of your guest
earn revenue through ads and other promotions
and 1000+ other benefits.

But most importantly they force you to spend time on market-facing activities.
One of the traits I admire in entrepreneurs is the ability to quickly go from idea to something tangible. Maybe it’s a website, or an app or a business plan.
But too often businesses fail because they don’t spend enough time on market-facing activities. The entrepreneur builds something great, but nobody ever uses it — nobody even sees it.
With one interview you can land a key client that gives you the revenue and connections you need to grow 10x this year.
With one interview you can create content that gets shared hundreds of times and attracts thousands of people to your website.
With one interview you can learn a key insight worth thousands of dollars (and get it absolutely free).
Interviews help turn businesses with potential into businesses with profit.
Learning to interview – regardless of the setting – is a skill that will change your life.

It’s perfectly normal to be awkward when you start out.
When I first started interviewing I didn’t have anyone helping me. I had to figure everything out myself. I don’t want that for you.
I want to speed up the process for you to get started. Can I teach you what I’ve learned?

Interview Your Heroes

It’s my step-by-step course, designed to help you master the skill of interviewing and create your own interview show. This is the information that I really wish I had when I was starting out. I could have had so much more success and done things so much faster. But I learned the hard way.
When I looked for books or courses or mentors to teach how to interview, there wasn’t anything out there. I couldn’t find a toolkit that included exactly what an interviewer need to get going – so I created this course for you.

Here’s what’s included:
Over 8 hours of video lessons, transcripts and bonus materials
The topics include:
1. Branding & Niching
2. Interviewing Tools You Need
3. Land Awe-Inspiring Guests
4. Getting Anyone to Open Up
5. Interviews as Traffic Magnets
6. Monetizing
What’s in Each Module?
Module 1. Branding & Niching

What kind of site to start with
How to pick a topic
How to figure out which audience to target
The single most powerful page you’ll create
How to ask nervy questions that make your work more valuable
Research that tells you what your audience is dying to know
Tools for creating lead-collecting landing pages

Module 2. Interviewing Tools You Need

How to easily setup a professional studio
What to use to record interviews from your computer
How to edit your interviews
How to post interviews on your site
How to turn your interviews into a podcast

Module 3. Land Awe-Inspiring Guests

Multiple ways to get interviewees
Ways to connect-with hard-to-reach guests
Exact emails to send potential guests
A system for finding and booking guests

Module 4. Getting Anyone to Open Up

How to lead a biographical interview
How to turn your interviews into courses
How to research an interviewee
What to do before the interview
How to get people to open up
What to say after the interview is done

Module 5. Interviews as Traffic Magnets

How to get guests to help you promote
How to get promotion from their “gang”
How to build a tribe around your interviews
How to create events
How to get your content on other sites
What to do to keep your audience
How to podcast your work

Module 6. Monetizing

Basic tools you need to sell
The first 2 things to put on your site
How to run ads if you hate selling ads
How to sell ads if you like selling
How to make & sell your own product
How to create a continuity product
How to monetize if interviewing isn’t your main business


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