Launch your Mastermind – 90 Day Bootcamp


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Launch your Mastermind – 90 Day Bootcamp

Launch your Mastermind – 90 Day Bootcamp

Price:  $1997
Sale Page: www.mastermindtomillions.com/yes
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The “Launch Your Mastermind 90-Day Bootcamp”

The Fastest, Easiest, Most Joyful Way To Attract More Clients, Earn More Money And Grow Your Business So That You Escape The Time For Money Trap And Add $100,000+ To Your Income NOW!


How To Perfectly Position Yourself And Your Mastermind So That You Naturally Attract The Right People Who Gladly Pay You Over And Over.

When you enroll for the “Launch Your Mastermind 90-Day Bootcamp” you will gain clarity on your expertise and position yourself as the expert so that you are the go-to person for the value that you provide.

You will also get clear on your messaging of who the group is for, the problem that you solve in the marketplace, and the mechanics of what you will be delivering so that your target market client is naturally attracted to you, instead of you having to go out and chase them.

During our first call and module you will build the foundation and structure of your program so that you know exactly what you are providing to your clients and at what price point so that you have clarity, certainty and conviction in what you offer and signing up new clients becomes easy!


Become The Powerful And Purposeful Leader That People Want To Follow For Life!

Most masterminds fail because of poor leadership. When you join the Launch Your Mastermind 90-Day Bootcamp you will get all of the tools to become the most powerful version of yourself and a strong confident leader that others want to follow.

You will get access to a self assessment tool that will empower you to become the most authentic version of yourself so that you show up fully with conviction and power and attract the perfect clients into your mastermind

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Filling Your Masterminds With Ease – The Simple Event and Conversation Strategy That Converts Like Crazy!

When you join you will discover the simple strategy for easily filling your mastermind with your ideal clients even if you don’t understand technology or currently have a big list.

You will also learn how to specifically target the people you want in your mastermind and avoid the people that you don’t so that you only spend time talking to the RIGHT people and you will get the step by step system for building high touch, high value relationships where people quickly get to know you, like you and trust you so that they feel comfortable making the decision to work with you and paying you for your mastermind.

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The Ultimate Stick Strategy… How To Create The Vision And Set Expectations So That Your Clients Stay With You Long Term And Never Want To Leave.

You will discover exactly how to create an extremely high retention rate for your programs that keeps your clients engaged and never wanting to leave so that you never have to go chasing new clients ever again.

When you join us for the Launch Your Mastermind 90-Day Bootcamp you will learn and implement the 9 commitment creating processes that when integrated into your marketing, filtering and delivering processes, create a high level of commitment and engagement from your group so that you create life-long clients who get amazing results and become, not just raving fans who refer a ton of clients, but great friends and deep meaningful relationships.

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Learn Powerful Facilitation Skills And “Room Control” So That You Can Provide Mind-Blowing Experiences To Your Clients Every Time!

When you master the facilitation skills that you’ll learn during the program you will be able to create powerful exercises and experiences that provide massive value to your clients and support them in creating phenomenal results that keep them always coming back for more.

You will also get a step by step frame work for facilitating powerful hot-seats that blow your clients minds, a system for drawing out the real goals and issues from each member, and how to create an environment of support where each member supports one another so that your group becomes like a family… When it does you’ll have life-long clients forever!

7 Live Training Calls With Me

 When you register today you’ll get access to the 7 live training calls that I host during your 90-day program. Each call following the welcome call will be focused on one of the 6 pillars and supporting you on a higher level to implement the information and get RESULTS. These calls will be very interactive and you’ll have the opportunity to get all of your questions answered. (All calls will be recorded in case you miss one.)

The 6 Fundamental Pillars Training Modules

When you join me you will get immediate access to your membership portal where you will be able to access the training modules any time you want as they are released through out the program. Each module is jam packed with powerful information to support you in launching, filling, and running your mastermind.

Private Online Members Forum

You’ll be blown away by the value you’ll get by being a part of this forum. This is a place to connect with other members, with our Masterminds Mentors, and with me for additional support, questions and guidance in launching and running your masterminds, attracting more clients, and making more money.

Lifetime Access

When you enroll in the Launch Your Mastermind 90-Day Bootcamp you’ll receive lifetime access to all of the training modules AND the recording of each of the Live Training calls with me. We want you to have support even after the program is completed and you’re rocking with your masterminds.


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