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                                           Stephanie Nickolich – Passive Profit Mastery

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Grab instant access to the 8-point proven system that I used to serve over 2000 clients, build 21 active sales
funnels and collectively help clients generate over $30,000,000 in revenue this year alone.

This exact system can be replicated by you in just 8-weeks so that you too can have more time, more
freedom, and more money! (and who doesn’t want that?)
and here’s why you need it
  • You are not nearing burnout, you are the very definition of it.
  • You just don’t have the TIME to wait 5+ years for your business to make passive profits
  • You are starting to resent this “entrepreneurial dream”
  • You see how limited your earning potential is if you don’t automate..ASAP
  • You hate having to chase leads, it’s exhausting!
  • You love your 1:1 private or even group clients but more of those = more work (and headache) for you!
  • You realized that you have capped your own income ceiling and you are ready to blow the top off.
(because you’re human)YOU WILL WANT TIME OFF
(again because you’re human)YOU WILL NEED “SICK DAYS”
(because you’re a human who gives 100% to your family and business baby)AND

(because those bills still have to get paid and you’ve still got to eat, right?!)

Hello, Unstoppable!

I am so glad you have decided to trade in the endless entrepreneurial grind that you are currently stuck in trading dollars for hours and start moving hands on to hands off and profits on! This is the EXACT system I have used to create sales funnels that have completely transformed my business – only I’m giving you the fast-track, short-cut version I wish I had been given. This is the very same process I use with my High-end Sales Funnel Creation clients and I am sharing it with you, so that you can join us in the passive income corner (along with all the other the VIPS and online badasses).

And, here’s something that you must know
(just in case you’re still on the fence)
The e-learning industry has been classified as a $107 billion a dollar a year industry and studies have shown that it’s likely to double this year alone. That means hundreds of millions of people are buying and consuming online courses, products, and programs more progressively than ever. Want the even better news? This is just the beginning!

So, why should you start creating digital products?
Well for starters, leveraging your sales funnel is a way more sustainable and scalable model rather than working 12-16 hours a day serving one-on-one clients. Additionally it allows you to create more space for growth and profits, all while leaving a much larger impact on the world.

This system….
  • Takes YOU out of the equation, whether you work or not is entirely up to you.
  • Gives you back your most precious commodity, TIME.
  • Allows you to focus on what you LOVE without hustling for the crumbs.
  • Generates continuous leads so you can focus on converting those that are already in front of you.
  • Automates EVERY step of the process, so the only thing you have to do is click WITHDRAW.
  • Wish to be available 24-hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure that you get PAID
  • Want to keep running around every Facebook group on earth and posting a gazillion times a day to keep generating leads.
  • Like living day to day knowing that you only make money when you work.
  • Don’t mind skipping time off for holidays and special events because that’s the only way you continue to generate income.
  • Love the pressure of knowing that you have keep busting your ass to make $$$$
Here is your oyster,
because once you automate the WORLD IS YOURS!
Ask my clients what beats making money passively? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING
So, relax knowing that…
  • No matter what happens (Wedding in Bali, Shopping spree with the gals in Paris!) your system is running and generating income.
  • That you are working for something ONCE that will keep on bringing you in revenue EVEN if you decide to shift your career focus. And yes, I’m talking every.single.day.
  • Once you learn the system you can automate ANYTHING in any industry!


In this module I share with you how to choose or create a product that will have super sell-ability in a passive purchasing market.
(hint: you probably already have one and don’t know it!)

  • Why a product, what products to create, and when that will leave your ideal clients hungry to buy!
  • #1 Mistake you’re probably making that will kill your conversions and exactly how to change that in this module.
  • The 8-point proven approach to profit producing products.
  • The proper product formats that convert.


This is the foundation and where we go really big to set the stage for which everything else will trickle down: channels, platforms, social media, blogs – we figure out what is the best avenue for you to get noticed and start your residual revenue stream.

  • Marketing vs advertising and how to use both to skyrocket your success.
  • Platform perks for insane profitability.
  • Social media for success – Minimal effort, maximum ROI (no one has time to waste)
  • Email marketing automation for profit acceleration
  • 90-Day Anti-Launch Countdown to Passive Profits
  • Viral Visibility and Marketing Plan for Social Domination


This is where we build upon module two by showing you how to get from them seeing you, to engaging with your brand, and clicking the buy button! I’m talking to the tune of drinking mai tais on the beach while watching your passive profits grow.
We’ll cover how to:

  • Convert cold, warm, and super hot leads into passive profits.
  • The 4-point profit persuasion system that converts as high as 41%
  • Psychological pricing structure for lifetime profits.
  • Cash-boosting paid marketing methods that convert like crazy – $1 -> $8
  • Luscious Lead Conversion – how to determine the temperature of each lead and the highest converting offering.
  • The sale success formula – known to convert 25% of even cold leads into paid buyers.


Here I take you through all the steps required to test (and everyone needs to) so that you can find the winning formula that is going to take you straight to massive passive revenue.
Together we’ll conquer:

  • Market Research Mastery
  • What to Test, When to Test, How to Test and How long to test to Profit Passively
  • Pilot Anti-Launch to Passive Profits


This week we’re having that FB Ads Convo you’ve probably been dreading (but know you need!) If the idea of Facebook Ads has made you want to down a cocktail (or five) up until this point, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how not scary it has to be.
This week I’ll teach you:

  • All the tips and tricks you need to create ads that actually get measurable results (meaning clicks on your links and money in the bank!)
  • How to double, triple, and quadruple your conversions using proven split test methods (it’s easier than you think)
  • Want to know what real estate and FB ads have in common? Location is everything! I’m going to show you when and where to place your ads to bring in profit for your promotion.
  • The magic of audience insights (do this right and your ads will be served up straight to your ideal clients)


This is where we go through the process and connect all of the dots the previous weeks have led up to so we can flip the switch and start dancing. You’ve put in all the work, now get ready to reap the rewards!
Together we’ll cover how to:

  • Map out your sales funnel (and who’s responsible for each step along the way)
  • Advertise and optimize your opt-in to gain immediate traction
  • Amplify your email series so that you can connect, engage and convert
  • Implement to accelerate your growth with my powerful implementation acceleration video series which will make tech easy peasy.


This week we’re scaling your funnel success and setting it into motion with proven strategies that the pros use like timing, targets, placement, promotion, and profit margins. By the end of this week you should have one fabulous funnel.
We’ll cover how to:

  • Set it and forget it with a formula that will help you set realistic goals and reach them!
  • Apply proven funnel templates that I’ve personally used with hundreds of different business types and how to apply them to profit.
  • Create a funnel frenzy and start automating your business to scale your success long term.


It’s time to set it and forget it so that you can rinse it and repeat it with dollar bills. In this final module we work backwards from your most elaborate financial goals and turn them into bite sized actionable steps that are ultra achievable. Once you implement the tweaks to your marketing budget your income levels can start to peak!
Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • Setting up those low ticket price point products for high ticket rewards as clients make their way down your sales funnel.
  • How to set your ad budget and when to make changes so you end up reaping massive rewards instead of flushing your cash.
  • Measure your results and learn when and how to change if you aren’t getting the results you desire.


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