Chalene Johnson – Courageous Confidence Club

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Chalene Johnson – Courageous Confidence Club

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Have you set big goals for 2015?

Confidence is the one thing that can help you reach all your big goals…

This is your chance! This is YOUR year!

Confidence is the key

Lack of Confidence holds so many people back from achieving their goals,

All of the details are included on this page, so please take a minute to read to the very end, so you don’t miss an awesome opportunity for us to work closely together.

First, I want to ask you a few questions…Have you ever experienced this?

  • Have you ever had great ideas that never quite seem to happen?
  • Have you ever gotten stuck in moving forward with a new opportunity – you seem to talk yourself out of it?
  • Do you sometimes second guess or question yourself wondering if your ideas are actually “good ideas” after all?

Everyone gets a little stuck sometimes…but what if I told you that what’s really slowing you down is confidence? And what if I could give you the confidence to move forward?

What if I could give you a method to measure your ideas, projects and endeavors to make sure they make sense for the direction you want to take in life?

That’s exactly what we’ll be doing in my all-new Courageous Confidence Club!

When working with friends, colleagues, the people I personally coach and customers, I’ve found too often that people have a desire to make positive changes and take steps forward with their ideas or plans. They want to join something new or implement what they’ve learned, but they just get stuck.

So I created the Courageous Confidence Club after working directly with the people I privately coach and members of the SMART Success Academy to give people the power to move forward – to break through their current spot and really make progress on some major goals.

This program is unlike any other! I’ve designed it much like I design my fitness programs with exercises, education, science, periodization, guidelines and a way to measure your progress. But this program isn’t about building muscular strength though… this one is about building confidence, which is built just like a muscle. The more you use it, the stronger it gets!

  • This is about building confidence in social settings
  • Confidence to speak your mind
  • Confidence to try scary things
  • Confidence to go for it
  • Confidence in your relationships
  • Confidence to be who you really were meant to be…

I hesitate to call it a “program.” In fact, I didn’t want to call this a “seminar,” “program,” or a “training” but rather a “CLUB.” My thinking is that when we belong to a sisterhood, a fraternity, or a group of like-minded awesome people, you feel an inherent power! When you join a club, you develop a kinship with your fellow members. I want people to feel supported, uplifted and a part of a special community.

I developed this club to help EVERYONE with their confidence in every situation. You can be the most outgoing, friendly, social person in the world, but we can ALL use more confidence.

Here’s a little more about what you can expect…

  • Action steps and exercises for improving confidence in social situations, relationships with family, in your career or profession, and speaking to groups
  • How to improve your body language to exude confidence in any situation, make others feel comfortable, increase likability and gain trust
  • A sounding board for all decisions and ideas to determine what opportunities you should pursue as well as steps to get unstuck and move forward
  • Includes videos, mp3 downloads, PDF worksheets, and exercises to improve your confidence in all areas
  • Private Facebook group for the Club – this will be a very intimate group for a limited amount of people who will work closely with me as we go through my new program for the first time
  • Confidence tracking system – concrete ways to measure your progress in gaining confidence and keep new, positive habits in check

Our level of confidence affects all areas of our life – our relationships with our partner, our family, managing boundaries and relationships with people who demand our time, our careers, our businesses, our health, our finances…everything!

And this program is everything you need to breakthrough any obstacle and make 2015 your best year yet!


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