Keith & Shannon French – Link Options Online Real Estate Training

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Keith & Shannon French – Link Options Online Real Estate Training

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Link Options online real estate training…Everything you will need to understand and implement this Strategy!

Our Link Options Course includes the following:

– Free Unlimited Help in our Member’s Only Forum

– All of our marketing strategies

– Non-branded videos for you to use in your own marekting campaigns

– Live buyer and seller calls

– Role playing and handling of seller and buyer objections

– PDF files of FAQ’s

– Screen flows and videos of exactly what we do and how we do it (e.g., comping properties, analyzing tenant-buyer applications, preparing and putting out bandit signs, and much much more)

– All of our contracts and papework that we use in downloadable and editable format

– Wendy Patton’s entire Cooperative Lease Option course and her contacts and paperwork

Having our course is literally like watching over our shouldes for two full weeks.  We show you exactly how we setup and run our business in our online course.

There truly is no easier real estate strategy to implement, and our strategy works with nondistressed sellers and houses!

That means you can use the leads that most investors simply toss in the trash!

Our strategy is by far the easiest real estate strategy to implement, has the least risk of any strategy that exists, and has the lowest overhead costs.

Link Options allows you to build a business around your life and is not a business that consumes your life!

Let us show you exactly how we live the life of our dreams by doing Link Options!

Link Options is a new real estate strategy that evolved from years of experience with old strategies. It was created and perfected to createMASSIVE INCOME by utilizing ALL THOSE Real Estate leads with little or no equity, and gives the millions of Americans who are being told that they are “Un-Lendable” by the banks, a chance to become homeowners!

We’ve experienced such tremendous and immediate success closing Link Options over the past 18 months that investors nationwide have been begging us to teach them our strategy and business model. In almost every area of the United States, the old investing strategies just aren’t working like they used to. The investors who’ve managed not to bite the dust all together are working three times as hard to make half the profit they did once before. Don’t feel bad if you’ve been investing and your profits have disappeared. You’re not alone!

Unfortunately, it’s impossible to meet with everyone individually to teach them the business. Besides that, we’re NOT coaches or mentors…we’re real estate business owners actively running a full-time business. But because of the overwhelming amount of inquiries and our desire to help, we finally decided to take EVERYTHING WE DO ON A DAY-TO-DAY BASIS, and put it on Video, Slide Shows, Audio Recordings, and Down-loadable Documents for you to use in your own market. After months of recording and documenting, we have now what so many people have been begging for…a resource that is truly like being a hands-on apprentice for our business! Take it, Use it, Profit with it!

Whether you’re brand new to investing or you’ve already done 300+ deals, you owe it to yourself to learn the Link Options strategy. Not only that, we’ll even go as far as you owe it to YOUR COMMUNITY to learn this strategy. Retail market values are being PRESERVED with this strategy which is just what the housing crisis needs…YOUR COMMUNITY needs YOUR HELP to fight against the declining home values brought on by the record-breaking foreclosures and short sales. Work this strategy in today’s market and the profits only get sweeter when the market turns as THIS STRATEGY IS NOT MARKET DEPENDENT!!

4 reviews for Keith & Shannon French – Link Options Online Real Estate Training

  1. Victoria Phillips (verified owner)

    The content was well-presented and informative.

  2. Natalie Morris (verified owner)

    Good quality.

  3. Courtney Stewart (verified owner)

    The examples and case studies were very helpful.

  4. Erin Barnes (verified owner)

    A valuable resource for anyone looking to improve their skills.

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