Joe McNamee – The Massive Buyer Generating System

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Joe McNamee – The Massive Buyer Generating System

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Nearly 100 Quick & Easy Ways to Attract Motivated Buyers

If you haven’t noticed, the conventional wisdom Real Estate Market is not a slow market it’s been a “NO Market!!”

**AND the primary reason is banks can’t write checks like they used to.

This is Where the Opportunity Awaits You:

I am going to share with you how to significantly leverage the fact that people still want to buy homes. These buyers might as well be on your newly built buyer’s list, salivating at the mouth, chomping at the bit just to get the opportunity to happily give you Thousands of Dollars for your properties.

You can experience large profits (tens of thousands of dollars) while saving your buyers money along the way. When saving your buyers thousands on their new home, you won’t be able to stop them from promoting your business to their circle of family & friends which means more buyers for you.

I dont need to write a long boring sales letter to convince anyone how important it is to have a powerful buyers list, so this short one will do.


The Massive Buyer Generating System


Its your time to have all the motivated buyers you can handle. For that matter, why not have more than you can handle?

This puts you in control of multiple Joint Venture deals with local investors just like I do with mine. They provide houses, I provide buyers, and you can too.

This one little technique can increase your annual revenue by $50,000.00 or more.

Hello everyone, Im Joe McNamee. Ive spent decades doing real estate deals thru many different economies. I can honestly say since 2008 I have done more deals than the previous 3 ½ decades. The Reason: I focused on the characteristics of a troubled economy buyer.

You See, I know that the American dream of home ownership didn’t die when banks stopped being able to write checks like they used to. When the secondary market fell apart in the banking industry it did not kill the desire for people wanting to own a home, the almighty ‘American Dream.’

The Pulse of America

I keep my finger on the pulse of the market by the hour across America, and when possible other English speaking countries. This is how I know where the buyers are, and what it takes to get them in my properties as well as in my student’s properties. I’ve tested hundreds of different techniques through decades and came up with the best ways (mostly free) to attract buyers to my properties. That’s right; I suffered through all the painful time consuming testing so that you don’t have to (YOU’RE WELCOME). Then I built an easy to follow program that a 6th grader can do.

This is not repeated information like my competitors do with no hands on testing done or firsthand experience just to make a buck. These are techniques that my staff of investors and I use regularly to sell our properties, and so do my students. (Youre Welcome again).

Look, I don’t need to share this information; Lord knows I make plenty from my Real Estate deals. I’ve actually retired twice, it’s not all it’s cracked up to be, and you can only do so much fishing. I share my secrets because I enjoy helping our economy and people like you.

Common Mistakes of the Real Estate Investor

If Youre Doing One of These Youre Going to Fail Sooner or Later.

Not learning how to build a strong buyer’s list FIRST from a truly experienced real estate investor with a solid program and reputation.

Not checking to see if the teacher has a really big list of several thousand, and sites where you can see the teacher moving lots of property regularly for several years. That’s why I allow people to visit my office UNANNOUNCED to witness first hand everything I say, we really do. Additionally, my staff does their own deals. Something’s wrong with an info biz where the staff doesn’t do what they’re exposed to daily. Buyer Beware!!

Putting all your eggs in 1 basket. Relying on one source of financing, or one technique to close deals.

Not adjusting to an ever changing market/economy.

You’re not listening closely to what the lenders (or I should say, NON-lenders) have to say.

Listening to people who teach Ridiculous Formulas and techniques that keep you in the conventional wisdom world and don’t put money in your pocket. For Example: The MAO formula ARVx70%-Repairs=MAO never pay MAO. If my students and I followed that we all would have missed out on hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Believing old school techniques work in a new school world. If you are following a teacher/mentor, make damn sure they are truly and successfully doing what they’re telling you to do. (Better do lots of home work on them and not just listen to what they say they do or did).

Buying a property and then hoping that there’s a market that says they will purchase it from you for a profit. Even if you buy it w/o your money, credit, or lender. Your reputation is still at stack if it doesn’t sell quickly. A new or restarting business must be very mindful of its reputation.

The Cure for these and many more ailments is FIRST Building a Massive Buyers List ,  My Way 

Do you want your confidence level to go through the roof?

When you have lots of buyers telling you what they want, where they want it, and how much they will pay for it, you will be motivated. I’ll take it one step further for you. Getting the buyers to pay you up front to find a property for them motivates you more than Tony Robbins. We do that regularly.

Speaking of confidence, when I use private lenders they are very comfortable working with my Real Estate Business primarily due to my impressive, powerful buyer’s list.

The best way I’ve found in my 4 decades of experience, and several more decades of my parents/grandparents, to determine value of our properties is thru the “ Unspent Buyers List .” These are large numbers of buyers on my list that’s easy to grow, and who have not bought a house yet but want to.

Here are just TWO really cool techniques of many that I created years ago that are part of The Massive Buyer Generating System.

  1. I have a special way that gets 10-100 additional secret buyers connecting with us per week that no one else understands how to do. The kicker is it doesn’t cost anything to bring them in. Other Gurus have tried to mimic it without proper training and have failed. Big Surprise !
  2. I have certain buyers put their down payment with us up front before we have the place they want. I call this The Down Payment Growth Program. Again, several try to ride this part of my coattails without the proper knowledge and make a mess of things. Again, Big Surprise !!

With the right training that’s in the MBGS all of this is easy to do.

Here’s What a few of My Students Have to say:

(Patti Thor, State College Pa.):

“I’ve taken MANY Gurus’ programs, and NONE have earned me back even ½ what their tuition costs are. As a matter of fact, most haven’t earned me a dime. But Joe’s program has put me WAY ahead financially and I’ve only been at it for a few months. My husband Jim and I are so thankful. We recommend everyone get anything Joe has to offer. He won’t steer you wrong, we know this for a fact.”

(Adam Blowe):

“I went from homeless to having a million dollar mansion in two years from Joe’s training.” W. Virginia

(Ashley Beasley):

“The first house Joe helped me acquire, I didn’t have to make a payment for almost a year.” Effingham

(Brandy Shearouse):

“I never made more than $6,000 a year in my life. Following what Joe says to do I quickly made $8,000 in less than 4 hours. I love this business because it allows me to make as much if not more money than my husband while still being a stay at home mom.” Guyton


“I have been in the real estate and mortgage business well over thirty years, but each time I spend a few minutes with Joe I learn more about the exciting side of real estate that I did not know existed. Joe negotiated a deal for me that cost me nothing and I made over $18,000 in less than 3 hours.” Port Wentworth


“In the beginning I didn’t believe Joe’s training was real. However, in two years I have done nearly 60 house deals spending less than $10 on each, and I continue to profit from many of them every month. I have never been so happy to be so wrong.” Bloomingdale

The MBGS can be used for selling any product; it’s not only for Real Estate. Many of my techniques are generic; just replace the house product with anything you want to sell of yours or a product that you’re selling for someone else. It’s the creative template you need to follow for selling anything.

Give my program a chance, it will cause your phone, email, etc to blow up with prospects youve needed. Well into the thousands have been sold over several years and only one returned. Our customers are completely satisfied, countless numbers of people can’t be wrong.

We use this product every day in my real estate business and have been since I created it way back before anyone was talking about building the buyers list first, and I continue improving it with new things that help my students make more money.

I think back to all these people both VERY experienced as well as brand new to Real Estate. They were totally lost when 2008’s economic crash hit. I talked with many that were teachers of Real Estate, their staff, their students etc… but they all were the same. They couldn’t accept the fact that the way they had always done real estate wouldn’t work anymore. It’s like they were banging their head against a brick wall and expecting it not to hurt anymore (sounds insane to me). I think they all liked to swim in each other’s pool of sorrow. As a result many went into bankruptcy, and/or multiple foreclosures needlessly.

As a kid I remember my parents not buying a property until they had the buyer on hand to sell to, we’re talking the 1960s. I have always rapidly adjusted to our ever-changing environment. So 2008s crash meant TREMENDOUS opportunity for all who adjusted with me.

Here Come Free Bonus when you order

Joes Real Deals : Witness Joe demonstrating with live individuals how

he’s able to acquire properties and then put buyers in them. Easily solving people’s problems while still making a profit from what he knows and you can too………………………… $500.00

Video Series : This is several hours on video of Joe teaching you exactly what’s going in today’s economy that limits or stops new and veteran investors. Once you understand the WHY, it’s easy to realize the HOW…………………………………………………………. $200.00

Coaching calls with students : Listen in a on a few coaching calls with some of Joe’s students. Learn what road blocks his students encountered, and the easy solutions coming from Joe so they can move forward again…………………….…….…………………$500.00

Timeless Real Estate Investing : This is the most powerful book on Real Estate Investing written at a 6th grade level. It is so easy to understand. Many have done deals due to what they learned from this book alone…………………….………………. $17.95

The Massive Buyer Generating System …..…………. $1,297.00

Total………………………………………………….…………..………… $2,514.95

BUT You wont pay anywhere near that!!!

Your cost is ONLY $1,297.00

This product comes with a

60 Day, 100% Unconditional Money Back Guarantee.

The average real estate investor buys a property for a discount, then maybe improves that property, accepts holding costs, and then looks for the buyer.

H E L L    N O !!! Thats crazy?

Find your buyers first then get the property under control, without risk to you. Now thats a much better plan, and the MBGS easily accomplishes that for you.


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