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Chad Kimball – Link Network Video Training

Chad Kimball – Link Network Video Training

Price:  $497
Sale Page: chaddo.com/linknetwork/
Archive: archive.is/Ljnxt

Imagine, Never Having To
Buy, Chase, Beg for Links.
Ever Again.

Control all your high powered links and
beat your competition whenever you want

Chad Kimball
[email protected]

Stop Buying Links!

If you follow me at all, you know that I sell high authority links.

So why would I say, “Stop buying links”?

Here is why:

You don’t have to buy links anymore. You don’t have to beg or trick people into giving them to you. You don’t have to attempt social media voodoo to get your website to “go viral.”

Instead, you can control everything by owning your own backlinks inside your own link network..

Check the Kind of Backlink You Want:

 High Trustflow
 High Domain Authority (Moz DA)
 Contextual (inside a paragraph of text)
 Niche relevant
 Fully outsourced
 “Google proof”
 Easily scalable
 Inexpensive or free
 Anchor text totally under my control
 Boosts my ranking quickly

When you build your own link network the way I teach you, you can have all these things. It is like the holy Grail for link builders.

Backlinks, built specifically for your situation, to your exact specifications to make sure you rank quickly, safely, and permanently.

Short-cut to Quick Rankings
I’ve Used Since 2008

There aren’t a lot of shortcuts to ranking/free traffic on google these days.

But this one (I’ve been using since 2008) works still, and will continue to work for a long, long time.

You point links from these sites wherever you want. Rank your websites, affiliate links, youtube videos, etc…

Got competitors with very powerful links that are beating you?

Easily imitate and BEAT them with this Link network strategy.

And own all the links yourself–because they’ll all be from your own network of sites!
(for a fraction of the cost of what competitors spent to beg those links off other sites)

Outsource the Entire Thing

The way I teach private link network building is almost 100% automated and outsourced.

You will also get specific instructions for outsourcers to follow, so you don’t have to do anything yourself (we use these exact instructions for our own team of outsourcers!).

Offshore workers will build your network for you very quickly.

I will show you specifically where to find quality people to do this work for $2.91 per hour.

I’ll also teach you how to monetize your network so it pays for itself 100%. In my own network, I outsource this part as well.

Mr X Built a 10,000 Domain Network
for His Clients

A few months ago I trained someone who has a MASSIVE PBN. He needed to learn the most current techniques so he took my training.

He did not want his competitors to know how he was doing it, so I can’t mention his name. But let me just say that he had a link network with 10,000+ domains.

It worked so well that now he is building a network for ONE single client, ranking all of their sites in all European Languages

This is big folks, PBNs. Don’t let anyone tell you they don’t work.

You can build a much smaller network than my colleague and still make a HUGE difference in your rankings.

I personally know dozens of people using them very effectively.

But you need to know how to do this in 2015 to stay under google’s radar.

I’ve been building my network for over 7 years, never had a site reindexed or banned.

Why does this work so well for client work? Here’s why:

  1. You can rank client sites FAST and they will think you are a total miracle worker.
  2. Accurately predict what it will take for a clients sites to get ranked. If you need to get a few more sites in your network, simply include this in the client fee. After you take my training you will know exactly what you need to do to get results for a client and what it will cost.
  3. Keep clients longer: Explain to them that if a client cancels with you, you can remove the links and their rankings will drop.

Don’t Be Scared
of the Anti-PBN Rampage

In the past few years you may have seen Matt Cutts on a rampage against private blog networks (PBNs).

He was de-indexing and spanking everyone.

But you know what, mine are untouched.

I continue to recommend PBNs (the way I do it) as one of the most powerful link building techniques for 2016.


It is so easy to set this up so you will never have problems from google.

Avoid these things in your network:

  • WordPress
  • Unrelated topical articles on the same blog
  • Same class C IP.
  • Templated layouts
  • Interlinking between your sites
  • Same outgoing links on most of your sites
  • Content that stinks
  • In fact, DONT even make your sites blogs.

My network avoids all the above because these are the ways Mr. Cutts was destroying everyone else.

In fact, in my link network training I teach you even more ways to make your network 100% safe.

It has never been affected by any google algorithm change, penguin, panda, pigeon etc..

They way I do it, there is really no way for google to stop it.

Sounds too good to be true?

It is a specific method I use to setup my own network of sites.

You control every aspect of the links, so you don’t have to worry about google penalties or slaps.

Google will never be able to slap these sites (unlike other blog networks) because I teach you how to avoid any footprint for google to discover your network.

These are high quality sites that google loves.

Normal sites built by normal people, totally under google’s radar.

Your network will look like a collection of totally normal sites. Veterinarian site. Small grocery store website. Political party website. A business conference website. A dance studio website. Telecom company site. The list goes on and on.

It will be totally invisible as a network.

You will learn how to set these up very quickly spending no money on content or design either.

My Wife Yelled at Me about my PBN

You probably had this happen:

You search google for information.

You run across one of those articles that was auto generated or rewritten by offshore workers.

When this happens to my wife, she blames me!

“Is this one of those fake article sites you create??” she says.

But seriously, no one likes these sites, including google.

Thats why, if you build a private blog network filled with this type of thing, google will knock you right out of the rankings.

Contrary to what my wife thinks, my link network has NO sites like this.

Instead my network has hundreds and hundreds of pages of high quality, google loving content.

And I didn’t have to even pay for any of it to be written!

The way I set up these networks, google loves every page I put out there.

When you sign up for my one on one training, you’ll find out why google will ALWAYS love the type of sites in my network.

I’ll teach you how to do it, step-by-step, in a training program that even a relative beginner could understand.

Normally I charge $997 for This, but not Today

I have been teaching this for a number of years.

In the past I have always done this as a live one on one training only. I have trained some of the guys with the largest networks out there.

We did it as a personal, one on one training in order to keep the techniques within a small circle of experts.

The price kept everyone else out.

But I decided to try out a pre-recorded video training that I could open up to more people. I am not going to leave this open forever, because like I said, these are the exact same techniques that we use to build our own network.

Also you will not get the LIVE one on one attention, and customized focus, that you would get with a live session.

However this is the exact same information that others have paid almost $1000 to receive.

Here are some of my students who have paid full price for this same information

I’ll teach you how to do it, step-by-step, in a downloadable training program that even a relative beginner could understand


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