Axia Futures – The Footprint Edge Course

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Axia Futures – The Footprint Edge Course

Archive : Axia Futures – The Footprint Edge Course


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The Footprint course is a strategy focused, futures trading course, following a unique process-driven approach. The Footprinttool is a unique Order Flow tool, assisting traders to perfect timing execution on the Price Ladder and it encompasses leading information in comparison to traditional Technical Analysis. The course covers the most liquid futures markets, including bonus units covering a Cryptocurrency Bitcoin strategy session.

The total course duration is 35.5 hours and includes; principle learning, practical applications, live market examples, ten unique strategies, guided drill sessions, one month free footprint trial and two months free Axia Futures Live Streaming Premium Membership service.

Units 1 and 13 are FREE to ensure all prospective traders can try segments of the course.

Course Curriculum


How to Activate, Setup and Use your Free Footprint Trial


The Footprint 30-Day Challenge Calendar

The Footprint Index Overview

The Footprint Strategy Template


UNIT 1 – The Footprint Tool

UNIT 2 – Setting Up Your Free Footprint Charts

UNIT 3 – The Key Footprint Trading Principles

UNIT 4 – Advanced Footprint Charting

UNIT 5 – Footprint Chart Strategy Development


UNIT 6 – Strategy 1: Absorption and Auctioning

UNIT 7 – Strategy 2: Hiding Behind the Elephant

UNIT 8 – Strategy 3: Failed Break of Support and Resistance

UNIT 9 – Strategy 4: Auction Imbalances

UNIT 10 – Strategy 5: Exhaustion High and Low

UNIT 11 – Strategy 6: The Initiative Drive


UNIT 12 – Strategy 7: Key Auction Reversals

UNIT 13 – Strategy 8: Breakout Trading

UNIT 14 – Strategy 9: Footprint Delta Position Unwind

UNIT 15 – Strategy 10: Risk Event Trading


UNIT 16 – The Footprint Playbook Debrief

Free Live Streaming Premium Membership

6 reviews for Axia Futures – The Footprint Edge Course

  1. Zane (verified owner)

    The course exceeded my expectations. Very comprehensive.

  2. Anthony (verified owner)

    I appreciated the real-world applications included in the lessons.

  3. Samuel (verified owner)

    I enjoyed the hands-on approach of this course.

  4. Emily Roberts (verified owner)

    Good quality.

  5. Alexander King (verified owner)

    The course was engaging and easy to follow.

  6. Stephanie White (verified owner)

    This course is a game-changer. I feel so much more knowledgeable.

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