Axia Futures – Trading with Price Ladder & Order Flow Strategies


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Axia Futures – Trading with Price Ladder & Order Flow Strategies

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Salepage : Axia Futures – Trading with Price Ladder & Order Flow Strategies


Module 1 – Learning Objectives, Outcomes & Methodology

Module 2 – Introduction to Order Flow

Module 3 – Course Curriculum Outline and Roadmap

Module 4 – What the Ladders tell you that the Charts don’t


Module 5 – Market Participants with Algorithms & High Frequency Trading (HFT)

Module 6 – Auctioning Exchange and Market Velocity

Module 7 – Introduction to Order Flow Price Patterns

Module 8 – Large Orders

Module 9 – Absorption Order Flow Events

Module 10 – Market Flipping, Layering and Spoofing Price Patterns


Module 11 – Trend Reversal Order Flow Indicator

Module 12 – Momentum Breakout Order Flow Patterns

Module 13 – Practice: Confluence of Order Flow Strategies


Module 14 – Evolution of Order Flow and Price Patterns

Module 15 – What makes an Elite Order Flow Trader

Module 16 – Interviews with Elite Order Flow Traders


Analysis Debrief

“I have really enjoyed and benefited from the Axia Order Flow Course. There has been a great deal of effort and thought put into the course, to make it as valuable as possible.

You are presented with a number of different strategies to try out in different markets. Then you take the leaning outcomes of all these practice sessions, and figure out what works best for you in the markets you like to trade. If you are diligent, you will find some things that resonate with you.

I would recommend putting heavy focus on the early modules that talk about market velocity and speed. The more I trade the DOM, the more I recognize how important these things are for order flow traders.

Thanks for Alex for his work in putting together this course.”


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