Robert Benjamin – TikTok Mentorship Program

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Robert Benjamin - TikTok Mentorship Program1Robert Benjamin – TikTok Mentorship Program

*NOTE: This course does not include working with Robert Benjamin.

6 Steps To Becoming a TikTok Expert

The Mentorship Program will hold your hand through all of the hard parts, including what to post, when to post and what changes to make to your account.

Let’s take the guesswork and risk out of you growing on TikTok. It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve failed in the past, what your content is about or how ‘saturated’ you think your niche is.

Course Curriculum


  • Introduction To The Course (1:32)
  • Do I Need A Niche? (1:34)
  • What Happens When Everyone Knows About It? (2:11)

Step 1: 90% Mindset 10% Execution

  • Getting Comfortable In Front of the Camera (3:01)
  • Who Do You Look Up To? (0:59)
  • Right About What, Wrong About When (1:00)
  • Be Yourself (0:39)
  • Always Be Learning (1:30)
  • Don’t Get Bitter, Just Get Better (0:53)

Step 2: TikTok Algorithm Explained

  • Why Are My Views Down? (1:14)
  • How Often Should I Post & When Should I Post (0:50)
  • Does Lighting Matter (0:11)
  • Does Engagement Matter? (0:54)
  • Writing Descriptions & Hashtags (1:17)
  • Using Text In Videos (0:39)
  • Transitions (0:35)
  • Trending Sounds (0:14)
  • Spotting Trends (0:23)
  • Does My Location Matter? (0:41)
  • The Latest Algorithm Explained

Step 3: Create, Create, Create

  • Viral Formula (0:50)
  • Modeling Your Content (0:44)
  • The Hook (1:07)
  • How To Relate To More People (0:50)
  • Collaborating (0:33)
  • Delayed Explosions (0:29)
  • Engaging With Others (0:19)

Step 4: I Posted… Now What

  • What To Do When It Works (1:11)
  • What To Do When It Doesn’t Work (0:55)

Step 5: This Will Ruin Your Account

  • Deleting Videos & Copyright Issues (0:59)
  • Creating New Accounts (0:31)
  • Fake Engagement (0:30)
  • The Audience Is Never Wrong (0:28)

Step 6: I’m Growing.. Now What?

  • Monetizing Your Following (2:15)
  • Transferring Your Following (1:45)
  • Final Thoughts (0:58)

Proof Content

Robert Benjamin - TikTok Mentorship Program2

Sale Page: https://robertbenjaminconsulting.com/p/basic-personalized-account-check12
Archive: https://archive.ph/QRjSv

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