Fiona Humberstone – Colour Psychology for Creatives

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Fiona Humberstone – Colour Psychology for Creatives


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A creative, inspirational and incredibly useful introduction into how to use Colour Psychology to gain a deeper understanding of your brand, communicate more effectively and produce more powerful work.

“You totally nailed today. Ten out of ten.”
— Sophie Robinson, BBC’s Great Interior Design Challenge

Colour Psychology is something that every creative business owner should have in their toolkit. It’s absolutely game changing.

Gain clarity around your brand, find your focus and gain momentum. Shortcut your design process, pull together the ‘right’ elements faster and make your clients happier.

What you learn will give you a deeper understanding of your brand so that you can identify the fonts, colours, illustrative styles and patterns that will work for your business.

Struggling to find your distinctive style? Whether you’re an artist or florist, a garden, interior or graphic designer you’ll find everything falls into place after you’ve taken this class. It’ll be easier to streamline your portfolio, work out what makes you unique and communicate in a way that’s irresistible to your ideal clients.

Perhaps you’re a designer working hard to find your place in an overcrowded market? This class will enable you to really capture the essence of your clients’ business or brief and create work that resonates.


Yes! If you want to create a brand that connects with your audience, communicates with clarity and flair and knocks the socks off your competition then you need to take this class.


Creative entrepreneurs: Gain clarity around your creative style, find your focus and gain momentum.Marketeers: Unlock the potential within your clients’ brands, be more discerning with your content, stand out and create traction.

Design professionals: Shortcut your design process, pull together the ‘right’ elements faster and make your clients happier.


Use colour to communicate more powerfully.

Understand the nuts and bolts of colour psychology and make it work more effortlessly for you.
Trust your instincts when making design choices and understand the why behind your gut feelings.
Evaluate creative work more objectively, efficiently and harmoniously.
Create an emotional connection with your audience and grow your business.

Gain a deeper insight into your brand and communicate with clarity and confidence.


Course Curriculum

Welcome and Getting Focused
  • Hello from Fiona
  • Aims for this course
  • Getting the most out of the experience
  • The game-changing nature of colour psychology
  • My own experience with colour psychology
  • Colour Psychology in Action
  • Word to the wise: following your intuition
  • Tools for inspiration
  • Tools for Inspiration: Resources
The Seasonal Personalities
  • Introducing the Seasonal Personalities
  • The Spring Personality
  • The Summer Personality
  • The Autumn Personality
  • The Winter Personality
  • A Fun Quiz to test your understanding
  • Challenge: creating visual prompts for each season
  • My take on the Seasonal Personalities Challenge
Brand Foundations
  • Video: Brand Foundations
  • Establishing your Brand Foundations: a downloadable workbook
Discovering the Seasonal Personality for Your Business
  • How I Define a Clients’ Seasonal Personality
  • The Seasonal Personality Checklist
  • Word to the Wise: One Brand, Or Many?
  • Word to the Wise: You, Or The Business?
  • Deciding What Really Matters: A Case Study
  • Word to the Wise: Combining Seasons
  • Combining Seasons: A Practical Case Study from The Brand Stylist


Making Colour Work for your Brand
  • How to put together a colour palette
  • The Colours and Their Meanings
  • Workbook: Selecting the right colours for your unique brand
  • The colours through the seasons
  • Download: The Colours through the Seasons
  • Word to the wise: Using black
Translating the seasonal personalities into design
  • Bringing your seasonal personality to life
  • Translating your seasonal personality to tangible design elements
  • Bonus Download: Translating the seasonal personalities to design
  • Gray’s Dairy: A Case Study
  • Type through the seasons
  • Seasonal Photography Styles
  • Pattern and Illustrative Styles
  • Textures and backdrops: picking those that will best support your brand message
  • The Design Styles Challenge
  • My take on the Design Styles Challenge
And to the Future
  • A Final Word from Fiona
  • Word to the wise: Keeping this in perspective
  • Word to the wise: using colour psychology productively
  • Your Inspirational Takeaways
  • Recommended Colour Resources

I’ve been running this class as a live workshop for three years now. I’ve taught over two hundred international students in London, New York and beyond and I’ve lost count of how many of you have requested I run this as an online class. I’m so excited to finally be able to offer this first of three colour psychology online courses.

So settle down somewhere comfortable, and let’s prepare to up your colour game!

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