The Power Of Purpose – 6 Months of Nonprofit University


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You ever feel like you analyze things to a point where you aren’t making enough progress? I’m going to teach you

The Power Of Purpose – 6 Months of Nonprofit University

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By joining our mission of launching 10,000 nonprofits and enrolling in Nonprofit University you have shown a real dedication and commitment to not only yourself and your education but also to making the world a better place. To reward you for your dedication and commitment we would like to save you even more money by offering you six months of access to Nonprofit University at a steep discount. You will receive 6 months of access for only $279 which normally retails at $582 (Over half off). Staying up to date and connected with my faculty and me at Nonprofit University will ensure you have all the tools, resources and support you need to confidently launch your Nonprofit in a powerful and purposeful way.

Live Classroom Experience: Learn From My Faculty Of Nonprofit Experts

From day one you’ll get a world-class education on everything you need to know about starting, funding and expanding your nonprofit. I hand picked the best of the best I’ve worked with over my 30-year career to join the faculty of Nonprofit University. They’re the best in the world at what they do ranging from incorporation techniques, business plans, marketing, business systems, advanced fundraising strategies, grant writing, and much, much more. You’ll hear from them every month and hugely benefit from their knowledge and expertise.

Video And Audio Training With Sherry Watson

That’s me! I continually create material that will help you succeed in the nonprofit world. I’m always on the cutting edge of what’s working now. Your nonprofit will always be stocked with relevant and fresh ideas that will yield you massive results! Identifying cutting edge trends is the key to success for your nonprofit.

Automatic Grant And Funding Alerts: Leverage My Team Of Researchers

I have a team of researchers always researching and finding the most current and lucrative funding opportunities available today. At Nonprofit University, you’ll be the first to know of exciting funding opportunities my team comes across. Every month my team of researchers will publish grant alerts at local, state and national levels. You’ll also be the first to know about foundation and corporation funding opportunities available to you. You’ll even be able to apply for funding right from within Nonprofit University! Imagine the advantage you’ll have by putting my team of researchers to work for you.

Monthly Q&A/Resource Calls

Get all your questions answered in real time by my faculty of nonprofit experts and me. You’ll have the confidence to continue moving your nonprofit forward knowing you have a team of experts with you at every turn.

7 Step Nonprofit Success Roadmap

You’ll get access to the exact roadmap I still use today to launch and expand successful nonprofits. I have this down to a science as I’ve personally launched six nonprofits that have raised over a hundred million dollars in funding. Not to mention the thousands of students who have used this same roadmap to get amazing results with their nonprofits as well!

Nonprofit University Library:

What University is complete without a comprehensive library? You’ll gain access to all the forms, templates and checklists I’ve used over my 30-year career to build powerful nonprofits for my students and myself. You’ll also have access to key reading materials, relevant articles and important sites to visit regularly to keep you up to date and in the know.

Beginning to Advanced Courses:

You can start with 101 courses to get your feet wet and begin your journey in the world of nonprofits. Once you get the basics down I have advance level courses that will send you and your nonprofit soaring to incredible heights.

Bonus Training: Develop A Winning & Giving Mindset: How To Take Massive Action

You ever feel like you analyze things to a point where you aren’t making enough progress? I’m going to teach you a “Ready, Fire, Aim” approach to launching and expanding your nonprofit so you get off the sideline and in the game. Nothing ever happens without action first. After this training you’ll be ready to take massive action, give back and make a huge difference in the world as a result.


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