Talmadge Harper – Hypnosis Healing and Virus Free Super Pack


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Talmadge Harper – Hypnosis Healing and Virus Free Super Pack

Got Herpes or another nasty virus?? No worries, the majority of people suffer form a chronic virus. However before we get into all of that let me officially say that I am legally required to say the following so I won’t be legally assasinated by the pharmacy companies:
What I am about to say is not intended as a substitute for medical advice or treatment from a doctor, if you do suffer from a virus infection please see a doctor in conjunction with using this mp3.
Now that I’ve gotten that legal stuff out the way, lets get down to business. This society has pretty much handed you a horrible sentence if you have Herpes or know of a loved one with that disease. The pharmacy companies enjoy repeatedly sodomziing you with “treatment” that never actually cures your condition but makes their pockets richer as those who suffer with this disease struggle to be normal. But what if it didn’t have to be that way? What if you could open your mind for one second to a possibility that there is a cure and it is possible to destroy the virus using the power of your own Mind?
When I first learned Ultra Depth Hypnosis, I heard of a technique called the Star Wars Sky walker technique which allows you to create a strong electrical impulse through your body which destroys viruses including herpes. Because I wanted to see it work for myself I tested it out on a friend of mine who suffered from the disease. After 3 sessions he was completely cured of the disease. Not only was he cured of the disease,he was free of out breaks and the doctor declared that he had no detectable viral loads in his body. Imagine that? Imagine going through a life where you don’t have to be ashamed of yourself or your loved one for having a troublesome virus. Imagine a life where you can enjoy having sex and know that in the worse case scenario you can cure yourself of any disease that you may catch.
You see, when you are in these deep states of hypnosis, you can also heal yourself incredibly. There is a catch though you must first be able to go into Ultra Depth Hypnosis for those this to work. Those of you who are already experiencing that wonderful state from the carmen and other packages know exactly what its like to be in such a wonderful enhanced state. But I digress, I am offering this mp3 to those of you who would like to not be enslaved by fear and the medical industry to forever live a life of fear. If you do purchase this mp3 healing pack it is vital that you ask me questions if you have any concerns at all as to whether or not you are reaching Ultra Depth. As always, service is most important for me when it comes to clients. this technique I am sharing with you is the same technique I use to heal clients on my healing business www.talmadgeharper.com
Believe it or not, being sexually healthy and free from disease is an important part of Erotic Hypnosis. Whats the point of using hypnosis to learn to give and feel the most amazing pleasure of your life if you have to always worry about some nasty painful sore that you or your loved one may have.
This product works with all types of viruses and I recommend even if you don’t have any viral infection it never hurts to be prepared for the future.
What is included?
VirusFree-BlueSnowflake.mp3 – This is designed to take you into Ultra Depth and Give you a Keyword allowing you to return to the state needed for the healing to occur.
VirusFree-Sky-Walker-Technique.mp3 – This allows you to use a game as a way to teach your subconscious how to eliminate all viruses in your body
VirusFree-Laughter10Minutes.mp3- This allows you to experience laughter each for for 10 minutes as a way to increase your rate of healing
VirusFree-HealingPoolExtended.mp3 – A supplemental Healing mp3 to boost your immune system
What commitment do you have to make?
Listen to this mp3 once a day. You will see results can take from 1 week to a month depending on how fast you are able to consistently reach Ultra Depth.
The success of this program relies on your ability to first go into ultra depth relaxation. If you skip this step you won’t see success. Different people take different
amounts of time to reach this level. On average it takes about 1-2 weeks to reach this level and then do the self healing. Some see success sooner.
What if I have more questions on how to use it?
Every customer gets life time email consultation just send me an email and I will help you with any concerns.
What kind of money back guarantee do I get?
I offer a money back guarantee if you don’t see results AFTER 60 days of consistent use. This is to avoid people from downloading the product and trying to get it for free by saying it doesn’t work after one day. I know the products work if you use them and if you ask questions if you don’t understand something. So for the refund to be issued you MUST contact me first if you are having problems making it work. This helps me to trouble shoot if you are doing something wrong. It sounds crazy but I’ve had customers do some really silly things like drink 5 cups of coffee before listening and then demand a refund because it doesn’t work and they can’t relax.

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– Since it is a digital copy, our suggestion is to download and save it to your hard drive. In case the link is broken for any reason, please contact us and we will resend the new download link.
– If you cannot find the download link, please don’t worry about that. We will update and notify you as soon as possible at 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM (UTC+8).

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