Steven Gurgevich – Self-Hypnosis Home Study

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                                Steven Gurgevich – Self-Hypnosis Home Study Course

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Major medical journals now recognize hypnosis as a legitimate and powerful clinical tool, citing proof positive that it can help ease chronic pain, lessen the side effects of chemotherapy, counteract anxiety and sleep disorders, and much more.

With the Self-Hypnosis Home Study Course,  Dr. Steven Gurgevich presents the first comprehensive curriculum of its kind that helps you unlock the mind-body connection to optimize physical health, break unwanted habits, improve concentration and mental agility—whatever you set your mind to achieve.

In this unprecedented program based on over three decades of medical research, you will join Dr. Steven Gurgevich—one of the world’s leading experts in mind-body medicine—for a results-oriented course on this often misunderstood tool for health and well-being.

The course includes:

* Clinically tested, guided sessions designed to help anyone begin self-healing in 20 minutes—even if you’ve never experienced hypnosis before
* A “Hypnotic Apothecary” on audio—over 20 specialized applications on 10 CDs to direct your mind-body system to assist in weight loss, ease stress, heal skin conditions, boost immunity, improve performance, and more
* 107-page workbook covering hypnotherapy principles, trance induction methods, and dozens of exercises and practical self-hypnosis activities
* High-quality pendulum to assist in accessing information shared between the body and the mind.
* How to use hypnosis for physical and emotional healing and achieving personal goals
* The antidote to anxiety: trancework session to restore and enhance your mind-body skills of mental and physical relaxation
* 11 hypnosis induction methods, from progressive body relaxation to breath induction to reverse arm levitation, and many more
* “Love to Exercise” session to improve performance, mental focus, and physical endurance while working out or competing
* Guided session for working with phobias
* Six trance-deepening methods for intensifying your training for maximum results
* Mood enhancement trancework session
* The five types of hypnotic suggestion, and how to find the st yle best for you
* “Stress and fear inoculation” session that empowers you to respond—in any situation—with relaxation, confidence, and clarity of mind, and much more


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