Michelle Schubnel – Done-For-You Client-Attraction

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Michelle Schubnel – “Done-For-You” Client-Attraction Teleseminar Package

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Here’s How To Get Coaching Clients By Offering A Free Teleseminar

This “Done-For-You” Client-Attraction Teleseminar Package Gives You EVERYTHING You Need
to Offer and Deliver a High-Value “Best Year Ever” Teleseminar Proven to Attract Clients!

 You Leading Teleseminars

From: Coach Michelle Schubnel
San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA
Date: November 14, 2017

Dear Coach,

Would you like to offer free teleseminars as a way to attract new, qualified coaching clients, but you don’t know how to do them or what you would teach?

I can relate!

When I first started out as a coach I also wanted to do teleseminars, but I didn’t have a clue what to do. So I became a student of teleseminars. I enrolled in programs that taught how to lead teleseminars. I attended loads of teleseminars, paying close attention to what works and what doesn’t. I learned how to use the different teleconferencing services and other technologies. And then I began creating and offering teleseminars in my business.

One of my most popular and effective free teleseminars is called Best Year Ever.

It’s the perfect teleseminar to offer in the beginning of the new year as a way to attract new coaching clients.

And now you can offer it in your business!

Attract Lots of New Clients with
The Done-For-You “Best Year Ever” Teleseminar Package

This is a turnkey package that includes everything you need to market and deliver a high value teleseminar (that you can charge for or offer for free) in order to attract ideal clients and then invite them to move forward with you.

The teleseminar is called “Best Year Ever.” It works for any niche so you can use it exactly as is or customize it for your specific target market.

Here’s What You Get…

The “Best Year Ever” Client Attraction Teleseminar Package includes:

  • Complete Step-by-Step Instructor’s Guide (Outlines exactly what you need to say and do to deliver a value-packed training to your participants. Includes sample scripts, activities, questions to ask and more. All you need to do is follow the guide!)
  • 2 Hours of Step-by-Step Recorded Training (In the recordings Michelle walks you through how to use the Instructor’s Guide and deliver a powerful telesminar.)
  • Training Manual on How to Lead Effective Teleseminars
  • Ready-to-Use Marketing Flyer (Customizable so you can include your specific details.)
  • “Done-For-You” Promotional Email Marketing Campaign (You get 3 professionally written promotional emails and instructions on exactly when to send. You can send these out to invite people to attend your teleseminar.)
  • “Done-For-You” Confirmation and Reminder Email Sequence (You get 4 professionally written confirmation and reminder emails and instructions on exactly when to send. All you need to do is add your specific details and you’re good to go! )
  • “Done-For-You” Follow-Up Email Campaign (You get 3 professionally written follow-up emails and instructions on exactly when to send. Send these emails inviting people to have a complimentary consultation with you or to act on your offer. )
  • Comprehensive Class Notes to Send to Participants
  • “Best Year Ever” Logo (See the Best Year Ever logo on this page? You get to use it!)

You get everything you need to start getting clients for your group coaching program by offering and delivering a proven and popular free teleseminar. You can even use this in a live workshop format or choose to charge for it if you want!

Press the “Play” arrow below to hear Rita’s testimonial:

What You Learn:

  • Proven strategies for getting people to sign up for your teleseminar.
  • How to deliver a powerful teleseminar, teach the content and facilitate discussion.
  • How to get participants to sign up for your coaching after the teleseminar.
  • The secrets for being an effective teleseminar leader.

Even if you don’t know a thing about teleseminars…

In just a few hours you will be ready to confidently offer and deliver a fun and effective teleseminar that establishes your credibility, provides a ton of value to your participants and serves as a highly effective marketing tool for the growth of your business.

Ordering Is Quick and Easy

After you place your order through our secure online shopping cart, you get instant access to the recorded trainings, instructor’s guide, teleseminar manual, class notes and marketing materials.

You can download all of this material directly to your computer and they are yours to keep.


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