Life by Thor – Instagram Mastery 2019

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The Ultimate Shortcut to exploding your growth on Instagram, getting ranked & gaining massive exposure.

“Am I Doing Something Wrong??”

Did I post the wrong content?

Did I use the wrong hashtags? Did I do something wrong?

Why is my account not growing even though I’m trying EVERYTHING??

Trust me… You’re not alone, and Its not your fault.

In fact… These are same questions I’ve received from tons and tons of clients and students of mine that I’ve worked with…

I get more questions on growing on Instagram and hacking the algorhitm, more so than any other topic.

So yes I get it. And its frustrating not growing followers..

You’re not getting enough likes, comments or ranking in the explore page.

You see all these celebrities posting low quality selfies & weird videos and get hundreds of thousands of likes & comments…

You even see “nobody’s” posting weird content and they get a ton of engagement, followers and growth on their account.

I know so well how you feel. For 2 years I felt the exact same way. Frustrated, disappointed & annoyed.

I was struggling my ass off, trying to post good content, using lots of hashtags and trying to get it ranked on the explore page and in hashtags.

It just didn’t work, and the worst part is, I didn’t even know WHY it didn’t work. But there’s actually a reason to all of this. There’s a formula to why you’re either GROWING or why you’re NOT growing.

In fact, all my clients and students when they come to me they usually fall into one of two categories:

1. The “Grinders” – hustling their asses off, but little to no results and their “experimentation” and “hope” is often met with the cold unknown of what direction they’re going. Most of these only need a simple tweak in their growth strategy and they’re off to the moon.

2. The “Masters” – the experts that realize there’s a Formula to succeeding on Instagram. These type of people have a SYSTEM in place to growing any account, ranking any post and always have a clear strategy, allowing them to not guess what their next move will be.

Now let me ask you a question…

– What if you never had a “failed” post again… ever?

– What if growing followers was quick and easy (because you knew exactly what your market wanted)?

– What if you actually had a BLUEPRINT for mastering Instagram?

– And the best part… What if you had a personal coach who’s done it the wrong way, and done it the right way?

That’s EXACTLY Why I Created Gram Mastery…

This is the same process me, my team, my clients and my students are all using to post content, rank posts, get followers and grow accounts in any niche, for anyone…

This process can be hard… or it can be simple!!

There’s a proven formula for failure…

And then there’s one that simply just works.

Like. Every. Single. Time.

It just flat out works.

And you’ll never have to guess again! You’ll never have to worry about how to grow your account again.

This blueprint is designed to give you the exact step-by-step success path.

Here’s What You Get When You Join ‘Gram Mastery’ Today…

Full Profile Set-up & Content Guide

.. so that you can convert visitors into followers at a high %. 

.. so that you don’t attract the wrong audience.

.. so that you know exactly what to post to get ranked.

.. so that you can stand out & differentiate yourself from the rest. (this is so important, to convert visitors to followers)

Breaking Down The Algorithm

.. so that you don’t fall into the “algorithm trap”.

.. so that you know what to do and how to do it.

.. so that you don’t mess up and get flagged or shadow-banned.

.. so that you can improve your page’s health.

.. so that you can find and leverage loopholes on the platform.

Getting Your Content Ranked

.. so that you fully understand what the big pages who always rank.

.. so that you know what you can do to boost your rankings.

.. so that you understand that lots of likes isn’t everything, and what to really focus on.

.. so that you know exactly how to rank your content on the explore page and in hashtags.

Automation & Growing on Autopilot

.. so that you can save yourself time and energy.

.. so that you can easier scale & grow your account faster.

.. so that you can spend more time on what you do best.

.. so that you can be safe & avoid getting flagged or banned for doing it the wrong way.

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