Keith Livingston – Hypno & NLP Educational Programs

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Keith Livingston – Hypno & NLP Educational Programs

Keith Livingston – Hypno & NLP Educational Programs

Price : $297

Weight Loss With NLP & Hypnosis 
Helping Clients Get Rid Of Excess Baggage

Workbook: Weight Loss With NLP & Hypnosis
Video: Weight Loss With NLP & Hypnosis
Audio I: Reframing & Submodalities
Audio II: Approaches & Hybrid Regression Therapy
Plus — The Eating Diary, my protocol

Learn Hypnosis at Home 
48 MP3 + 2 Workbooks

Gain confidence with hypnosis, inductions & the art of suggestion with this complete, direct suggestion hypnosis home-study course.

Live Coaching Recording 
Ask me anything
smoking cessation
weight loss

Regression Therapy with Hypnosis and NLP 
A powerful set of tools for many  issues including weight loss, self-esteem, fears, depression.

And it can be used practically any time a client is having a reaction they don’t like or a reaction that’s out of proportion.

Smoking Cessation with NLP & Hypnosis

If you want to help people quit smoking, it might help to get the program that teaches you the most effective methods, techniques, skill sets and even gives you a powerful, confidence-building protocol to follow.


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