John Overdurf – Hypnotically Presenting & Demonstrating

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John Overdurf – Hypnotically Presenting &  Demonstrating

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Hypnotically Presenting

In this comprehensive video of a very unique 12 day Trainer’s Training, you’ll learn how to present yourself using the latest techniques in Brain-based Teaching and Training, NLP, Hypnosis and Neuroscience and a lot of “Overdurfian” originals.

We have included key segments that were recorded live during Hypnotically Presenting…Yourself, which is a unique blend of NLP Trainer’s Training, Hypnosis Trainer’s Training and my advanced Master Class in Training called Hypnotic Improv. Take all of those plus a healthy dose of new training techniques and innovation and you will be Hypnotically Presenting…Yourself.

I have been teaching, presenting and training since 1980 in hospitals, universities, agencies, corporations, small businesses, institutes and many other settings that many would not consider “training settings.” I’ve learned a lot. I will be sharing with you the best I know in presenting to any group, anywhere!

There are lots of products where every little “imperfection” of speech or unexpected audience response is edited out. We made very few edits in this, so you can see how a real, powerfully, effective trainer’s training works, not a sanitized version. We retained all the segments which we thought would be “home study friendly” so you can get the most of this training while in the comfort of your own home.

Each track builds upon the next, starting with maintaining the ideal trainer state. You will begin to discover your range when it comes to using your voice, your body, your content and the process of the group to move your audience in a way that could never be done in the traditional podium and powerpoint presentation style.

I’ve included a HUGE amount of information and original techniques I’ve never taught explicitly before. You’ll be in for an entertaining and enlightening experience of how you can be Hypnotically Presenting…Yourself!

This 16 Hour HD video recording is perfect for viewing on your computer, iPad or other smart device. Along with the video, we have included separate audio tracks, as well as all of the handouts that are referenced, so you can watch or just listen to the content wherever you are.

Here’s What’s Inside…

When the orientation is not just the orientation
How can you covertly use hypnotic principles and begin working with your audience from the minute your presentation begins, and even before that?

The Ideal Trainer’s State
What is is optimal trainer’s state, so you can be animated, be connected to the audience, notice subtle changes in your audience and have all the energy you need to run a training of any length?

Voice Tempo Variation
How can you systematically use your voice to create and anchor states in your audience to not only help them remember what they are learning, but to create positive states while they are learning?

Satir Categories
How can you increase your presenting flexibility while also learning how to create predictable reactions in your audience?

4-Mat and Chunking and Sequencing
How do you organize your content in such a way that people will be engaged and interested in whatever you are presenting. What are the nuances to this that make all the difference?

Pacing and Leading
How can you use this pattern in ANY training context to produce trance, optimal participation, and learning? No, it is not about sounding like Milton Erickson!

Structure of a Secret
Psst… Do you want to know what it is?? Do you??

Stacking Themes
How do you “install” a theme in a training, so when people leave it is running through their mind?

Chaining Anchors
How do you elicit and sequence states to optimize learning and resilience in your groups? How to you “install” effective strategies with series of anecdotes or stories? This is a very unique segment!

Content Chains
How can you teach people a process that has specific steps or content…hypnotically, without it seeming to be hypnotic?

What are the most effective metaphors? What makes them work and how can you maximize their effect?

Nested Loops
What is the most effective structure to nesting information inside of information ala Multi-Embedded Metaphor to elicit and anchor states, beliefs, values, and strategies? What are all the other ways of doing this that do not involved story-telling, but are equally effective, if not more.


Hypnotically Demonstrating

Price: $295.95
This video is packed with advanced instruction from a three day segment I taught at the Hypnotically Presenting…Yourself Training. You’ll be learning from in-depth Master Trainer level instruction in doing effective live demos done in front of an audience.
I’ve been told that many trainers avoid doing demos. Why? They say things like, “What if it doesn’t “work?” “What happens if the demo subject has an abreaction?” “What if the issue does not easily work with the technique that is being demonstrated?” “I just don’t feel confident doing demos.”

This video recording will unpack the “field tested” key strategies to be more successful and confident when you are performing demos in front of a group. I’ve been doing demonstrations in front of groups since 1983. I’ve learned a lot and I will be sharing the best of what I know.

It is loaded with demos, brief and full-out, in the audience, in the demo chair – all over the place! You’ll be watching me “Demonstrating Demos” from beginning to end. You’ll see the teaching occurs on multiple levels:

Before the “demo.”
I am setting up the demo, while explaining other content, or the actual steps of the pattern.

During the “demo.”
I am doing the demo to produce a significant change.

I am going meta to explain the technique, as if I am teaching it to Practitioners.

I am going meta to the entire process to explain what is happening from a training point of view.

This kind of multiple levels instruction that is happening on which means repeated viewings will uncover more and more that you may have not noticed on the first pass. In the demonstrations, you’ll literally be watching me do demonstrations of demonstrations!

This is the perfect companion to Hypnotically Presenting. There are very few edits in this, so you can see how a real training in demonstrations works, not a sanitized version. We retained all the segments which we thought would be “home study friendly” so you can get the most of this training while in the comfort of your own home.

What’s Inside?
This 8 hour HD video recording is perfect for viewing on your computer, iPad or other smart device. Along with the video, we have included separate audio tracks, as well as all of the handouts that are referenced, so you can watch or just listen to the content wherever you are.

How to Use Hypnotic Principles to Set-up a Powerful Demo
What is really at the heart of effective training, demo selection and execution? (You’ll see a concise and ethic hypnosis stage show as well.)

Demo Selection
What do you need to know to avoid the common pitfalls made by most trainers? What are the “trade secrets”don’t know, or if they do, won’t tell you?

Anchoring Demo
Unless you’ve been to one of my trainings, you not seen this approach. How can you blow away your audience, first, and then have it all result in an powerful and convincing demo with a demo subject?

Doing NLP Demos
What are the best ways to set up the main NLP techniques you may be teaching? A great segment with a lot of insightful information.

HNLP Coaching Demo
What is the single most important format for setting up a demo so it will be successful, regardless of the technique – and how can it be done quickly and conversationally?

Swish Pattern Demo
Some people think the Swish Pattern is for ‘little things’ or a ‘quick fix’. How can you make this a powerful and life changing patten?

AND..There’s more! Some extra BONUSES!!

How to Handle Questions
This Q & A Segment covers how you can use students questions as the gateway for transformation. How can you use questions to not only provide important content, but also create transformation?

Exercise Set Up and more
What are the keys to setting up effective exercises? How do you set them up. How can you use questions after the exercise to maximize the positive effects?

There is all this and lot more when you look more deeply!

To say this is giving away “trade secrets” would be an understatement. (By the way if you wonder why I’d be willing to give these away, it’s because I’ve learned the more I do, the more new ones I find.: )) I’ve been doing therapy, coaching and training for a long time. You won’t find a lot of this information in any book, audio or video – unless you have recently taken this training from me.

Many trainers tell me after seeing these demos, they’v never learned this material before in their training, at any level. You will not only learn how to do effective demonstrations, but if you coach or do therapy, you’ll likely learn key principles, maneuvers and nuances, that will take that work to the next level as well!

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    I feel more confident in my abilities after taking this course.

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    The instructor’s passion for the subject is contagious.

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    A must-have for anyone serious about learning this topic.

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    The instructor’s knowledge and passion for the subject were evident.

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    The step-by-step instructions made it easy to follow along.

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