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John-Richardson-Guns-and-Butter-1John Richardson – Guns and Butter

Income vs Wealth Building

The Consistent Options Income trade that was published in 2008 was all about trying to create a high probability strategy that could turn accumulated wealth into a regular monthly income. However, I have had many inquiries over the years about how one could accumulate the wealth to begin with. The Guns & Butter trade is my answer to that question. It is how I attempt to accumulate and grow wealth. The perspective is longer term and the trading approach can put a lot more money to work. If you are looking to compliment your income trading approach or just want to put some money to work, this is a great strategy that should outperform the indexes over time. It is also very easy to manage monitoring as little as once per trading day.

Consistent Options Income Strategy

  • Objective: Income
  • Highest Probability
  • Monthly Perspective

Guns & Butter Trade

  • Objective: Wealth Building
  • High Probability
  • Longer Term Perspective
  • Put More Capital to Work
  • Low Maintenance
  • Easy to Trade and Manage

Guns & Butter?

  • In the world of Economists, the Guns & Butter Model attempts to describe the relationship between a nation’s spending on the military and it’s spending on civilian goods.
  • A nation’s objective is to strike a balance that provides for a prosperous yet secure economy.
  • In a Trader’s Economy, we want to strike a balance between holding financial assets (Guns) and selling premium (Butter) so as to provide a prosperous yet secure portfolio.
  • Lock & Load…

Wax On, Wax Off

  • We Need to Change the Way We Think About Our Position
  • Unburden Ourselves From the Myths of Conventional Wisdom
  • Control What We Can Control
  • Accept the Real Risk at Trade Initiation
  • The Market Rewards Risk Takers
  • Manage the Short Options Around Our Assets in a More Efficient Manor
  • There is a Better Way

What is the Guns & Butter Trade?

  • Long and/or Short Stock Positions
  • Options to Enhance Returns
  • Sell Calls to Lower Cost of Long Stock Positions
  • Sell Puts to Increase Selling Price of Short Stock Positions
  • But How Do We Manage It More Efficiently?
  • An Intelligent Options Adjustment Approach to Improve Returns
  • Improved Performance Compared to Conventional Covered Strategies
  • Avoid the Traps Set by the Covered Call Myths

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