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Contractor Marketing Confidential

“A Push Button System That Has Contractors Calling And Paying You $900 A Month… And They Are Happy To Do It” Yes…That is $11,000 to $18,000 A Month Bringing Just 15 Contractors New Customers… And I Will Teach You Step By Step.

The Complete Guide To 6 Figures Working With Home Contractors

The best part is making money with this system requires:

  • NO cold calling – Every business you contact is a warm lead who NEEDS something. I will show you an awesome way to make a cold call turn into a warm call. With this technique, the gatekeeper will love you! You won’t spend your time being told no. You will speak to only interested business owners. All you do is drop in, leave a present and come back in and get a thank you. I kid you not. Then set the appointment.
  • NO Experience needed – This program is designed to take you from day 1 and walk you through exactly what to do each day to be guaranteed 3 new clients in just 30 days. Everything is given to you in a copy/paste format that will have you sending out real proposals and real emails and earning real money each week of the challenge. You don’t have to be an SEO expert. You don’t have to know web design. You don’t have to be tech savvy. You will learn how to use LinkedIn to get contractors asking you to come see them. The same day! I prove it.
  • NO Technical Skills Needed – Just follow the instructions to learn by doing and land 3 clients in the process. You will get day-by-day instructions from ground zero, all the way to landing 3 clients in 30 days’ time. No website , phone lines are needed. Without start up costs you will be able to get started immediately. Making money in that first week. Giving you time and money freedom. Easing the burden and worry of the daily grind and paying bills

This system is a Master Template for getting your first client and then getting another and then yet another; until you have three to five clients each paying you $700 to $1,000 per month.

Here Is What You Get In This Done For You Package:

  • The Complete Step by Step System that will quickly take you from an absolute beginner to expert. – My secret prospecting method designed to get you through the gatekeeper every time, my proprietary LinkedIn prospecting method, Facebook ad marketing, lead generation to get you that first client within your first week. These contractors will hire you to generate leads and perform other services (that you outsource) when you use this step by step system. I am going to show you how to get your foot in the door and make this process a no brainer for you. My methods will make the owner feel like they’ve known you for years, and instantly build trust. Which will make closing the deal a slam dunk. Putting money in your bank account in your first week.
  • The scientifically crafted Facebook ad marketing. – These Facebook ads are designed to get clients to respond bringing the contractor new business so you have a happy client paying you month after month. the business owner’s problem. I’ve used these same templates for years, and they always produce results, and no messing with SEO or Google’s algorythm changes. Get your message read and responded to every time. Which means more responses to your lead generation email, which means more clients, more money and freedom for you to actually enjoy life.
  • All of my free and paid lead sources to find contractors who are in DESPERATE NEED of your service. – You will learn every trick I have spent 3 years developing and find every local business database to find clients who are in need of the services you will offer. Most of these lead sources are completely FREE so you can land your first client by the end of the week with NO out of pocket expense. These secret hacks make your job easy finding the business owner who needs your help. You won’t waste your time contacting people who don’t need your help. This allows you to be laser focused and work with ninja like skills.
  • The Presentation Template to make closing the deals a no brainer. Show the business owner the proposal and just wait for the yes. The ‘non-sales’ approach in these done for you templates stands out and establishes rapport with your prospects while building credibility and trust that lead to a closed deal. This can be customized to each presentation so that you are the expert and there is no way the business owner can tell you no. That first client will lead to a second, and a third. Giving you the time and money freedom you want.
  • Sample non-disclosure and work agreements. – Protect yourself with the proper legal forms to ensure you get paid on time from every client, and they know EAXCTLY what they are getting in return. Never worry about getting paid on time. Always know when you help a business owner you are going to get paid.

Contractor Marketing OTO 1

Do You Want To Start Making Money Immediately? 
Get These Done For You Materials To Insure Your Success Now!

Included In The Special Bonus Material:

  • DONE FOR YOU Sales Presentation – This PowerPoint presentation is ready for you to use. Just put your dentist clients name in and yours or your company and you are ready to go making sales.
  • 3 Contractor WordPress Themes – You have 3 WordPress Themes that you can outsource and customize for your client. You can sell these for anywhere from $297 to $497 a piece.
  • Consultant – Client Contracts – After you make the sale you need to have a document going over terms. You need this to insure you are paid month after month.
  • Customer Invoice Template – Use this for your monthly billing to keep organized and keep the money train rolling.
  • Lead Tracking Spreadsheet – This spread sheet will keep you organized so you are calling on and following up with only people interested in your services.
  • Follow Up Tracking Spreadsheet – Follow is the key to any business. This spread sheet will help you with that.
  • New Client Launch Questionnaire – This questionnaire will help you identify key strengths and weaknesses in your clients online marketing. This is a must have. 

Contractor Marketing OTO 2

If You Are Serious About Making Money As An Offline Marketer…
These Best Sellers Are A Must! Get 3 Warrior Plus Best Sellers For The Price Of ONE!!!

Included In The Special Bonus Material:

  • Dental Marketing Confidential – This course teaches you to market and sell services to denists for $1500 a month and more
  • Contractor Marketing Confidential – This “push button” course teaches the ins and outs of marketing to contractors and have them pay you $900 a month and more.
  • Offline Consulting Confidential – Jim Mack’s original course that taps the hidden niche of auto repair shop consulting.


Contractor Marketing Confidential – $17

Contractor Marketing OTO 1 – $47

Contractor Marketing OTO 2 – $47

Total: $111

Get Download Jim Mack – Contractor Marketing Confidential + OTO 1 and OTO 2 at Forimc.net right now!

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