Jelani Abdus Aalaam – Ecom Apex Level 1 – Funnels For Ecom


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Jelani Abdus Aalaam – Ecom Apex Level 1 – Funnels For Ecom

Jelani Abdus Aalaam – Ecom Apex Level 1 – Funnels For Ecom


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Learn How To Use ClickFunnels To Dropship And Totally Crush Your Competition

This is a twist on the usual Shopify model by using Clickfunnels instead. In this course, you’ll learn why it is more advantageous to use Clickfunnels and how to do that.

Module 1: Understanding The Game
In this module, we learn why we use funnels and how they increase our conversions and our overall AOV (Average Order Value). This first module is the foundation for creating a profitable funnel. Without having a solid foundation from the start it’s less likely you will find success.

Module 2: The Set Up
This module is all about setting up our funnel. From buying setting up our domain name, getting a professional email for free, creating our logo, optimizing our funnel for sales, setting up our stripe account and starting product research.

Module 3: Adding Products To ClickFunnels
In this module, we start adding the products we found from Aliexpress into our funnel as well as completing our packaged offer.


Module 4: Printing Money With Facebook Ads
This is the most important module because this is how we make our money – through Facebook Ads. In This module, we learn how to set up ads correctly so we can stay profitable long term. In addition, we learn how to scale and how to retarget customers.

Module 4B: Increase Conversions With ManyChat
In this module, we learn about ManyChat and how chatbots help increase conversions. Chatbots are pretty new so if you know how to use them to your advantage you will be ahead of your competition which means more sales for you.

Module 5: Customer Service
Customer service is very important and in this module, we learn how to send emails to customers who may have questions regarding their order. You also learn how to hire a VA to take care of your orders.

Bonus #1: Advanced Selling Techniques ($997 Value)

So you can sell more easily and maintain a monthly residual income

Bonus #2: Additional E-Commerce Funnels ($1997 Value)

So you have more funnels to sell from and test

Bonus #3: An Inside Look At Winning Campaign ($997 Value)

So you can see how a winning campaign and funnel is designed

Bonus #4: Pinterest Ads For Beginners ($497 Value)

So you can use Pinterest to sell more products

Bonus #5: Instagram Ads For Beginners ($497 Value)

So you can start selling on Instagram that correct way

Bonus #6: Automated Chatbot Funnel ($497 Value)

So you can quickly set up chatbots and start profiting from more customers


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