Jeffrey Kennedy – Elliott Wave Trader’s Classroom: Learn, Adapt & Apply Elliott Waves

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Elliott Wave Trader’s Classroom

Learn, Adapt & Apply Elliott Waves

The World’s Only Ongoing Education Service for Elliott Wave Traders

If you are like many traders, you are looking for someone to help you learn the techniques needed to successfully apply a method to the markets you trade. But how do you find this person and how do you get started?

The answer: EWI’s “3-Month Challenge.” It’s a fast-paced, 90-day experience that gives you Jeffrey’s best, most practical, real-time, real-world trading insights. Jeffrey Kennedy, one of EWI’s best teachers, delivers his lessons via a combination of text and video — a format that traders say helps them quickly absorb the lessons and apply them to their own trading.

We call this a 3-Month Challenge because it is not a silver bullet. Trading successfully requires a commitment, as you know. In this case, your commitment to learning how to apply these techniques comes with a specific set of goals in mind. At the end of the three months, assuming you are a dedicated 3-Month Challenge participant, you will be able to look at a chart, identify any clear Elliott wave trading opportunities, determine risk and potential return for each, understand where to get in and out and why, and then execute high-confidence trades.

Why This Service?

Elliott Wave International provides the best technical analysis and forecasts money can buy. But we know that forecasting direction and locating opportunities is only part of the trader’s challenge.

To plan and execute your own trades is the greater goal. After all, what good is a steady stream of opportunities if you aren’t consistently and confidently putting them into action?

You’ve read this far – which means you believe you can be a better trader. We believe that, too. But it will not happen overnight.

That is why we designed the 3-Month Challege.

Now, even a 3-Month Challenge can’t guarantee profits, of course. But it can promise to help you learn and apply the methods used by successful Elliott wave traders who make their living in the markets every day.

And of all the 20-plus Elliott analysts at our company, Jeffrey Kennedy is one of our top instructors. His lessons are clear, concise and relevant, especially when it comes to real-world trading. He is without peer.

Here is the 3-Month Challenge we’ve designed for you, starting with our landmark resource.

Learn, adapt and apply Elliott waves to your trading.

Your 3-Month Challenge begins now.

1. Learn: Your 3-Month Challenge begins with a solid Elliott wave foundation.

Three decades is enough time for investors to deem a book about an investment method as “classic,” and their vote is in on this one. With more than 100,000 copies in print, A.J. Frost and Robert Prechter’s Elliott Wave Principle continues to sell thousands of copies every year. Published in seven languages, it has reached literally millions of traders and investors worldwide.

Elliott Wave Principle gives you the solid foundation you need. You will learn every basic tenet of the method, including all of the Elliott wave patterns and their rules and guidelines.

When you read and absorb Elliott Wave Principle through our 3-Month Challenge, you will learn to master the nuances that separate you from 90% of the self-appointed traders who attempt to use Elliott today.

2. Adapt: Move beyond idealized chart reading – and beyond Elliott alone. This is where market analysis and trading intersect.

Visual Guide to Elliott Wave Trading by Jeffrey Kennedy and Wayne Gorman transforms Elliott wave education into practical application of the Wave Principle in the markets.

This volume picks up where Frost and Prechter’s classic textbook leaves off. Beyond simply teaching what the Wave Principle is, this book demonstrates exactly what it can do for you when you adapt it to your own trading style. You get in-depth knowledge on everything from the basics of Elliott waves and the method’s roots in investor psychology (or “waves of social mood”) to the fine points of spotting actionable opportunities and getting the most out of other helpful technical studies.

Coauthors Kennedy and Gorman are two of the most sought-after Elliott wave instructors. They have literally traveled the world together teaching private, professional-level Elliott wave trading seminars to some of the best traders in the business. Visual Guide to Elliott Wave Trading shares their knowledge – not to mention 45-plus years of combined experience – on using the Wave Principle to spot market turning points and high-confidence trade setups.

Their straightforward and realistic approach will show you how to use the Wave Principle to trade, overcome common trading pitfalls and even identify the precise moment the market goes against you so you can exit fast and cut your losses immediately.

3. Apply: Start your 3-month Elliott wave trading mentorship with Jeffrey Kennedy

Elliott Wave Trader’s Classroom | $147 3-month value | 3-5 lessons each week from EWI Senior Instructor Jeffrey Kennedy

Testimonial The best way to learn how to spot Elliott wave opportunities is to find an experienced mentor to teach you using real-life examples. That’s what Trader’s Classroom does, and Jeffrey Kennedy is one of the best teachers I know.”

– Robert Prechter, Jr., CMT

Jeffrey Kennedy’s Trader’s Classroom offers you three to five 5-minute video lessons each week that teach you to apply Elliott in real-time, real-market scenarios. (That’s more than 200 trading lessons each year!)

You can watch the lessons as often as you like and pause, stop and rewind the videos to review an important technique.

What’s more, for as long as you subscribe, you keep every lesson you pay for. In other words: The longer you subscribe, the larger your personal Trader’s Classroom archive grows.

Jeffrey’s video lessons teach you to identify market junctures — the spots in a pattern where high-confidence trade setups arise. Some lessons are recorded in real time, so you can benefit from watching Jeffrey apply Elliott – and supporting disciplines like Fibonacci, moving averages and his proprietary Kennedy Channeling Technique — as market action unfolds.

You will learn all the vital aspects of trading:

  • Time Frames: You may see a 5-minute chart one day and a monthly chart the next. Jeffrey shows you how to find high-confidence trading opportunities across multiple time frames.
  • Elliott Wave Analysis: Before you even think about a trade, you have to do your analysis. Jeffrey helps you master every pattern, rule, guideline and more.
  • Markets: Jeffrey monitors hundreds of possibilities, including currencies, commodities, indexes, individual stocks, etc. He takes you wherever the opportunities and teachable junctures are.
  • Other Indicators: Each semester since 2009, Jeffrey Kennedy has taught a course on technical analysis at Georgia Tech. He has plenty to show you about using other technical studies to complement and improve you application of Elliott waves .
  • Trading Strategies and Tactics: As you know, there is a LOT that has to happen after you’ve done your analysis. Jeffrey will walk you through all the important decisions and steps, and he follows up on these lessons often so you know them like the back of your hand.
  • If you are committed to improving your trading, and you are willing to invest the time and effort required to make Elliott an integral part of your trading methodology, you will not find a better opportunity than now.

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