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 Basics of a Trading System 
Topics covered: expectations, the if-then thought process, etc.

 Lets Mess Up Together 
We’re going to make all the common newbie mistakes together. If you’re anything like me, you only learn the hard way.

 Ideas and Analysis 
Where to find good ideas for trading systems. The best metric for determining if a strategy is better than random.

A collection of various tips that relate to analyzing and running a strategy.

 Stuff That Works 
Every good chef needs to eat his own cooking. This section shows a strategy that follows every guideline published in this course and that walks away a winner.

 Position Sizing 
Most people call it money management, but that term doesn’t mean much to me. Whenever I enter a trade, I need to know the risk. Position sizing is the appropriate response to opening a trade that matches my desired level of risk.


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