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Financial Planning & Analysis Modeling1Financial Planning & Analysis Modeling


8 Courses
28h 3m
10,896 Students

  • Earn a verified certification

    Shareable on LinkedIn and in resumes

  • Earn 33 CPE Credits

    The FPAMC© is a NASBA-registered continuing professional development program

  • Globally Recognized

    Used by by the world’s leading companies to train their FP&A Analysts and Managers

Major Skills Covered

  • The FP&A Profession
  • Budgeting
  • Forecasting
  • Operating Model
  • Data Visualization
  • Data Presentation
  • Corporate Finance
  • Market Research
  • Project Management

The First Rigorous Certification for the FP&A Profession

The FPAMC© is a career-focused program designed for:

  • FP&A Analysts and Managers
  • Financial Reporting Groups
  • Controllers and CFOs
  • Accounting Professionals

  • Bridging the gap between theory and practice in FP&A The FPAMC© is focused on equipping learners with actual, practical competencies and best practices in FP&A. Developed by FP&A professionals and used by finance teams from the world’s leading companies, you’ll learn how to forecast detailed operating models step-by-step, create long-range plans with built-in scenarios, and craft both short- and long-term projection models and construct data visualizations that bring numbers to life.
  • Job-Focused Certification Program Solid financial modeling, data analysis and forecasting know-how is just one part of the FP&A professional’s toolbox. This challenging position also requires interpreting, visualizing and presenting data – often stepping back from modeling and data analysis to work cross-functionally to arrive at answers. The FPAMC© fills these knowledge gaps and establishes best practices for FP&A professionals.

The FPAMC© is the same program used to train FP&A hires at some of the world’s leading Fortune 500 firms.

Wall Street Prep trains FP&A professionals and others across the CFO suite at leading global corporations.

“We use WSP’s FP&A program because it’s the only cohesive training we’ve seen that connects the dots of accounting, technical finance and corporate strategy and gets to the heart of the FP&A function.”

VP of Finance, Fortune 500 Cloud Computing Enterprise Software Firm

Your Path to the FPAMC©

This FP&A certification course is career-focused. We begin with an overview of the FP&A career pathway, what the role entails and the systems and concepts you need to know. We move on to build an operating and forecasting model and create a long-range planning model to discuss the use of scenarios and sensitivities in forecasting. Finally, we learn how to use short-term pacing models, dynamic dashboards and data visualization to inform and influence business partners. As a bonus, we explore how to utilize advanced corporate finance principles to guide firm strategy.

Recommended Path

  1. 1 An Introduction to FP&A Week 1
  2. 2 Building the Operating Model – The Income Statement Week 2
  3. 3 Building the Operating Model – The Balance Sheet Week 3
  4. 4 Building the Operating Model – The Cash Flow Statement Week 3
  5. 5 Pulling Together the Operating Model Week 4
  6. 6 Project Management, Long-Range Planning & Analysis Week 5
  7. 7 Presentation Best Practices & Building Dashboards Week 6
  8. 8 Appendix: Corporate Finance Principles Week 6

Complete in 30 Hours

The FPAMC is a job-focused program that drills down on what FP&A professionals need to know while cutting out the rest. Average completion time (coursework + exam) is 30 hours.

Skills FP&A Employers Look For

  • Forecasting and Budgeting Covered
  • Variance Analysis Covered
  • Financial and Strategic Planning Covered
  • Pacing, Projections, and Dashboards Covered
  • Building Presentations Covered

Top Jobs the FPAMC Will Prepare You For
Position 1st Year Salary + Bonus * FP&A Analyst $70-95,000 FP&A Manager $85-115,000 FP&A Senior Manager $130-160,000 FP&A Director $160-200,000 Corporate Finance Manager $105-140,000 Chief Financial Officer $170-350,000+* Based on glassdoor.com estimates: the starting point of the range is generally set at the role average, to account for bonuses which are typically not included in glassdoor.com salary estimates for this role, and which are generally in the range of 10-20% of salary. Estimates do not include stock options or Restricted Stock Units, common incentives in some sectors hiring for FP&A roles.

The FPAMC© Includes the Following 8 Modules


52 Lessons

8h 7m

An Introduction to FP&A

Module 1 of the FP&A Modeling Certification Program (FPAMC©) starts with an introduction to the FP&A role and explores the types of responsibilities typical for an FP&A professional, such as recurring reporting and accounting close, forecasting and budgeting, pacing & performance reporting, project analysis, and ad hoc analysis. We …

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34 Lessons

4h 56m

Building the Operating Model – The Income Statement

Module 2 of the FP&A Modeling Certification Program (FPAMC©). A major responsibility of the FP&A function is to come up with reasonable, defensible, and insightful expectations of future sales, expenses, and headcount requirements. Here we’ll learn the difference between fixed and variable expenses, different approaches to forecasting reven …

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16 Lessons

2h 0m

Building the Operating Model – The Balance Sheet

Module 3 of the FP&A Modeling Certification Program (FPAMC©). To support our future expectations of business performance, investments, research, and projects need to be developed and initiated today. This requires building projections around these items to determine funding requirements and future impacts on the business.

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4 Lessons

0h 28m

Building the Operating Model – The Cash Flow Statement

Module 4 of the FP&A Modeling Certification Program (FPAMC©). While projections of revenues, expenses, and capital projects can be incredibly insightful, cash flows are incredibly important for understanding the impact on company liquidity as well as its ability to finance required payments and projects. Understanding how cash flows through the …

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21 Lessons

2h 51m

Pulling Together the Operating Model

Module 5 of the FP&A Modeling Certification Program (FPAMC©). With detailed forecasts of the Income Statement, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow Statements, we pull all three financial statements together to understand the full impact to the business. These operating models can be tailored to report on things such as fundraising and liquidity needs, …

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22 Lessons

4h 30m

Project Management, Long-Range Planning & Analysis

Module 6 of the FP&A Modeling Certification Program (FPAMC©). The beauty of well-built financial models lies not just in being building out detailed projections for the next 12-18 months, but being able to create more dynamic, long-range plans to visualize the impact that changes in these assumptions will have on the expected course of the busi …

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24 Lessons

3h 44m

Presentation Best Practices & Building Dashboards

Module 7 of the FP&A Modeling Certification Program (FPAMC©). One of the most important roles of FP&A is learning how to surface the right data, at the right time, to the right individuals, all in a format that is easy to digest. We’ll also learn how to build data lookups, dynamic charts, and output summaries while we build out a projection …

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15 Lessons

1h 28m

Appendix: Corporate Finance Principles

An Appendix of the FP&A Modeling Certification Program (FPAMC©). FP&A professionals must be able to understand corporate finance best practices, in addition to being able to build financial models. Here we’ll discuss corporate finance theory, understanding how companies fund their operations, trade-offs of debt and optimal debt ratios, fund …

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Course Samples

  • Course Intro
  • Salary Expense Budget Vs Actual Example
  • Pivot Charts
  • Detailed Revenue Forecast: Transactions
  • Accruals and Reserves
  • Operating Leverage
  • Dashboard Example Overview
  • Budget vs. Actual (Excel Sample)
  • Long-Range Plan (Excel Sample)

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Financial Planning & Analysis Modeling Certification

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