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Niels Kok – Deep Trancefiction

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Become the man she craves you to be

Become the man she adores

Become the man that gives her infinite amounts of pleasure

Become the man that she can’t stop thinking about


By learning the power of erotic hypnosis

Welcome to the exciting world of erotic hypnosis
But what in the name of.. is erotic hypnosis even?

Simply put, erotic hypnosis is using the power of hypnosis & suggestion for pleasure.

It is making your girl squirm with pleasure through words.

It is making her orgasm (repeatedly) through a simple touch.

But surely that can’t be real?

Not only is it very real, it is also much more powerful than you can even imagine right now.

We’re not just talking making your woman orgasm.

We’re talking giving her full body, mind blowing orgasms.

On your command. Over and over again.

You can literally train her to have 20 of those amazing orgasms an hour.

You can teach her how to feel ecstatic levels of pleasure simply by listening to your voice.

But if this is real, wouldn’t everyone have known about this already?

Well no, you (and I) are lucky.

Because both hypnosis and sex are being heavily stigmatized and misrepresented in our society.

So most men don’t know much about either.

Giving us the chance to have a huge advantage over all the other men out there.

When you take your girl on the ride that is erotic hypnosis.

You will give her an experience that no other guy can give her.

What man can compete with you when you can give her orgasms on command?

She won’t know anyone that can make her feel even half of the pleasure you’ll give her.

You’ll become part of a small elite.

Yes, I want this!
But before we go any further, let me properly introduce myself.

And apologies for not doing so sooner, kind of rude of me isn’t it?

My name is Niels, and I’m a professionally trained hypnotist.
I used to be just like you. Just a regular guy having a regular sex life.

And then one day I decided to become a hypnotherapist.

I went to hypnosis school (yeah they actually exist).

I learned the techniques that can help people in various ways.

And then one day I read about this weird thing called erotic hypnosis.

And it changed my life!

I mean, just like you, I was both fascinated and skeptical.

No way the things erotic hypnotists claimed could be true right?

But then I thought, why not give it a go and see?

I convinced a girl to try it out with me

And the results were astounding!

Within 10 minutes of starting, she was literally rolling of the couch.

She was in ecstatic waves of pleasure.

And I didn’t even touch her! It was all through hypnotic language.

Since that day, I’ve used erotic hypnosis to help women get past sexual problems.

I’ve helped women to learn how to enjoy sex again.

But best of all, I’ve taught them how to feel pleasure.

and have mind blowing, full body orgasms!

All through saying a few words or even a simple touch.

And now I’m giving you the opportunity to learn how to do the same.

Because any man can learn how to make girls orgasm on command.

Just imagine how great it would be for your relationship!

When you can make her feel instant pleasure & arousal.

Maybe right now you feel like your sexlife is lacking.

Or may you think it is already quite good.

In either case, do yourself a favor, and turn it into truly amazing.

Soon, your biggest problem will be that your girl simply just can’t get enough of you!

Because in this course you will learn how to fully open up her sexuality.

And penetrate her mind, body and soul on a deeper level than ever before!
But don’t just take it from me, take it from some of the men that have gone before you:

“This is the perfect class to anyone looking to get started in erotic hypnosis. This is a great tool to add to your skills to build a deeper and more satisfying connection to the women in your life, as well as improve your retention. Highly recommended.”
— Chris

“This is an incredible course. Powerful, intense. It can change your reality. What you thought was possible. I have taken it and Niels contents, his delivery, his closeness, can bring you to a works of new experiences and posibilite when it comes to your mind and sexuality.”
— Hector Beaman
Or don’t even take it from them, see it for yourself!
You’ll get life time acces for only 297$

And that includes future content I will be making, making Deep Trancefiction more and more valuable

Content that you will get for free once you’ve made your life time purchase!

​Free future video modules teaching more advanced techniques
Free future ebook on how to massively improve your dating life (Worth 27$)
​Free new content based on your feedback

Yes Teach Me This!
So what is in the video modules exactly?
We’ll start you off with the basics. I’ll teach you how to think like a hypnotist

What hypnosis is exactly and how you can hypnotize someone

Within an hour, you’ll know how to hypnotize your girl

After that we’ll continue by teaching you how to make girls feel sensations in hypnosis

We’ll start out with gentle sensations so that you don’t get distracted too much by her ecstatic pleasure too soon

Within 2 hours of starting the course, you’ll perform your first proper erotic hypnosis sessions with your girl!

First we’ll go through how to use your voice in the right way so that you can make your girl feel amazing

And then we’ll also add touch to make her feel even better

And that’s when the real fun is just starting!

Because once you’ve learned how to make your girl feel extreme pleasure through your voice and touch

I’ll teach you how to make her orgasm on your command

Just imagine how much pleasure it is going to bring into your relationship for both of you

When you can make your girl have the best orgasms of her life

Simply through talking to her and a few simple touches!

And to make things even better

I’ll then teach you how to place anchors in her that you can use to instantly trigger pleasure

or even orgasms

Imagine being able to make your girl come anywhere, anytime

Simply through one touch or command…

Just think of the possibilities!

You can call your girl from halfway around the world

And five seconds later have her rolling on the floor with the best orgasm she’s ever had

You can use these techniques anywhere, anytime

When you’re at home, when you’re out in public, on your dates

Feel free to get as creative as you like!

And as a finish to the course

I’ll teach you how to smoothly implement what you’ve learned into your relationship

So that you and your girl can enjoy the best of erotic hypnosis for years to come!

All of this will take you less than 10 hours in total to learn

All nicely divided up into modules that never last more than 20 minutes

Easy & practical

Study whenever you like, wherever you like

And maybe I’ll even throw in a very powerful bonus technique in at the end…
Yes I Want This!
Does this really work on any woman?
Yes, absolutely!

When it comes to hypnosis, people usually ask themselves these questions

“Can everyone be hypnotized? Can I be hypnotized?”

Yes, everyone can be hypnotized!

In fact, the question is never: Can your girl be hypnotized?

It’s: Does she want to be hypnotized?

Because it is important to know that hypnosis is not mind control!

Do not buy this course if you think you’ll be able to walk up to any woman and instantly put her under some magic spell!

The key word in any form of hypnosis, and especially erotic hypnosis, is CONSENT

Probably not the word you thought it would be, but it is extremely important

And I don’t want you to buy this course under false pretenses

Deep Trancefiction is not a course that teaches you how to get women

It is a course teaching you how to massively improve the (sexual) relationships you already have

Even if you think your sex and dating life are already great, I promise you it’ll get 10x better

Yes, I Want to Make My Sex Life the Best It Can Be!
So what’s exactly in the course per module?

First off, you get an introduction explaining to you what it means to be an erotic hypnotist and in what ways it will help you with women

Module 1, You learn how to think like an erotic hypnotist and why your mindset is so important when it comes to women

Module 2, You learn what hypnosis is exactly. How does it work & how does it work for you?

Module 3, You learn the basics of becoming a hypnotist. You learn how to put someone in hypnosis and how to get them back out

After Module 3 there are two exercise demonstrations you can do at home that will teach you fast how to implement what you’ve just learned

Module 4, You’ll learn how to make people feel sensations when in hypnosis

After module 4, there is a third exercise demonstration, teaching you how to give your girl a hypnotic massage that she’ll love!

Module 5, You’ll learn how to arouse your girl in hypnosis, with just your voice!

After module 5, there is a fourth exercise demonstration, where I show you step by step how to achieve arousal in your girl

Module 6, You’ll learn exactly what language to use to arouse your girl as much as possible

Module 7, You’ll learn how to incorporate touch to make erotic hypnosis even more pleasurable for your girl

After module 7, there is a fifth exercise demonstration, in which I show you just how to use touch with your girl

Module 8, You’ll learn how to make your girl reach powerful orgasms through erotic hypnosis

Module 9, You’ll learn how to train your girl to experience these powerful orgasms & pleasure at the snap of your fingers

After module 9, there is a sixth exercise demonstration, where I show you exactly how to teach your girl to experience extreme pleasure on your command

Module 10, You’ll learn how to implement the techniques you’ve learned into your relationship long term.

You’ll learn how to smoothly use hypnosis whenever you want with your girl.

You’ll also learn how to start implementing your eyes for even stronger effects

+ I even give away a very powerful technique

Module 11, You’ll learn what to do if things don’t work out with your girl and you decide to split up.

And then there are the bonus videos. Advanced techniques, tips and insights that will all help to makeyour girl deeply enamored with you.

Yes I Want to Learn How to Blow My Girl Away in Bed!
But what if I am single right now?
Well to be honest, you could still get Deep Trancefiction and learn a few things from it, but the course is 90% focused on relationship sexlife. Without a partner to practice with, you’ll miss out on most of Deep Trancefiction’s value.

Instead, I’d advise you to go check out the review I’ve written on Pat Stedman’s dating & relationship course.

His course is much more focused on how to get the relationships you want when you are single.

You’d be much better off looking into his course instead (you can always come back to Deep trancefiction once you get into a relationship)

Hypnosis coures

Hypnosis is a human condition involving focused attention, reduced peripheral awareness, and an enhanced capacity to respond to suggestiom.

There are competing theories explaining hypnosis and related phenomena.
Altered state theories see hypnosis as an altered state of mind or trance, marked by a level of awareness different from the ordinary state of consciousness.
In contrast, nonstate theories see hypnosis as, variously, a type of placebo effect, a redefinition of an interaction with a therapist or form of imaginative role enactment.

During hypnosis, a person is said to have heightened focus and concentration.
Hypnotized subjects are said to show an increased response to suggestions.
Hypnosis usually begins with a hypnotic induction involving a series of preliminary instructions and suggestion.
The use of hypnotism for therapeutic purposes is referred to as “hypnotherapy”, while its use as a form of entertainment for an audience is known as “stage hypnosis”.
Stage hypnosis is often performed by mentalists practicing the art form of mentalism.

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  1. Alexander Brooks (verified owner)

    The course exceeded my expectations. Very comprehensive.

  2. Lucas (verified owner)

    I feel more confident in my skills after taking this course.

  3. Heather Murphy (verified owner)

    I learned a lot from this course. Highly recommend!

  4. Matthew Thomas (verified owner)

    The instructor’s knowledge and passion for the subject were evident.

  5. Sarah Brown (verified owner)

    The practical examples made it easy to understand the concepts.

  6. Emily Johnson (verified owner)

    The instructor’s passion for the subject is contagious.

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