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[Download Now] Mark Cunningham – The Power of Erotic Hypnosis


Salepage : Mark Cunningham – The Power of Erotic Hypnosis

Arichive : Mark Cunningham – The Power of Erotic Hypnosis

Is it immoral to make women feel this good?

Discover How To Make Yourself The Ultimate Source Of Pleasure For A Woman!

Renegade Hypnotist reveals his secrets on how to give any woman endless waves of intoxicating full-body pleasure, using just a few simple hypnotic words .

And you won’t worry about other guys anymore either, because when you are the ultimate source of a woman’s pleasure, she forgets they exist.

My name is Mark Cunningham. I’m a hypnotist.

A very unconventional hypnotist. Most of my hypnosis clients were housewives who wanted to drop 20 pounds so they would look good in a bathing suit again.

But trying to get women to stop eating candy, cake, and chocolate long enough to hit their weight target — is like trying to get a politician to stop taking campaign donations.

Why do women eat chocolate? It makes them feel good.

So I developed a technique called Conditioning With Pleasure. To make them feel better by NOT eating the chocolate.

And when I would hypnotize women and say “imagine a time you felt pleasure”, oddly enough she wouldn’t be thinking about chocolate, she would instantly start thinking about SEX.

How do I know? I asked. And because I have deep rapport with my clients… they told me. (Frankly you’d be shocked at just how kinky your average housewife can be)

And in case you were wondering… I was getting spectacular results with these clients! Referrals came flooding in and women were lining up to see me months in advance.

If I was able to get these kind of responses in the therapy room with women I barely knew… what would this be like with a woman you are dating?

I found out… once they get a taste of this kind of pleasure… they don’t take no for an answer!

Your biggest problem is how to end it, because they become addicted to how you make them feel! (But don’t worry, I’ve developed a technique to deal with that too.)

I’m now showing this to guys (and couples). They are learning how to do it, they are having amazing success and you can too.

Erotic Hypnosis gives you Direct Access to the ‘Pleasure Circuits’ in her mind.

So you might be thinking… “Why the hell would I want to learn hypnosis???”

It’s a fair question.

Here’s 3 reasons:

1. Pleasure begins and ends in the mind

If you want to give a woman incredible pleasure, you need to go to the source. Scientists mapping the brain have discovered the existence and location of the ‘pleasure circuit’.

And it gets better. Nuerologists have recently discovered something truly amazing. Something that explains how using Erotic Hypnosis you can give a woman Orgasm on Command:

The research on this continues to grow, but one thing should be clear… every nerve in a woman’s body connects to her mind. So if you want to light up her body with pleasure… start with her mind.

2. Hypnosis is designed for the mind.

Hypnosis is a simple set of tools specifically for accessing the mind. And in particular the subconscious mind, which is where emotions, feelings and sensations are. Ecstasy, desire, and pleasure all happen in the subconscious.

Because of this, Hypnosis gives you the easiest and most direct access to the pleasure centers in the brain.

Hypnosis works with vivid imagery and sensation, which is why you can give a woman virtually unlimited pleasure and enhance her orgasms in ways she’s never even imagined.

Specifically designed for beginners with the same

step-by-step training method I’ve used at my seminars for years.

At my seminars everyone in the room has successfully hypnotized at least two humans before we break for lunch. Now you too can take advantage of these exact same time-tested training methods.

I assume you know nothing about hypnosis, trance or the mind so I start at the very beginning. Then lead you through progressively more advanced hypnotic technique and how to use this to give women insane amounts of pleasure.

Every step of the way I demonstrate, break it down, and then tell you the simple steps to do it yourself. Plus you get to hear from the women I’m working with what it’s like for them to experience the techniques I’m teaching you.


“The Power of Erotic Hypnosis”

Here’s what you’ll get…

These 7 modules give you all the tools you need to make yourself the ultimate source of pleasure for a woman.

But there’s more… because I want to make sure you have everything you need to be wildly successful.

So based on feedback from asking guys what else they would like to have, I’ve added these extra bonuses…

So, to recap what’s in the program…

You get the 7 audio modules which are the core of the program. I’ll take you from the beginning where I show you how trance works and how to use it to access her Pleasure Circuits.

You’ll get to follow along as I demonstrate on 3 different women, each time showing you the next step in the progression from basic hypnosis to playing with sensations and fantasies.

All the tools you need to make yourself the ultimate source of pleasure for a woman.

And you’ll get the bonuses, including the full hour on How to Hypnotize Humans where I demonstrate the same techniques with yet another woman.

There are guides included on the Foolproof Trance technique you’ll be learning, the quick start guide, and the now infamous Conditioning With Pleasure technique that started it all.

Also the Starter video for new Renegade Hypnotists to get you started on the lifestyle path, and the induction “Doors In Trance” so you’ll get to experience trance too.​

Finally, to help you find women to practice your new hypnosis skills, the guide How To Find Women Who Want To Be Hypnotized.

Couples paid $997 to attend the seminar where this was recorded, but you won’t have to pay that much.

And previously, my shipped DVD home study courses cost $360, but you don’t have to pay that either.

Thanks to the Internet and because I’m able to provide this program using online digital delivery, I’m able to offer it to you for only $147!

And I fully stand behind my programs. Frankly if it doesn’t work for you, I don’t want your money. That’s why I offer this rock solid guarantee.

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    The instructor’s expertise is evident throughout the course.

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    The instructor’s knowledge and passion for the subject were evident.

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