[Download Now] Duane and DaBen – Channeling to Connect with Vast Consciousnesses: Part 5 Exploring Infinite Being 

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[Download Now] Duane and DaBen – Channeling to Connect with Vast Consciousnesses: Part 5 Exploring Infinite Being


Archive: https://archive.fo/wip/erGQ3

Exploring Infinite Being Part 5:
Channeling to Connect with Vast Consciousnesses

Learn states of consciousness that allows you to bring your daily life into coherence with the higher energies. Connect with vast, highly evolved beings.


DaBen wants to offer you this very special teaching that has been his private work with Duane for many years,
as he feels that many of you are now ready to vastly expand your consciousness in this way.

Welcome to DaBen’s Channeling to Connect with Vast Consciousnesses course

Learn how to connect with Vast Consciousnesses, Beings, that are very evolved and divine in nature. These Beings are so vast and illumined that every time you connect with them you come back transformed. The highly evolved Beings you will link with have rare and beautiful gifts of consciousness to offer you. They can teach you much about the energies you live in, opening up potential for your life that did not exist before this contact. As you connect with them, previous limitations are dissolved.

You are able to view your life from a wider perspective, with greater clarity. When you need to create something in your life, you now have more choices to creatively manifest better forms and circumstances. The more contact you have with these Beings, the more possibilities open up for your life. This is an ongoing opportunity that will be available forever, whenever you contact these vast Beings.

You do not need to complete Part 1-4 to be able to experience the spaces DaBen is transmitting in Part 5.

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