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Quick preface: this letter violates a rule of selling: it contains a lot of teaching. Overt, declared, pointed to information and revealed methods as well as hidden between the lines, to be discerned lessons. For the astute, there is a real value

Dan Kennedy – Advanced Business Development Secrets Academy

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Insights from 40+ Years of Intimate Work With Hundreds of
Built-From-Scratch Multi-Million to Billion Dollar Businesses
& Start-Up, Built, Sale Of & Investing In Companies
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Advanced Business Development Dan Kennedy
Quick preface: this letter violates a rule of selling: it contains a lot of teaching. Overt, declared, pointed to information
and revealed methods as well as hidden between the lines, to be discerned lessons. For the astute, there is a real value
exchange here. Your time and your consideration of this opportunity is not requested or taken without direct compensation;
that compensation is here in outright revelatory information about the subject at hand, and in demonstrated methods of
presentation and persuasion. YOU NEED TO BE A LITTLE PATIENT WITH THIS LETTER. It is long. It is not crafted as an
accelerating adrenalin rush, as emotionally driven sales pitches usually are – instead it is thoughtful, and asks that of you, its
reader. Treating this as a provocative and potentially profitable document in and of itself will reward you.
Dear Friend,
• What, exactly, is Advanced Business Development? (Do YOU need it?)
• And what is the Advanced Business Development SECRETS Academy?
Let me first quickly say what it is NOT:
It is NOT more of the same on marketing, nor is it confined to ‘marketing’ at all. It is NOT
simply about making more money. It is NOT elementary or easy to understand or apply. It is NOT
common knowledge.
“Development” is NOT just growth – which is the way ordinary business owners think about their
businesses, narrowly, more new customers, more sales, bigger. Development incorporates growth and
expansion and diversification and synergy and maturation and maximum profits now and maximum
equity value in the future. Keep in mind, you are pressured day to day to think just about Growth. More
customers, more sales, more revenue. Getting out of that day-to-day, and going to an entirely different,
safe, stimulating place to think bigger, broader, more patiently, more thoroughly about your business
can, itself, yield big dividends. But the right guided thinking experience can literally be worth millions
and birth breakthroughs!
DEVELOPMENT has you holding your business up and looking at it from more directions than
most ordinarily do, and looking out from your business in more directions than most do. This Academy
is your only opportunity to do this with me.
A ‘scotoma’ is a chronic blind spot. A blind spot in an otherwise normal field of
vision. Most business owners have them, the “disease effect” of working in and on a
particular business, in its field, narrow focused and narrow experienced. Dr. Kramer
noted that an object as small as a penny held close enough to the eye can block out the
entire world around you and the sun above. Many years after the end of WW II, a lone
Japanese soldier was discovered in a jungle on a Pacific island, still in uniform, gun in hand, endlessly
patrolling. Trapped on that island, inside that jungle, he had no idea the war was over! It is easy to be
trapped on your island, inside your dense jungle. Of course, you are heads ‘n shoulders better than
most. You get a lot of diverse exposure as a GKIC, and you are otherwise a “Curious George” – but still,
it is easy to develop scotomas you just don’t realize are there!
In my youth, working in graphic arts, we took typeset onto photo-paper into a darkroom,
submerged it in chemicals in trays, and the invisible type and images appeared and darkened to crystal
clear clarity. Similarly, business development is, in part, about (1): seeing concealed opportunities.
This is the most common thing I hear from clients after private consulting days: “I came thinking I was
in business “a” and left in businesses “a” + “b” + “c” + “d”…or left in an entirely different business”.
That’s the power of very experienced, fresh eyes: where you see a wall, I see a hidden door and
concealed passage to new treasure.
I accomplish this routinely and frequently for clients. I also often find myself preventing
mistakes that would PROHIBIT huge profits. Recently, in one consulting day with a client who wisely
sought my input before launching a franchise-type expansion of his million dollar income, single
location business I STOPPED HIM from three mistakes he had no recognition of, almost certain to
later keep several million dollars a year from flowing to him, easily and automatically. (I’ll show
you the biggest of these as an example at the Academy.) It was well worth his $19,400.00 fee for the
day just for this 40-minute discussion. But the
“nature of the thinking” behind this specific set of
recommendations is even more valuable than any
isolated recommendation, and I will give you The
Gold Keys to that thinking of mine, that I bring to
every situation.
A system for frequently, constantly
hunting for and identifying concealed
opportunity is invaluable. I have one. I’ll
share it. Including tools and checklists.
Just as another powerful example, a few days before writing this I was in a consulting day
with a new client, with about a $20-million business. As I questioned him, three niche marketing
4 5
Advanced Business Development Dan Kennedy
opportunities became evident. In each, he already had an unexploited stronghold. In one, he had
a ready and likely willing “host”; partner that he was already making money for, who owned
customers and media they already made available to others but he had never proposed using.
In less than an hour I had a credible plan for using those three opportunities to triple revenue
to $60-million. We also confronted the only huge flaw in his current business strategy, which
was giving him direct connection to only about 10% of the end user customers – which I reengineered to get it with 80%. This, to them, had seemed like ‘The Problem That Can Never Be
Solved’ because of the nature of their distribution. These were not dumb or ignorant or foolish
or lazy entrepreneurs. To the contrary. And they had built a $20-million business from scratch
in about 4 years. But their experience was restricted to that business. My experience is very
broad and diversified. I saw things they were blind to. I had already fixed the problem they
thought of as unique at least four other times. This same “EUREKA!” can happen working with
me in a group setting, not just one to one, and it WILL happen for many at Advanced Business
Development Secrets Academy. (More about this example, much later in this letter.)
Schultz didn’t improve the coffee shop. Apple didn’t improve the phone. I didn’t
improve the speaking business*. When Buffet liberated GEICO from being the sleepy, niched
“Government Employees’ Insurance” to today’s GEICO, he didn’t try to improve the agency,
broker, sales-force model. The NFL created more wealth for its owners in a fast decade than in its
entire, prior history not by improving the game or its existent marketing, but by reinventing the
entire fan (and gambler) experience with its Fantasy Football and its own TV products, the NFL
Network and RedZone.
*Its reinvention model (which birthed what is now GKIC) is laid out in an info-product titled Big Mouth, Big Money, available at GKIC.com/store
Development can mean (2) reinvention. Raw land or a blighted neighborhood or a dying
industrial park re-imagined and transformed into valuable property, a new community, a thriving
‘warehouse district’ with restaurants and clubs. Inside many businesses, even entire niches,
industries, professions, there is the equivalent of blighted neighborhoods, vibrancy in decline,
regression, or unused raw land. I am a master at re-purposing assets within a business AND at
reinventing businesses.
I have reinvented processes, businesses, even entire industries! Maybe yours is ripe for reinvention.
Let’s find out. Maybe YOU are due or overdue for reinvention. I have essentially reinvented myself
and the way I earn my money and conduct business three times. My friend, the late Joan Rivers, had to
reinvent herself twice, and did so brilliantly and courageously. Personal and Business Reinvention have
profound parallels. Let’s explore.
There is development of (3) process and systems, the essential foundation for freedom –
marketing systems, sales systems, retention and ascension systems, theft and loss prevention systems,
profit systems. There is (4) customer development: how a new buyer is “converted” to a committed
customer, then to an evangelical advocate and champion. There is (5) development of (and co-optingof*) other businesses’ and peoples’ assets outside of your business, for your business: their customers,their leads, their locations, their distribution, their influence, their dormant or neglected products, andmore. Development of strategic alliances; “power circles” of trustworthy and capable vendors, expertsand advisors; endorsers. Learning to use to the max OPR (Other Peoples Resources) and OPM(Other Peoples Money) is the most liberating, empowering, expansive entrepreneurial thing youcan do. There is (6) development of your media platform, the most powerful competitive advantage,the most versatile and effective marketing methodology, and the “visible secret” of so many businesses.I can virtually GUARANTEE that you are under-exploiting your own media platform opportunities.Finally, there is the (7) development of sustainable equity (not just income) – leverage while you ownyour businesses, maximum value for you if and when you exit.*Means: appropriation and use of as if your own – by agreement, guile, forceAs you can see, Development is a complex subject. And as you can see, I have dissected it into seven categories of work and of opportunity. Thisfacilitates an organized approach to making practical, profitable use of Development. Not going homewith ideas. Structure. To-Do’s. For my “Business Development Secrets Academy”, I am organizing every strategy, method,revealing and provocative example, and “trick up my sleeve” I’ve ever used and currently use*, for myclients as well as my own business, into these seven development categories. Each accompanied by itsown, never before published reference checklist. You will not only get my methods, you will get insightinto the way I think – to unearth opportunities their owners are blind to and to create new opportunitiesas well.*As I turn the big 6-0, one of the saddest things is the realization that my accumulated experience has provided and providesan evermore valuable foundation for creating dramatic development in businesses, while I am running out of time to use it.It seems an almost perverse reality! I can assure you, the “powers” I have to transfer to you are far greater than they were5, 7, 10 years ago. The QUALITY OF MY THINKING is much better, sharper, quicker. In just the past 3 years, more clientshave invested more money in my advice and assistance and in implementing it in marketplaces than in the prior 12 years,and that acceleration and expansion has boomeranged, bringing incredibly valuable, insider, test, failure, success and resultsbased information to me. Last year, over $50-million was spent just deploying advertising and marketing pieces and systemsI developed. I have been INTIMATELY working with entrepreneurs creating 3X to 11X year to year growth….developing$10-million to $50-million enterprises from ZERO and from $4-million, $6-million, $8-million levels….and expanding and6 7Advanced Business Development Dan Kennedydiversifying once “small ball”, narrow focused businesses. This HAS impacted my thinking just as my thinking has impactedthese companies. THIS is what you are accessing via my new ADVANCED Business Development Secrets Academy. If you were at my Wealth Academy in 2014, you got deep insight into how I think aboutmoney. Now, here, you’ll get the same kind of understanding about how I think about business. AndI do think differently, more opportunistically, more creatively, more expansively than just aboutanybody else. It’s my thinking that put Dr. Tomshack on his fast track, from owning 4 chiropracticclinics he felt imprisoned by, to, as a franchisor, essentially owning a good share of over 400clinics and having a business exciting to him. It’s my thinking that took a small business sellingcostume jewelry through dealers recruited only by ads in a few magazines into the multi-milliondollar ‘Gold By The Inch’ phenomenon fueled by a TV infomercial running everyday for 8 years.It’s my thinking that …. well, this list is long, spanning 40 years, accelerating in recent years, andencompassing unmatched variety and diversity. THE POINT IS: understanding how I think aboutbusiness in general and about different businesses, specifically, is potentially fortune-making,speed-creating and even life altering. For more than 20 years, I’ve been paid well over $1-milliona year to exercise these powers, this thinking, my “X-ray vision”,dispensing advice, re-imagining and re-structuring businesses,moving products to new places, creating marketing systems (andsales copy). I have clients staying and paying year after year,for 5, 10, all of those 20 years, some dating even longer. Theyinclude the companies you’ve heard of and know, like GuthyRenker, and many you wouldn’t recognize by name or aren’teven aware of – that have developed by my guiding hand.In my “Advanced Business Development Secrets Academy”, you get a transfer of ALL thisaccumulated and very current experience – sifted, sorted, neatly organized, actionable. Is there any equalto this? No. This year, a major, new seminar was aggressively marketed, promising amazing businessdevelopment secrets, revealed by a most impressive, highly hyped individual. Fine. But on close andcritical examination, you would realize this “magician” had, for himself, created a good-sized fortune froma “dot.com” built to unsustainable bubble and sold at a most fortuitous time. With scrutiny, you wouldrealize his experience/knowledge base is actually narrow and small and historical. Comparatively, mineis linked to major success in hundreds of varied product, service, industry, profession, product category,media strategy and developed companies, each multiplied by millions, tens of millions, and in a few cases,hundreds of millions of dollars by my guidance and by my ‘work product.’ Spanning 40 years but alsoas current as tomorrow’s sunrise. There are “experts” who have religious rigidity about ONE businessapproach and must force-fit yours and any others they encounter into that one approach – or pronounce it“bad.” This is like a chef knowing only one recipe. No matter the ingredients, he can only make one dish. Ihave far more diverse experience, thus greater creative flexibility.You can profit from this 1, 2 or 3 ways. (1) You can use these secrets and powers to re-make,strengthen and create unimaginable wealth from your current business. (2) You can use these secrets andpowers to become a highly paid advisor to others. (And I strongly recommend that in place of the futilityof dispensing free advice.) (3) You can use these secrets and powers to make successful judgments asan investor. This grows more and more important the moresuccessful and affluent you become. We’ll come back to details in a short bit. First, Ithink you need to know, specifically, why I am the personyou should pay attention to, about “Development.” Yes, Iknow you know me already. And if you are uncontrollablyimpatient, you can jump over this to page 9. But I think it’sgood to have specific relevance when you are asked to paya fee to a person providing certain information, strategicadvice and business direction.THE #1CONSIGLIORE TO‘I BUILT IT FROM SCRATCH’MILLION DOLLAR, MULTI-MILLION DOLLAR,50-MILLION DOLLAR TO BILLION DOLLAR COMPANIES There is a profound difference between aiding and abetting already well-established, largecorporate entities versus standing with true entrepreneurs as they grow businesses from dirt up, againstodds and obstacles, often resources handicapped, then transition from mere growth to expansion, fromneeded income to equity.There are forests full of capable consultants to corporate America, in every category of need andopportunity. They can come in and fix plumbing in dis-repair that is already there. Because stupiditygrows as big companies grow, they can easily find leaks to plug. They can simply meddle a little andearn their keep. Also, much of corporate America lives by a very different agenda than entrepreneurs’businesses – measuring progress or success by relative market share gains or losses, by cost savings inshort-term that are actually cancerous, even by fall or rise in stock prices, more a matter of perceptionthan actual value. You can certainly find “profit” in the knowledge of many people who toil in thosefields. But there is also a canyon of disconnect between the CEO and CFO crowd with 19th-Floor toweroffices, executive lunch rooms and access to nearly unlimited capital and resources VERSUS you andyour business life.There is NO forest of authentic experts in developing entrepreneurs’ businesses fromstart or reinvention or rescue to small to big to diverse to dominant and valuable. There’s ME.8 9Advanced Business Development Dan Kennedy As you know, I’ve been inside and intimately involved with a great number of grown-fromscratch, extremely successful and extremely sophisticated businesses and companies, in diverse fields.I’ve made myself rich as their owners’ and CEOs’ consigliore. I’ve learned as much as I’ve givenanyone. From this, I’ve accumulated an incredibly ‘wide AND deep’ collection of strategies – somequite proprietary – for Advanced Business Development – most of which I have NOT publicly writtenor spoken about. I’ve alluded to them but not gone into depth. I’ve used them with and for my clients, ascriteria for deciding on stocks to buy and companies to invest in for the long haul, and for myself and forwhat is now GKIC. NOW, you can be privy to them too. For the first time ever. For the only time, “live.” Clients who have relied on me as their trusted advisor – some quietly – at start-up and atbusiness maturity for 10, 20, 30+ years include people who’ve built big and complex and sophisticatedbusinesses. One very recently left NetJets and bought his own jet and employs two pilots, commutesfrom choice of homes to work by helicopter, has an east and a west campus of significant size for hisbusiness. I began advising him when he had no money and was personally selling his one “program” to20 people at a time in motel meeting rooms. He has developed a business easily worth $35-million to$50-million, very likely to double in the next 3 years. As recently as July, he and his team were with mefor another day of strategy advice. Another, different client first consulted with me in 1987, still does, on various projects today. Hiscompany has topped a billion dollars in revenue. Another, more recently, launched a health franchise,zoomed to nearly 400 locations. For another, I created $15-million in new revenue, in a rather maturebusiness, in 2013. From all these combined, in aggregate, I’ve learned more than I’ve given any one ofthem – but I can give it all (absent exclusively confidential details) to you.Imagine being able to get the “condensed juice” fromprowling around in hundreds of these kinds of experiences – withstart-ups, with new opportunities created in or attached to maturebusinesses, in multiplying value, making deals, solving problems,fixing systems. It has come from consumer goods, from B2B, frompublishing and info-marketing, from dozens of categories. It can begeneralized, then applied situationally. I have organized it all into thisAcademy. This is what I use in my work. It’s never been laid outbefore any group before. I’m a bit uncomfortable with this analogy, but if you think of my books and newsletters as Kthrough 12, my special Trainings as university, you can think of this as grad school. The great ad manAl Ries, author of Positioning: Battle For Your Mind once said of me: “if you want a Ph.D. you can use,get it from Kennedy.” But make no mistake: these 2 days are anything but an academic exercise. I don’tthink I’m capable of such a thing. In this case, we’re dealing with information that’s hard as nails, notsoft as pudding. This is a peeling back of one of the last remaining layers of the onion that is me. Thefocus is on the pragmatic, not the conceptual. And I will be killing myself preparing…. Collecting input from early registrants via unique,detailed questionnaire. Re-tracing past and present work and case histories. Taking now unconscious,automatic synaptic response to various business situations and codifying them for your use. This is ahuge project. A mountain of work. I’ll invest many, many days in the final organizing of this. For which,of course, I require excellent compensation – earned.“But Wait – There’s More!” You see it all the time in TV direct-response now – the garden hose that coils itself up, themotorized cat toy, etc., etc. – “if you call now, we’ll double the order, just pay extra shipping andhandling.” Well, I’m DOUBLING THE TRAINING, and there is no extra shipping and handling!If you’ve been with me before, in an in-depth, “Dan Only” Training, you know it gets intense and it’sdemanding. You have to concentrate just to keep up. Last year, I told a lot of “tough” truth about money,why it moves, what it requires. Advanced Business Development is at least at that level, probably“tougher”. But….We are also going to cover how wealth is created via DIRECT marketing….EXACTLY How People & Companies Get RichRoutinely & Formulaically in DIRECT Marketing– and why most don’tThere are certain formulas for building a “direct marketing money machine”, with a fewsurprisingly simple requirements. There is a certain formula for extracting wealth from it day by dayonce it has moved from infancy and toddler to standing upright on its own two feet as a mature adult.The money is, often, entirely in the back-end, and that requires a sophisticated approach. These thingsare all known. And reliable. Defying them is fraught with peril and usually leads to failure. There areonly 2 reasons people do fail in direct marketing: one, they don’t know these formulas and facts. Two,they convince themselves to ignore one or more of the ‘success requirements’ and push ahead againstthem rather than being aligned with them.10 11Advanced Business Development Dan KennedyI have, repeatedly, been on both sides of that equation personally, been there withclients a lot. I have defied these facts and formulas and been financially punished for doingso, exactly as I deserved. I have also leveraged these facts and formulas for myself andothers into small and large fortunes. You profit from ALL this experience. By the way, most people have an existent product or business or idea, or ready access to an ideaor product or business that can be made to disgorge a fortune through these direct marketing formulas.The billion dollar acne product, Proactiv®, came from two dermatologists. Guthy-Renker’s first TVsuccess, Think & Grow Rich, came out of publishing’s back shelf. My friend Joe Cossman used onlyone strategy to take ten different products to a million dollars or more in profits – inventing only one ofthem, acquiring rights to the rest for nearly nothing. There are four different sources of direct marketingopportunity you might plug into, and any one will do, in order to produce millions for yourself. I’ll showyou all four, and show you enough specific examples that you can’t possibly leave without fully andcompletely understanding them. As a small example, I’ll reveal the inside details of how I’ve pocketed over $300,000.00 net inthe past 3 years by plugging into one of these sources, and using all its resources, so I’ve put at risk orspent nearly zero dollars of my own, leveraged work done once into reoccurring income ‘events’, andnever needed an employee or even any media of my own. I know, $300,000.00 is not a fortune. I offerthis as structural example. As an inside look at one of these four sources and exactly how I made it handme money. But, $300,000.00 is nothing to sneeze at either. I doubt you’d turn an extra $300,000.00down. I hope you wouldn’t.Side Note: This is in keeping with something I’ll discuss even more on the optional, extra ModusOperandi Day: how I have armies of people working on different businesses and projects to put a lotof money in MY pocket, really working on MY behalf – without employing them, managing them,investing in them.There are two possible ways to use and benefit from this information.First, inside or applied to your present business(es). Most businesses, even the most mundane,contain at least one of these four sources either not tapped into at all or grossly under-used. Just about everybusiness can be made more profitable and more “advanced” with these direct marketing formulas. Thesehave removed brick ‘n mortar or local geographic boundaries for a widely varied assortment of businessesand professionals – including some very surprising ones. These have lifted lids on price. They have turnedsingle, ordinary businesses into “umbrella enterprises” comprised of 4, 7, even 11 different vertical-nichebusinesses, each worth as much or more than the original parent. These have made the “dream” of 24/7/365automatic income from e-commerce real. The most basic, elementary look at this is in the book No B.S.DIRECT Marketing for Non-Direct Marketing Businesses and (the woefully out-dated yet still overall validbook) How To Make Millions With Your Ideas. But we can go much farther, be much cleverer, and createincredible breakthroughs in YOUR business with marriage to some kind of direct marketing. Years back, I aided this happening for a very staid, traditional industrial chemicals companybased in Arizona. A metals and jewelry manufacturer in New England. More recently, a real estatebroker in the Midwest. Even more recently, a Texas wealth advisor. A software company you mostassuredly know. Strategies very recently given to a niche gun manufacturer. I could fill pages. Inalmost every case, these businesses were locked up inside small boxes and narrow distributionchannels, even one distribution channel…..and remember, I fervently preach: the worst number inbusiness is: one.I will take you inside very current situations where I have radically changed the way differentbusinesses sell OR added new and additional ways they sell….creating different kinds of dramatic marketing,sales, growth and profit breakthroughs. I’ll be adding in up-to-date examples right up to the month before thisAcademy! And you will get DEPTH AND DETAIL that I can’t or won’t disclose and present in any other forum.Second way you can profit from this: as means of creating or finding a new opportunity. You’renot a tree, so firmly planted that anything beyond the length of your limbs is entirely beyond your reach.You are mobile, not rooted. Most people behave as if they are rooted. My life’s work is full of instances where people and companies have metamorphosed or leapt tonew and different opportunity. Guthy-Renker began as an infomercial company selling info-products;they converted to a cosmetic/nutraceutical products direct marketer, not reliant on TV. Dr. Tomshack:chiropractor to franchisor. Bill Glazer, an adept retail store owner who mastered ‘direct marketing fora NON-direct marketing business’, but might have stayed using that mastery only for his own stores,perhaps opened additional stores, had I not “revealed” an entirely different, leverage rich strategy(expansion and diversification in place of growth). There are some I don’t want to talk about here, butwill in the Academy. There is a formula for re-deployment of key assets. It might swing open a hidden,concealed doorway in your business life. There really is NO law prohibiting you from applying all you’ve learned and are learning in adifferent place. There may be good or even urgent reason to do so. So, with a better understanding of how direct marketing works – in the direct marketingindustry – you can alter the trajectory of your entire business life with new opportunity or re-makeyour present business to stand apart from all others in its category. Darin Garman, as example, didthe latter, transforming himself from a local commercial real estate broker to a global direct marketerof real estate investments (from that same local ‘inventory’), using media like Forbes and InvestorsBusiness Daily and Financial Times, direct-mail, and the web. His ENTIRE LIFE changed because ofdirect marketing. As part of an overall business development strategy, this can be the chief means of differentiationfrom all others in your category.12 13Advanced Business Development Dan KennedyWhat The Shark Tank Investors Don’t Know(But You Can And Should)The flaw in the entire Shark Tank group of investors is that none of them have much experience with or apparent understanding ofdirect marketing. They all see the opportunities brought forwardONLY through the lens of traditional distribution channels and growth methods. I watched when twoguys with patents on a different, highly sophisticated, beautifully crafted putter – already selling well inJapan but not here, priced to sell at $500 – were beat up and rejected by one ‘Shark’ after another, eachdeciding that the task of getting this into pro shops at country clubs and golf retailers was too daunting.No one even mentioned going direct to consumer, for which they have ample margin, great story – ‘ThePutting Secret Found Only In Japan’; for which there are outstanding mailing lists, from which avidgolfers can be driven online to watch an online infomercial. None of the Sharks mentioned the “dirtylittle secret” of forcing retail with demand driven by direct marketing – a strategy used by the gunmanufacturer I consulted with while writing this, for which I prescribed an amped up, targeted versionthey had not considered. No Shark knows of the information-first direct marketing strategy, that couldsell the putter behind it. It so happens I have some experience with selling $800 putters, 20 years ago, soI was thrilled, not intimidated, by the price. And I would have done a deal with these guys in a heartbeat.(They did finally make a deal, but there’s risk the Shark will drag them down a dead-end.) Yes, the Sharks are expert, successful, and rich. But that does NOT make them all-seeing andall-knowing. In fact, they are each, in their own way, very narrow-minded. Doesn’t hurt them much,because they are investors, bringing money and media platform, and can pass on any number ofperfectly good opportunities until one comes along that nicely fits their few, pre-set formulas. You areNOT (yet) in such a lofty position. You NEED to unearth and exploit every opportunity withinyour business. You NEED to be a business developer. You can’t “cherry pick”: you are who you are,with what you have. If moving to new opportunity, you won’t get to make small wagers on hundreds ofvaried choices. You will make one bet.Finally, In ‘Business Development’, There Is What Trump Named“The Art of the Deal”As something of a “bonus” at this Academy, I am going to take youinside a variety of types of deals that I’ve made and make for myself and for clients,reveal deal structures likely unknown to you (and most lawyers*), mistakes frequentlymade – to avoid, and negotiation tactics that get you what you want. Joint venture, strategic alliance,host/parasite deals. Distribution deals. Deals with celebrity endorsers. Deals with key vendor partners.Licensing. Advice-giving deal structures: royalties, percentage-above-base, equity-without-equity. Exitstrategies. “The Cossman Deal” – how to get exclusive rights to high value assets at zero cost. Leadsharing deals (a key to direct marketing success). And more.(Some of this will be in the Academy. Some of this will be in the 3rd, optional, extra ‘Modus Operandi Day.’ I frankly don’tknow what will wind up where.) Very recently, a client failed to get my advice before signing a contract, incurring a costlyproblem that could very easily have been avoided by changing a few words in one sentence, that wouldhave met with no resistance from the other party. The tab for this little mistake might be $100,000,$200,000, or worse. Very recently, another client who did rush to me with a situation to be negotiated,prevented a potentially dangerous and costly mistake – he’ll never know how much my guidance on thiswas worth. *By the way, you should NEVER SIMPLY DELEGATE deal-defining or even contracts tolawyers. First of all, your lawyer is best served by telling you 1,008 ways you CAN’T, not incurringpersonal risk by creatively figuring out how you CAN. If you are child-sitting, your only safe answer toeverything is “No.” Second, they went to law school, not “street smart school”. Their skill is drawingup contracts, and their advice deserves consideration (not mindless embrace) and their services areusually useful….but YOU must take them the deal to be codified. YOU need to know how to structureyour deals. And you MUST be wary of “standard”, “normal”, “boiler-plate”. My franchisor clients haveavoided common traps and created infinitely better businesses by my non-standard advice, not theirfranchise lawyers’ advice. I don’t mean to be overly disrespectful here to the legal beagles. But no novelist delegates thewriting to a typist, or even to an editor. If editors could write, believe me, they’d be writers. I make$30,000.00+ from a book, the editor makes about $1,500.00, and has to put up with me. The offensivecoordinator of a champion NFL team does not delegate game planning to a guy who can draw reallyneat, precise X’s and O’s on the locker-room chalkboard and who has excellent penmanship. Hopefully,you don’t delegate web site architecture or content to web designers – many learn that lesson onlyafter blowing tens of thousands of dollars. Trump does not delegate deal-making. Trump defines hisdeals, often creatively; George Ross puts flesh on the skeleton, then oversees getting it all written upby the lawyers. In 40+ years, I have never just handed off the contract job. I can’t recall ever signinga ‘standard contract’ put in front of me – something publishers, the William Morris Agency, talentbrokers, other peoples’ lawyers, vendors, etc., etc. routinely try. And I have been consistently successfulat extracting a lot more money for me from deals than anybody but me saw in them at their inception,because I controlled the architecture as well as the actual contracts. I’m confident taking you throughthis will empower you in ways you can’t now imagine. And you will even have advance opportunity toguide this with your questions (if you register early).A SternWARNINGAbout All ThisThere is a near epidemic of lust for, obsessive pursuit of, deluded belief in simplicity. There isone recently, heavily hyped business guru insisting you should be able to reduce your business – anybusiness – down to no more than four steps or things to do, or you should scrap it and find a simpler one.14 15Advanced Business Development Dan KennedyAnd look, I would like that to be real. Years back, I bought a golf club with a screw to adjust its head;you were supposed to be able to play golf with this one club. No lugging around a heavy bag, no caddie,no endlessly buying and experimenting with the next new, whiz-bang driver or putter. Just take a dime,turn the screw a bit this way or that. One club. If you play golf, you instantly know how silly such anidea is. And it is a silly idea, period, about anything.Sometime, you should take a ‘barn tour’ with me, and see just howcomplicated getting the best possible performance out of a stable ofracehorses is. Each one is rigged differently. There are, for example, over100 different bits to choose from. Each one shod differently – and you needan expert blacksmith. Each one gets different dietary supplementation –based on frequent blood tests. Some swim some days, jog others; somego on an exercise wheel instead of jogging on the track; each has his ownrest, training, conditioning regimen. Some stand for prescribed minuteson magnetic, vibrational therapy boards. Some stand in whirlpool boots.Some get chiropractic care. Some acupuncture. Most get differentprescription medicines. Different horses race in different sulkies.Different horses need driven differently. A competent driver must beable to analyze the race program, which involves at least a dozen itemsto consider. The trainer must analyze the weekly conditions sheet to place each horse in therace he fits – based on earning within different time frames and other factors. I’ll stop, but I could go on.Four steps or things – my ass.I do not believe in the gospel of simplicity. If you want it preached, mine is the wrongchurch to choose.No business stays simple for long if it succeeds. McDonalds was once one hamburger orone cheeseburger, one size of fries, one size of milkshake, vanilla or chocolate, open at 11:00 A.M.,done at 8:00 P.M. Look what is required today. At the store level. At the corporate level, with productinnovation, FDA and FTC, vendors, franchising, real estate, international territories, Wall Street. Simplemy ass. This quest for simplification in business is a fool’s mission. As dumb as a diet pill. Further, complexity is often the only barrier to others’ entry. Complexity of process is sometimesthe only competitive advantage, and it can be a formidable one. It is often a reason a big company buys asmaller one – because of its complexity, it’s easier for them to buy it than build it. (By the way, if being“Amazon’ed” applies to you, leveraging complex marketing processes may be your only salvation.)I don’t even know of a person for whom success is simple. All Buffet does is invest money.Seems simple. He’s in railroads, NetJets, party plan selling with Pampered Chef, retail with jewelrystores, banking, insurance. He’s got to know a lot about a lot of things. Watch Peyton Manning or TomBrady quarterback a game. The game was, once upon a time, three yards and a cloud of dust. Lombardifamously lived on one play. But that was once upon time. Innovation and evolution produced complexity– but it should not be missed just how much more valuable each team, the league and the playersbecame as complexity took hold. There is equity in complexity. An NFL team was once a money-losingtoy. Now it is a half-billion dollar asset. Why? Because the NFL marvelously complicated its business. When Bob Hope died, over 85,000 of pages of jokes, organized by category, were turned over tothe Smithsonian Institute. His work only seemed simple.Jim Rohn said: if you follow a top achiever, a highly successful person, a rich entrepreneuraround for a week, all mystery about why and how he is so successful will be erased, and you willsay “Look at ALL the things he does.” You will not find a top performer with only “4 steps” to hissuccessful living. LeBron James is often featured in our local news in Cleveland. Not long ago, I saw astory about his preparations for the coming season – which included a new diet to get weight off, by ahired nutritionist, weight training, strength training, stamina training, studying game film, meeting withthe other players, meetings with coaches, a daily practice regimen (it comprised of more than four steps).That doesn’t include his business activities. I assure you, his entire life is complicated. Want simple?Shack on a beach, pointed stick, fish for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Pray, no hurricane.So…If you are looking to simplify your business or your life, stay away from me.I’m going to complicate your business and your life. I guarantee it. I’m going to show you how toadd more moving parts onto each moving part. How to monetize every product, every service, everycustomer, every lead in more ways than you do now or even imagine possible. I’m going to “ride you” tothink in a much more thorough and detailed and acutely conscious way about everything you do. That’smy WARNING. You can’t say that you weren’t warned.If that’s off-putting, these two days are definitely not for you.But the point is NOT simple at odds with complexity. It’s not a competition. Not aworthy debate. The point is to organize complex and sophisticated business processesso that they are easily used, work for you and do not own you, have replication value.The point is: what works? As an aside, there’s another reason “simpleas can be” is a silly objective. It’s a unicorn, buteven if the unicorn existed or could be bred orbuilt, why would you want the source of yourpower and security and wealth to be so simple16 17Advanced Business Development Dan Kennedyanybody and everybody could quickly, easily, cheaply, simply copy it? Kind of self-defeating. If yourun real fast, you might make some money. But, sorry, no equity. Lyle Stuart, a fascinating entrepreneur,with the slogan “make your money in the dark” explained his idea to me this way: “It is my experienceand observation,” he said, “that if everybody knows what you do and how you do it, you won’t be doingit for very long – some big bully will take it away from you. I prefer being ‘a man of mystery’.” I’m notthat paranoid. But I’d go this far: if what you do and how you do it is so simple anybody can and will doit, it won’t have value for you for very long. The virtue of a really complex (ie. Sophisticated) businessis that it can be fairly transparent and few will be willing to copy or steal it. The biggest, strongest,most enduring, most valuable MLM/network marketing company is (still) Amway, created in 1959.Its co-founder Rich DeVos* constantly said that their every secret was visible and anybody starting acompeting company could copy their inarguably successful model – but nobody would or did, insteadlooking for cheap ‘n easy shortcuts and gimmickry, thus literally thousands of such companies startedand disappeared in the 55 years since Amway began.(*I recommend Rich’s autobiography, SIMPLY RICH). And one more thing: a lot of businesses start crumbling and going sour and losing power andprofits just because their creators and owners get bored with them. There’s not enough range andflexibility in them to keep producing interesting opportunities and challenges to match up with theindividual’s growth of knowledge. Soon, he’s screwing around with ten other endeavors he knowsnothing about and getting his wallet emptied. Or he’s screwing around, period. You want a businessdevelopment opportunity where doors lead to doors lead to doors, so you can stay excited about it.Owner disinterest is one of the under-reported causes of reversal of fortune. I had something relatively simple: a 75-minute speech at big SUCCESS events, 25 to 27 times ayear, paying me over a million dollars a year, and feeding customers into a back-end business, free. Plusapplause and compliments and people wanting autographs. Even “groupies”. Flew first class. Stayedat nice hotels. Just get there, show up, perform. What could go wrong with that? By the 7th year I wasbored to tears but could not alter so much as a word. By the 8th year, I was losing my struggle withmy boredom, sometimes deviating from the script (and adversely affecting sales), often racing out theback exit without chatting with buyers (adversely affecting sales). I had to get out the 9th year. If youget bored, it won’t be long before your team and clientele gets bored to. The dynamic energy of thebusiness, and yes, there is such a thing, will fizzle out.(You do know, a business has its own “Energy”, right? If not, I’ll quickly enlighten you! A business has a heart and heartbeat, a soul, an élan vital, a personality and character, a pulsing energy, a dynamism of its own. Or it doesn’t. In a recentARROW episode, a night club using a cheap, in-artful DJ had a deserted dance floor and bored customers wandering off.When a high-paid, expert DJ took over and changed the pulse of the music and dynamism of the environment, the dancefloor filled and the club thrived. The uninspired, unmotivated, disengaged business owner quickly has a business incapable ofinspiring, motivating and engaging customers. And reversal of fortune follows!) For all these reasons, simple is a poor choice for object of lust. That’s why the promotion of aguru peddling it grinds my gears a little. I know the idea is very saleable and very harmful.You’d Probably Like Some SPECIFIC InsightInto The “Meat” Of This Academy…. Let me give you one example of the type of Business DevelopmentSECRETS we’ll examine:Warren Buffet’s #1 Priority in choosing companies to buy or invest in, but particularlyto buy outright. This Secret explains the seemingly strange choices of owning a party-plan selling company, ThePampered Chef, and a railroad. One company sells kitchen gadgets to women at in-home parties. The other haulsfreight in rail cars. There is a hidden common ingredient – and it is one you may have in your own business but noteven realize it, value it or know how to exploit….it may be one you can create for your present business….or, theirreparable absence of it from your business may mandate radical change in it or even exit from it, to move to better,safer, higher ground. If it exists or you create it, you need to know how to explain and present it when the timecomes to raise capital or sell your company – or you’ll get a lot less than you should. And if you are an investor instart-ups or in the stock market, you need this as a selection criteria. By the way, the client I described on pages 3-4 has this “Buffet’s Secret” built into his businessAND into the distribution network he sells through. In his business, it is so “there” that I would have lovedto negotiate a trade of my services and capital investment to get some ownership in his company. He didhave an investor eager to buy half, for which he quoted $20-million (100% of current gross), but I arguedthat was too cheap a valuation. And, from what I learned that day, I went in search of public companiesin his industry that owned this same “Buffet Secret” to invest in. Sadly, none have it to the degree that hisdoes, and the greater degree it can if he acts on the advice I gave him, for his $19,400.00 fee. But a few have itenough of an extent I’m now researching and watching their stock price, to get in at an opportune time.Now, wouldn’t it be valuable to you to know what “X-Factor” in this client’s businessput me in LUST for a piece of it? And would excite Buffet too? Would you want tobake that “X-Factor” into your business if you could? This will be revealed at Business Development Secrets Academy!Just one more example – this from the Direct Marketing portion of the Academy: Do you know that hardly anybody knows how to correctly do a direct marketing test? Evenpeople who claim to be direct marketing professionals! If I just teach you this, your entire time willbe worthwhile. Further, there’s a way to cut testing by half. Testing done right is Earl Nightingale’s“progressive realization of a worthy objective” applied in a practical way. You’ll see a different way toorganize your efforts to achieve any goal in this approach to testing.There are also three ways to take any ad or sales letter or online sales video with a “weak pulse”and boost its performance by 2X to 3X overnight. I’ll reveal all 3. This is your million dollar pay-off18 19Advanced Business Development Dan Kennedyfor coming to this Training! This is what I do, again and again. My reputation in the direct marketingworld was built on this ability. It’s why I get the big bucks. In 1987, I was handed Guthy-Renker’s firstTV infomercial as it was dying and I breathed 2 more years’ life into it. A few years later, another clienthad a full-page print ad he ran in 5 or 6 magazines every month that very consistently made money –until it didn’t. Then it was dead. But I brought it back to life and doubled its results, with one change.Much more recently, I liberated over $250,000.00 in 3 months from a business’ fading results fromtheir advertising – without replacing the ads. I’ve just described micro-tactical items. Valuable in and ofthemselves. But they do knit together, to a bigger, broader way to think about business development. Mostly just to show off, I’ll throw in another “micro item” here…It’s Time For You To Take A ‘Vision Test’ I have Private Clients that I coach one-to-one, with scheduled monthly phone calls, each of just20 minutes’ duration. They and I must focus, be specific, be efficient. I also write copy for some but notall of these clients. One such client recently used his call to report results of testing a new direct-mailpiece of my making, written specifically for a targeted audience (Investors Business Daily and assortedfinancial newsletter subscribers). The new piece was tested against an existing piece, heavily used,more generic in content, put together from other, older copy I’d written. He reported that the new pieceperformed basically the same as the currently used piece, no better, no worse. He voiced the thought thatnothing had been accomplished. I told him that, actually, we had hit an out of the park home run. Do yousee what he saw or do you see what I saw? Stop. Ponder. Think. Okay, here’s why I call it a home run. I explained to him that he now had two very differentpieces, speaking in different tone, emphasizing different themes and in different formats that BOTHWORKED. The gift this gives is the almost certain ability (to be tested) of mailing both pieces intothe same “best” lists, as little as week apart, thus nearly doubling the number of customersto be raised out of those lists as well as the speed at which they could be obtained. In alllikelihood, the two pieces appeal to entirely different people within the lists, providingthe doubled response effect. I, of course, have seen this before….so I recognized itinstantly this time. This means he can mail fewer lists, mail the best lists, mail them atdoubled frequency, and get double or nearly double the number of customers – whichhave substantial back-end value…..putting the same number of “best” customers inplace at half the time. Hopefully you can grasp the financial ramifications of this. What I did not have time to mention was yet another benefit. There is always risk and almostalways inevitable certainty of a promotion running out of steam. But now there are two. Odds of bothdying at the same time are exponentially less than the odds of one dying, which are nearly 100%. So,some security. I also did not (yet) have time to tell him he has been handed the next potentially valuable splittest. He has two messages. Two formats. All working. Next, take copy from Format #A and put it inFormat #B; take copy from Format #B and deliver it in Format #A. He may well wind up with 4 thatwork instead of 2.Listen. You CAN think just like this. You can “SEE” what I see.There’s method to it, not unique genius. I’m not half as smart as many give me credit for. I am more organizedand methodical in my analytical thinking about any given fact, result, situation,than most people are. In this case, I no longer need the diagram and checklist todo the above thinking, and do it instantly. You might. And I’ll hand them to you.The bigger picture, the biggest prize: “evergreen”. I make no secret of the fact that I hate the “one‘n done” nature of so many info-marketers’businesses – but the sin extends to many others’varied businessesas well. I have always preferred “build to last”. My clients get things like a direct-mail piece mailed profitablyfor 6 years with no changes – over 1-million pieces mailed.An ad that ran every month in national magazines,profitably, with no changes – for 84 months.An infomercial that aired profitably every day – for 2,920 days. 8years.A‘system’for organizing and marketing an annual event, duplicated every year for 16 years, producingat least $1-million a year. (We call that “hanging new clothes on the same skeleton”.)Aone-to-many sellingstrategy used without any change, 8 to 10 times a year, for 5 years, worth over $15.6-million front-end, plusat least $6-million a year back-end. THESE ARE ASSETS. Not marketing materials. Assets. Putting togetherpromotions yields income. Owning assets creates wealth. It is the difference between being an oil fieldworker and owning oil wells and pipelines. It is just doing business or business development. By the way, the existing promotion mentioned above has been in use, as-is, for 4+ years. Thenew one has potential to live at least that long, and likely extend the life of the first by rotational use –like crop rotation works in farming. And, incidentally, extending the life and value of various elementsof business and of marketing campaigns by rotational use is a part of a total business developmentstrategy. I’ll elaborate, at Academy.Anyway, this, more than anything else, is what I am eager to talk about in much greaterdetail and depth than I ever have before: how to create and organize an environment and structurein your business that allows you to then create and own ‘marketing assets’ that produce for youautomatically, for years going forward. I want you to understand everything required to be the owner ofdirect marketing oil wells and pipelines, instead of being a laborer in the oil field. As that laborer, youhave to get up early every morning and run. Run to create the next promotion, the next moneymaking‘event’, the next scheme. As the owner of oil wells and pipelines, you can RELAX.20 21Advanced Business Development Dan KennedyThis is a cross-breed subject. It is (1) an extension of last year’s Advanced WealthAcademy, because there is a shift in your thinking required. You’ll look at your businessdifferently after this than you do now. …bred with… It is about (2) Advanced BusinessDevelopment, because it is about developing profitable, long-performing assets instead ofmaking money. …bred with… And it is about (3) Direct Marketing, because DM-assets are thebest kind.Truth is, most of you are (still) trying to make more money. Few of you aretrying to develop proprietary assets that make money for you.What you think about and focus on most is what you get! If I can shift your focus, Ican automatically multiply your wealth. And liberty. And security. The analogy I’ve used here continues. There are two different categories of marketing assets:there are Oil Wells and there are Pipelines. For the purpose of this Academy, I’m putting everymarketing asset I’m going to present in one of these two categories. When you leave, you’ll have twomaster-lists. You’ll have new clarity about what to develop in and for your business(es), from these twomaster-lists.PICTURE THIS: Months later, you’ll stroll to your window, look out, andsee your Oil Wells. Your daily report will feature the amounts of money flowingto you through the Pipelines you own. And you’ll thank me*. You will beMORE RELAXED about your business and your financial position than everbefore in your life!*For which, at any time you feel especially grateful, I encourage making donations to my two top-favored charities,Happy Trails Farm Animal Sanctuary and New Vocations Retired Racehorse Adoption Program, or if you prefer,any worthy charity of your choice. Last year plus this year, my clients, event attendees and other GKIC Memberscontributed over $150,000 to the two animal charities in money, plus some services. Over the years, on two different occasions, clients orpast clients have ‘out of the blue’ gifted me with new automobiles- Joe Polish, most recently. I get a lot of really nice gifts, like obscure orrare books. A rare harness-racing themed stopwatch recently from Grant Miller. A first edition comic from Charley Mann at Ben Glass’soffice. On and on. To ever try recognizing it all in one place, impossible. And I appreciate it all. The donations to the charities are alwaysappreciated.Who you gonna listen to on this:Promoters, Bullshit Artists or Me?There are a lot of people blathering and bloviating, exhorting you to work less, to be likethe French, to get rich the lazy way, the 4 hour workweek way, the 80/20//20/80 way. Most of themare working like whipped dogs selling this stuff. They don’t live it. Because it can’t be lived.The only way to work less and get more is to own Oil Wells and Pipelines; to own thingsthat work and produce money for you. Any other less/more promise is bullshit. Unlike these “ideapromoters”, I’ve actually done it. Just as example, for a decade, I used to be a road-warrior, away fromhome over 120 days a year (30% of the year), slogging, to make my money. I now travel on businessfewer than 20 days a year, and I make money travel to me. Even some of the internet gurus can’t figurethis out – they’re frequently schlepping to Australia and Asia and the Balkans for crissakes, to pitchtheir version of work less, make more. Pfui. I used to run companies, with employees, offices, inventory,headaches and worries, daily re-starting the engines. With hand cranks. Then I switched to havingcompanies run for me. I even have a no-liability, no-responsibility, no-ownership method in which I stillown pieces of companies’ Oil Wells and/or Pipelines, and get paid multiple ways and multiple times.(I’ll detail exactly how I do this, and why.) If you really own oil wells and one of them explodes and bursts into flames, you push a buttonand call a Red Adair-type guy to fly in and put out the fire. If you grab a bucket of water and run to it, itowns you. I used to be putting out fires everyday in my businesses. Now I don’t even know they occur.Somebody else is fighting them. I’m just getting the money. (Freedom is defined as much by what ownsyou as by what you own.)There are a lot of things that seem to be businesses, that aren’t. If you have to re-start itsengines and frequently build new engines for it, you don’t own anything. You are owned. I call this theWork-Money Link. A lot of laborers convince themselves they aren’t laborers and are owners. But youcan judge the truth of your life by how many things you have to do, personally, to keep money comingin vs. how much flows to you through Pipelines you own. Again, lots of hype-sters yammer about this.Anybody can cobble together ideas and talk about them. It’s performance art. But are they selling youone thing while doing another for their daily bread?My presentation on Oil Wells & Pipelines truthfully reveals what I and othersuper-successful entrepreneurs and direct marketers I’ve worked with, intimately,actually have done and do, to be owners, not laborers; to sever the Work-MoneyLink; to have security and autonomy.Truth is, America has a caste system. We pretend otherwise. You may find the fact a very uncomfortable one. But, as an early mentorsaid, it’s dumb to deny the existence of cash registers – better to work on being on the right side of them. At the 2014 Wealth Academy, I discussed the fact that our economy is not so much about 1%vs. 99%, as it is about a Worker Class and an Investor Class. In the last 10 years, the Worker Class hasgotten creamed. The middle class has shrunk and is an endangered species. Average small businessincome regressed in over 100 categories. The elimination of jobs has been epic and continues. In July,2014, Microsoft erased 18,000 jobs. Not some dowdy old industrial manufacturer or antiquated retailer.Microsoft. In this same time frame, Investors grew rich. The Dow recovered to triple its bottom ofthe crash….and even a coming 10% to 30% correction won’t claw back all the wealth that has been22 23Advanced Business Development Dan Kennedyharvested. M&A and private equity deals put tens of millions and hundreds of millions of dollars intocountless entrepreneurs’ pockets. It’s not as simple or cruel as “the rich got richer and the poor gotpoorer.” It is: workers got poorer, investors got richer. And so it shall be, more so, going forward. Butanybody can move into the Investor Class. Charles Payne often makes the point that for the price of apair of super-duper, celebrity-athlete name sneakers (that’ll get your feet cut off at the ankles in a lotof urban neighborhoods) you can, instead, buy a share of stock in Nike. It will, over time, certainlyincrease, probably multiply in value. The shoes will just wear out. Anybody can start their move fromWorker Class to Investor Class, today. Make your coffee at home and buy Starbucks stock. Of course,you aren’t poor. But tons of business owners and professionals never learn to be an Investor instead of aWorker within their own business or outside of it. Their incomes rise, yet they never figure out Oil Wellsand Pipelines. To a great degree, they ARE “poor with bigger zeroes”. Too many business ‘owners’ are actually stuck in the Worker Class, and don’t even knowthey are there! WORSE, THEY ARE STUCK THINKING ABOUT THEIR BUSINESSES LIKEWORKERS, INSTEAD OF THINKING LIKE INVESTORS. I recently talked to a wealth advisor who was privy to the inside details of over 200 dentists’finances. He said, simply, “They have no money. No real net worth. And no security.”I Want You To Have THIS,Before It’s Too Late I am going to “bridge” from my Oil Wells & Pipelines presentation toraising yourself into the Investor Class. Inside and through your business. Andoutside of it. Outside of it, I want you to have an easily replenished pot of money you cancourageously take from, to make opportunistic investments. So, for just a minute, let metalk a tiny bit about the stock market. At one point in 2014, because of publicly availableinformation, I bought shares of Apple, a total investment of $101,800.00. At this writing they areworth $145,000.00, a 40% profit in less than 6 months. But I did not put $101,000.00 at risk. There’sno way it would go to zero. Unimaginable it’d ever drop by half. If worst case scenario was a 30% drop, I putonly $30,000.00 at risk. I sold a chunk, at a high point, then the rest rose – with a 7 to 1 split. I expect I’ll nowbe an Apple shareholder for some time to come, pretty much ignoring minor dips or rises. In July 2014, because of Rupert Murdoch’s first swing at buying Time-Warner at $80 a share,I bought $53,000.00 worth at $87.00 a share. But I did not risk $53,000.00. Murdoch failed – for now,and the stock fell backward and languishes, but my $53,000 will likely be worth no less than $35,000.But if he returns and succeeds and pays $100 a share to acquire the company or another suitor does, my$18,000.00 of risk will yield about $20,000 of profit (double). This is not time consuming day trading. Imay buy or sell two or three times a month, at most.I am not giving you stock advice here. I am illustrating an area of opportunity that is partand parcel of life in the Investor Class. You are able to bet on and to bet with people like RupertMurdoch or Warren Buffet or Jeff Bezos. Yes, they have inside information you don’t, and yes, they maybe in and/or out ahead of you, but still, often, they win to such an extent that you can be tagging alonga few steps behind and still do just fine. You are able to invest in well run companies with great CEO’slike (two of my favorites) Disney and Tupperware. You are able to participate in economic growthabroad, in far-flung places, via companies with strong global businesses. Of course, you need moneymoving out of your business(es) (without sabotaging them) through your hands into an investing ‘warchest’ to be able to act when a nice opportunity presents itself. Also, outside of your business, I want you to build a diversified* portfolio of interest, dividendand income producing, long-held investments. I own a few million dollars worth of apartment buildingsand commercial properties, I own interests in a very small number of privately held companies, I ownspecific financial instruments with 3 to 5 year turnarounds with Barclays and Goldman Sachs, and I ownannuities. This is about “steady as she goes.” You get to loan money at good interest to big and stablecompanies with corporate bonds, to major financial institutions and brokerages.(* IN EVERYTHING, Diversity = Stability. The king with a harem of 100 is virtually certain of a romantic encounter on demand. Theycan’t all have a headache at the same time.) Also, outside of your business, I’d like to see you holding hefty cash reserves – and cashequivalents. Good to have lifeboats and not need them. Bad to need them and not have them. Whensudden downturns have occurred, lots of cash-poor businesses have sunk, and illiquid individuals havebeen forced to sell off personal assets at fire sale prices. “Rich” people take things to pawn shops at suchtimes. As Buffet says, you get to see who’s swimming naked when the tide goes out.You do not need to agree with or mimic my specific decisions. But you can surely see thevirtue of being part of all this commerce and investment activity as you see fit, with your own hand onthe steering wheel, or by “hiring” top advisors and fund managers. (I do both.) It’s a big, big world outthere, outside the confines of your business. As a Laborer, you can only be a tiny cog in its wheel,and a spectator from its sidelines. As a member of the Investor Class, you can participate. All of this is extremely hard to achieve as a laborer, no matter how highly paid your labor is,and I speak from personal experience: my labor is very highly compensated – on average, as I writethis, at $2,680.00 to $3,300.00 an hour. Even at that, out-earning income taxes, other taxes, lifestyleand lifestyle creep, charitable contributions, etc. to such an extent you are solidly in the Investor Classis no easy trick. The Catch-22 is: you have to be in the Investor Class to ever hope to be in theInvestor Class. Stop. Read that again. On its surface, it describes a place with no door. But the secretis: you move into the Investor Class in and with your own businesses’ Oil Wells and Pipelines first,and that makes a concealed door show itself and swing open, so that you can also be in the InvestorClass with and through other peoples’ businesses. BIG NOTE: if you start thinking more like an Investorthan a Laborer, you can and will see your own business differently and make different and betterdecisions about it.24 25Advanced Business Development Dan KennedyThe over-arching metaphysical principle is: you have to be there to get there.Failures keep trying to get there. The secret super achievers know is to be there. I tell you all this from the perspective of somebody who was once and for a goodly span oftime poor and scrabbling for day to day survival. From the perspective of somebody who, stupidly orignorantly, went a decade as ‘high income, underinvested’, raising up my income, steeply, as a Laborerbut never raising myself into the Investor Class. 20 years or so of stupid to get to 20 years of smart, 10of which, quite smart. About money. I didn’t fall into this. I bought it, with Expensive Experience. I am now of the age where I am witnessing people 10 to 20 years olderthan I am, the “stars” I looked up to, the entrepreneurs I followed, being oldand broke and still in need of money from labor. They never evolved.They never figured it out. They went the distance raising their incomesas Laborers, but never raising themselves into the Investor Class. I amwitnessing peers in the same situation. It takes nothing from me to share allI know about this. And I honestly care that you “get it”. Now, before it’s toolate, and before you can see only my back as I ride off into the sunset.So. Oil Wells & Pipelines. And: raising yourself up to the Investor Class.dEFINITEly NOT FOR ‘THE RANk ‘N FIlE’ The Advanced Business Development Secrets Academy is, rather obviously, I think, NOT foreverybody. I just described one type of person who will be much happier elsewhere – the seeker of one,simple “little blue pill” that cures all that ails and makes one smarter, thinner, richer and stronger, thatburns off body fat while sleeping, provides rock hard erections lasting 4 hours while awake. Here are afew other types of people who ought NOT attend:• If you’re not well-grounded in “Dan Kennedy”, you’ll find yourself stepping into the next phase of a discussion that youaren’t ready for – somewhat like starting to watch Justified the 3rd season. Unless you’ll make a point of catching up in ahell of a hurry, I suggest you NOT attend this. (A “catch up list” is available on request.) Of course, you could decide to bean exception. For one person, the Advanced Wealth Academy was his FIRST event, mine or GKIC’s. He was NOT a deer inheadlights. Only you can decide if you are ready for what’s described here.• If you are not now running and building a real business, a significant business, this may be more than you need or canapply – somewhat like giving a 5 year old eager to traverse his backyard a Lamborghini instead of a pedal-car for his birthday. Letme give you examples of people who can value and use this information: Steve Adams, who operates 22 retail stores, is acquiringmore, and has dynamically changed and elevated the nature of his kind of stores, virtually reinventing the business. Lilly Noon,who has a $30-million business of many years’ durability (in global food distribution) but is also a growth-oriented informationmarketer, building out a multi-“guru” platform and system. Ben Glass, who has a thriving law firm, an info-marketing business, anda non-profit foundation. Lisa Miller, who has the fastest growing expense reduction and cost control consulting firm in the hospitalindustry, deploying teams of analysts, and marketing to CEO’s and CFO’s. Dr. Kelly Brown, operator of a growing chain of dentaloffices, Dr. Chris Tomshack, franchisor of about 400 chiropractic clinics. Yours can be a small business by your choice, but youstill need the desire for it to yield truly extraordinary profits and wealth, to dominate, to excel, to be a creative and thereforecomplex enterprise – not a routine, steady as she goes sail ‘round the circumference of the same small lake every day.• If you can’t handle Straight Talk, and need things delivered carefully, cautiously, GENTLY, by someone sensitive to thepossibility of offending, to political correctness, to gender equality. I am rough ‘round the edges, and in multi-day ‘Dan Only’situations tend to relax, stop self-editing, take no cautions, and speak freely and very bluntly. Some feel this is: obnoxious.Others welcome it, in place of the sanitized pablum and vague, pleasant generalities dispensed by rote, by most speakers.Frankly, I often make my corporate colleagues at GKIC shudder. Even make my wife cringe. As Popeye said: I am what I am.Those are reasons not to come. An equally obvious hallmark of the person this is FOR is the propensity for acquisition of(truly) expert advice as an accomplishment accelerator. A lot of businesspeople stay “cheap” aboutthis their entire lives, to their detriment. The most expensive information is purchased with personalexperience. I have personally flourished by a long-standing willingness to buy specialized expertise,information and assistance in a variety of ways (something I’ll discuss in the extra, optional 3rd Day –see extra insert.) Trump sharply asked me: “What THREE books are you reading now?”. There are manyaspects of success which we now need curated for us, if we are to do a lot and move forward quickly.Paying a top-notch curator is well worthwhile. Because most businesspeople do not understand this, are not discerning about quality of sourcesof needed information, grossly under-value expertise, they spend their lives cutting new paths of theirown through every jungle – with a dull machete. Of course, you already invest in me as a curator for you, via the No B.S. Marketing Letter, theother newsletters, my books, the GKIC SuperConferences and Info-Summits. And thank you. This2015 Academy is paying me to do that for you at a higher, advanced level, focused on a single, specificsubject: business development.You actually buy – or invest in –five things by attending this Academy:• Synthesis: the combination of varied, different and seemingly disconnected elements into a singleplan or system. A “connecting of dots”.• Abridgement: a shortening, abbreviating, condensing and summarizing of something without loss ofits meaning, usefulness or value. An efficiency. Your two days with me on this may well equal, replace or26 27Advanced Business Development Dan Kennedyeven be superior to years of assembly of voluminous information from varied sources.• Experience Beyond Personal Possibility: not only is there my 40 year span of businessdevelopment, with my own enterprises, and others’, there are “the best of” lessons and strategiesextracted from all the many clients’ experiences.• Expertise: there is abundant evidence of my expertise in key aspects of business development,such as identifying overlooked and unexploited opportunities, understanding and aligning with trends,creating capital without sacrifice of equity, co-opting others’ assets, use of media platform, and, ofcourse, direct marketing. I often reference my “$100,000.00 Club”, the fairly large and always growingfraternity of those who have spent over $100,000.00 on my information, resources, seminars, adviceand services and continue to hang with me. I don’t often mention the “$1-MILLION CLUB” – butits membership keeps growing, too. And, over 85% of all private clients who start with me, repeat orcontinue. This kind of loyal following by successful and ever-more successful entrepreneurs is proofpositive of valuable expertise.• Resources: you will exit with a collection of reference-and-use resources that will become partof your on-going decision making, advertising, marketing, selling, financial management and businessactivities. Some of these, exclusive to this Academy. A sixth side benefit – entertainment. Most people find me an interesting and entertaining fellow. Westrive to create a ‘fun’ atmosphere in which to do work like this. I want you to work hard but have a good timewhile you are here. A seventh side benefit – contacts; alliances. My “Dan Only” Trainings tend to bring out andbring together the most “top flight”, successful, interesting, adventurous – and in some cases, reclusive – GKICMembers, ‘Lifers”, and Private Clients. I am constantly told of new, profitable “matches” that occur at my specialTrainings.You’d Better Hurry…REGISTRATION IS CONCRETE-LIMITEDTO 187 PRIMARIES*:MY HOTEL OF CHOICE CAN ACCOMMODATE NO MORE& I REFUSE TO WORK ELSEWHERE It may seem strange. I want to be at home and sleep in my own bed, and it is expensive to moveme elsewhere to work because I only fly by private jet. I consider these earned entitlements. But thereare other hotels in Cleveland that can accommodate larger audiences. And we did turn away people fromlast year’s Dan-Only Trainings, and my suspicion is, we’ll sell this out even faster, close its doors, andbe saying “sorry” to 50, 60, maybe 70 people before it’s said and done. Why wouldn’t I “expand thewalls” and take in every possible dollar? Three reasons, that just may be instructive…1: The nature and quality of the experience provided to you – and, frankly, for me. I have long passed the point that“getting money” supercedes all other considerations. While I still have a high tolerance for pain, I strive not to need it. I wantto actually be excited about preparing for this, look forward to seeing and being with the people participating, and enjoydelivering the event – which requires it being the short commute from my home (and racetrack), at a facility where the entirestaff acts as MY team, and where we take over the whole place, where I can have everything exactly as I want it. This allowsme to craft and deliver the best possible experience for you. I would not accept offer to subjugate those considerations fortwice the money.2: The fact that I am not a greedy person. Even with the fee itself, my modus operandi is NOT to try charging the maximumamount I might be able to get. Instead, I calculate reasonable compensation and divide it, in this case, by 187, to set thelowest, discounted fee base. This may seem odd, but I have my reasons, and I’m even going to share this thinking in theoptional, extra Modus Operandi 3rd Day. Anyway, I am not – with this Academy – interested in quantity at all…..as is, forexample, GKIC with the SuperConferences, and rightfully so; those are, fundamentally, annual Member conventions. Thisis an advanced, intense Training not appropriate for everybody. In this case, it is for entrepreneurs with companies they areout to develop into $10-million, $20-million, $50-million, $100-million enterprises with sophisticated marketing and businessmodels, multiple and synergistic income streams, partners and alliances, almost certainly national or global reach (not localonly).3: The exceptional quality of and working relationship with THIS hotel team. I think of them as MY team. They are“locked” in my Concentric Circles of Capability. (CCC is, by the way, an important development strategy.) There was asaying: “Sinatra doesn’t move pianos.” Most people take that as arrogance; as being “too good” to get his hands dirty, or evendo anything for himself. No. It is a succinct explanation of something that was vital to his success. In order to consistentlyperform his most unique and valuable competencies, he had to have people he could absolutely rely on to take care ofeverything else. This is “Less Is More” or, as my friend Ron LeGrand puts it, “The Less I Do, The More I Make”, better said,“The Less Variety of Things I Do, The More I Make.”Anyway, there can’t be more than 187 primary registrants*. That’s out of ALL the GKIC Members, myother avid followers, and my clients. It’s the equivalent of one small wedge of cheese offered up to all thefield mice in the English countryside. And from the git-go, this number is reduced, as members of myTitanium Mastermind and my Private Clients are guaranteed priority. Because the cap is concrete, andIt’s the equivalent of one smallwedge of cheese offered up to all thefield mice in the English countryside.28 29Advanced Business Development Dan Kennedythe number small, the pricing must be relatively significant. I have decided that this year, at least the last27 positions will sell for the FULL RETAIL FEE or not be sold at all, but there will also be fee increasesby deadlines at least twice, maybe three times as we go along. Obviously, now, June of 2015 is a longway off. For committing** so early, you can snare the best discount, and first option of limitedday-before activities (uncertain at this time).*This cap is concrete. If you were with me last year or in previous years, you know the hotel’s main meeting room, lobby area wecommandeer, and dining room cannot be expanded. We stuff it to its edges. So this is no gimmick or made-up number. 187, done. **Earlyregistration is FINAL, and is NOT subject to cancellation, refund, transfer or re-sale.WHAT TO DO NOW:IF YOU ARE READY TO REGISTER:Complete and return the enclosed Early Registration Form by FAX to: 602-269-3113, or if paying by check, makeyour check payable to GKIC but route it and the completed Form through MY office at Kennedy Inner Circle Inc.,15433 N. Tatum Blvd. #104, Phoenix, Arizona 85014. You’ll get appropriate confirmations. I suggest FedEx, notmail. (We reserve the right to refuse any registration).IF YOU HAVE A SPECIFIC, UNANSWERED CONCERNOR REASON NOT TO ATTEND:I’m always curious about such things. I’ll see it, if you send it. If I have a response, you’ll hear from me. Same Fax#. Every once in a blue moon, I hear a question, challenge, complaint, etc. I really enjoy for its originality or otherreason – then you get a gift. You never know. Please keep in mind, 2nd, 3rd, 4th bites of this apple just won’t exist. It is essentially “now ornever” – with me, on these subjects, addressed at this level and in this way. I hope you’ll see that Advanced Business Development is for you!Best,Dan S. KennedyPS: Enclosed with this letter should be a separate insert about an OPTIONAL 3RD DAY with a different“reveal” – responding to constant questions and to specific survey requests.NOTE: There is an ‘odd’ schedule: The Business Development Academy will consume its first day,first evening for work, and end early on Day 2, at approximately 4:00 PM. The optional 3rd “ModusOperandi Day” actually starts that evening, from approx. 6:00 to 9:00, then continues on Day 3, from8:00 A.M. to approximately 3:30 PM. All these times are To Be Confirmed – well in advance of June2015.PPS: I never forget: it IS a privilege to work for you, like this. And a rare privilege at that, as veryfew sustain audience interest for as long as I have. I know I owe you my very best, most exhaustiveeffort. I respect the value of your time as I do mine. I appreciate that your proffer of fee is an expressionof trust. My goal is never to disappoint; always to over-deliver. To leave no significant stone unturnedin organizing and delivering the highest possible, actionable value. We have been suffering for the pasthandful of years with the opposite of this: a man who got twice elected President, twice trusted with theJob, but then turning out to be remarkably disinterested in doing the Job, and very obviously disdainfulof those who let him have it. That is NOT me. When I sign on, I do the work, as I will for this.30 31Advanced Business Development Dan KennedyA few questions and answers….Q: How different is this from the 2014 Advanced Wealth Academy?I spoke for 2 days about money. Now I’ll be speaking for two days about business. There is overlap, butwe’ll spend little time on it. This is for the entrepreneur. It is my take on why and how businesses growor wilt, thrive or stagnate or die, dominate a category or market or just be one of many. Expand. Marrydiversity with synergy. You’ll be getting a lot of what is typically discussed with my Private Clients –for which they invest no less than $18,800 per day, thousands per phone hour, or $30,000 and up for“bundled” days and phone coaching yearly packages. You’ll be let in, to see how I figure out winningstrategies for these clients.Q: How different is this from everything else?Everything can be summarized. My friend Les Roberts says you can skip reading How To Win Friends& Influence People and the other Dale Carnegie books – just don’t be an asshole. Do you need anythingmore from Christianity but those ten commandments fit on two stone tablets? It’s not just about theinformation and ideas, it’s about how you think about them. There can’t help but be carryover from allmy written and recorded works. I recently re-read the first book in the entire No B.S. series – No B.S.Business Success in the New Economy – and I impressed myself (!) with how much smart and importantstuff is packed into those pages. But this Training will be done at an advanced level. I’m incorporatingmore sophisticated and more detailed versions of my best strategies, which you may have encounteredelsewhere in simpler form. Maybe most important, my purpose is not to dispense information as muchas it is to provide you with insight, tools, questions, ways of devising business strategies as you needthem. A great deal here will be different, will be disclosures you haven’t heard before. Also, in this, I amentirely unfettered and generally not self-editing, which is not the case in other venues. Here, caution isto the wind.Q: Can I just wait and get it as an info-product?There will almost certainly be productization by GKIC at some point, maybe quickly, maybe not.Probably not in its entirety. At minimum, there are times I go “off mike” for disclosure or to candidlyanswer a question. More than that, there is the difficult to explain impact of the entire experience, theprovocation, the energy that is created only by being at this kind of Training. The exchange of ideas withother attendees and exhibitors is lost when you get only the information, later, in a box. The questionreminds me of Jim Rohn’s story of describing what the book Think And Grow Rich was all about to ahotel bellman, and encouraging him to go to a bookstore and get it. The bellhop said he’d wait until itcame out in paperback. If you think my Advanced Business Development could take you to the nextlevel as an entrepreneur, I can’t recommend waiting until it comes out as a product in a box.Q: Is the urgency to register now, real?The 187 limit is absolutely, actually concrete. Even as I am writing this, many of those positions arealready taken, with more taken each day. We turned away people in 2014 and I fully expect to turn awaylatecomers this year too. Further, when I say discounts disappear, they do. No exceptions. And, for thefirst time this year, I have pre-determined that the final 27 spots will be sold at full retail. My reputationabout all this is pristine. I never retreat, put out new, special promotions late, or magically expand mywalls.© 2015/Kennedy Inner Circle Inc. ALL Rights Reserved.Notes: (1) no warranties, express or implied, of any certainfinancial gains or of typical or average or common gains by othersare intended by this letter. Individual results vary and are utterlyunpredictable – that’s why they’re called individual results. (2)ENROLLMENT OPEN ONLY TO GKIC MEMBERS IN GOODSTANDING OR SELECT, BY-INVITATION VIP’S. These Trainingsare NOT offered or available to the general public. (3) TRAININGSARE SPONSORED BY GKIC. Registration Fees processed byGKIC; customer service for registered attendees from DanKennedy’s Office. You will receive Registration Confirmation fromMr. Kennedy’s office AND Credit Card Processing Confirmationsfrom GKIC. (4) IMPORTANT: Enrollment at Advance Discounts ISFINAL.THIS ILLUSTRATED MARKETING BOOKLET PRODUCEDBY KIA ARIAN | ZINE GRAPHICS & PRINTVisit www.InfoProductDesign.com for more information.Kia is exhibiting at the Academy and available for appointments.PRINTED IN THE USA BY CITYPRINTWRITTEN BY DAN S. KENNEDY


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