Brian Tracy – The 6-Figure Speaker

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Brian Tracy – The 6-Figure Speaker Virtual Training Course

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If you want to become a professional speaker, easily build your business, influence,
persuade, motivate, inspire, or capture the undying loyalty of your audience,
THIS is the easiest, fastest, and most powerful way to do it…

“Let Me Give You The Winning Secrets
Of A 6-Figure Speaker!”

I’m going to personally walk you through the ENTIRE PROCESS, of how you can become a powerful professional speaker and earn a great living doing it. I’ll share the very same strategies and tactics I have personally used to build a multi-million dollar business.

Just like you weren’t born knowing how to ride a bike, hit a baseball, or prepare a gourmet meal from scratch—you didn’t arrive in this world already knowing how to be a pubic speaker.

And neither did I. I had to learn it. Now YOU can too because…


Now you’ll short circuit the confusion and discouragement that comes from trying to figure it all out on your own, because I’ll be there to guide you every step of the way.

When I teach people this skill, they experience dramatic, positive changes in their lives and careers. I predict you will too, because now I have put all of my techniques into an exciting new digital training program.

The 6-Figure Speaker Virtual Training Course

Over the next two consecutive weeks, I will personally deliver the 6-Figure Speaker training through a sequence of online video modules. You’ll find the specific concepts in each video to be very easy to absorb and implement because I will clearly outline each step for you.

In addition, you will get action guides with each video training module, to further enhance your ability to fully integrate all of the strategies.

PLUS, I’m including FOUR additional FREE BONUS VIDEOS: “Effective Communication Signals”, so you can master eight hidden communication signals!

Here’s just a sampling of the winning strategies you’ll discover in The 6-Figure Speaker Course…


  • Day 1 Video: “Speaking Is A Learnable Skill”
  • The key one-word skill to unlocking ALL your future success. Once you learn how to quietly slip this into your speech, the sky is the limit. But you MUST promise to use this responsibly—it could be dangerous in the wrong hands.
  • The number one reason people fail as pubic speakers. It’s so simple, but even experienced speakers often overlook it. Once you have this “habit” in place, you’ll always deliver exactly what your audience needs.
  • The most essential ingredient you MUST know before you ever speak a word. Leave this crucial element out and you are bound to fall far short with your presentation.
  • Day 2 Video: “The 4D’s, 3 Elements of Persuasion, & 3 Components of Your Message”
  • The “4-D’s” that will give assure you deliver an A+ speech every time! This is the invincible titanium core to building your message and keeping your audience glued to every word.
  • Aristotle’s Secret to 3 almost magical components of persuasion. If you truly desire to excel as a public speaker, this is an ESSENTIAL element of your presentations.
  • Why the WORDS you speak only count for 7% of the power of your message! It’s been scientifically proven—and without the “triple threat of power” of these three components, your message will fall flat.
  • Day 3 Video: “Preparation In Advance & Knowing Your Audience”
  • The ONE thing ALL great speakers have in common. Pay attention to this, because this ONE thing determines 90% of your success as a public speaker.
  • The most essential thing to keep in mind for every speech you give. (HINT: Leave this out and your audience will either fall asleep or leave during your speech!) But keep it front and center and your audience will LOVE you for it.
  • The surprisingly simple 9-Point Blueprint for ALWAYS delivering a high quality speech. Follow these smart steps and you are guaranteed to ALWAYS come across as an expert to your audience.
  • Day 4 Video:“Powerful Preparation Methods”
  • The “Blank Sheet of Paper” method for nailing your speech every single time. No tech skills required for this one—and you’ll be amazed at the results!
  • The pinpoint PREP Formula for always being clear about every point of your presentation. You’ll use this insightful formula to easily organize every single key point in your talk.
  • How windshield wipers and circles add up to incredibly effective preparation for your presentation. Not only will you deliver a fantastic talk—your confidence will SOAR when you tap into these strategies.
  • Day 5 Video: “How to Get and Negotiate Speaking Engagements”
  • Where to find the best speaking opportunities. Your highest quality leads are in your audience. If you’re just starting out, you’ll learn which networking groups to attend and websites to visit, so you can book your next engagement.
  • The exact formula to book $100,000 in annual income as a speaker. Anyone can do this! Soon you’ll be increasing your speaking fees and know exactly how much to charge.
  • The secret to earning additional income at the event, on top of your speaking fees. Negotiate these opportunities with the contact who booked you and you could generate more money than the actual speaking fee.
  • Day 6 Video: “Overcoming Fear of Public Speaking”
  • The 3-Letter word that can instantly increase confidence and decrease fear. Once you have THIS clarified, you’ll discover your nervous jitters automatically start to fade away.
  • The comforting “7 x 7 x 7” method to quickly achieving calm confidence. Anyone can learn to do this instantly! You’ll literally change your state of mind every single time. It works!
  • Five easy “Fear Busters” that will help you banish nerves every time you give a speech. Don’t overlook these because you think they seem too easy to work. I do ALL of these every time I give a talk!
  • Day 7 Bonus Videos: “Eye Contact and The Flick” and “Head Tilts and Head Knods”
  • The skill of direct eye contact and how to practice it.
  • The #1 “must-know” technique for skilled communicators and how to practice it.
  • A simple but extremely effective trick for improved conversation engagement and active listening.
  • “Communication Charm” and 2 methods to improve it.


  • Day 8 Video: “4 Techniques For Building Confidence & Competence”
  • The THREE most powerful words for instantly boosting your confidence. Short circuit fear, multiply self-esteem, and send the jitters packing with this one!
  • How to SEE your way to a dynamic and riveting presentation. You don’t have to be a neuroscience expert to understand this…all you have to do is FEEL how it works!
  • How to “fool” your brain into propelling you to calm, confident clarity. Whether you are giving your 1st speech or your 50th—you will be able to achieve the unshakable inner confidence you need every single time.
  • Day 9 Video: “Vocal Techniques for Vocal Mastery”
  • How to use your voice to establish credibility, authority, and trust (without sounding like a Drill Sargent in the process!) Influence, power, and persuasion are all enhanced when you know how to use your voice. THIS is how you get there.
  • “Slow and steady wins the race.” Why slowing things down will speed up audience comprehension and embed your message more deeply.
  • When to “overdo it to do it well.” You just may find this strategy a LOT of fun, and a great stress reducer too! When and how to go BIG with how you deliver your message.
  • Day 10 Video: “The Power Of The Pause”
  • Can silence really be golden when it’s time to give a speech? Yes! Discover why strategic “pauses” in your presentation will multiply the power of your message.
  • How to magnetize your listener’s attention so they never “wander away” mentally during your talk. (HINT: The beauty of music is in the quiet places “in between”—use this strategy for “perfect harmony” with your presentation!)
  • How to instantly engage your audience more fully by saying something they already know. It’s true! Using this delightfully simple strategy can rivet your audience to your every word (even if they’ve heard it all before!)
  • Day 11 Video: “The Importance Of Your Close
  • Beginning with the end in mind. How to create an unforgettable ending for your speech that leaves a lasting and positive impression. (Don’t worry, it’s much easier than you might think!)
  • Why every talk you give should have a powerful call to action at the end. This is where you outdistance slick “fast talkers” and their irritating hard sell tactics. A well-crafted call to action can inspire, motivate, and transform. I’ll show you how to do it.
  • Why “stillness” is critical at the end of your speech. Discover how to gracefully but powerfully end your presentation without nervous fidgeting, confusion, or awkwardness.
  • Day 12 Video: “Mastering The Art of Public Speaking”
  • When things go wrong. How to learn from your mistakes and use them to come back stronger and more effectively than ever. (HINT: We’ve ALL fumbled the ball along the way—but it really can make you a better speaker if you do THIS!)
  • How to get a “Standing O” with your presentation. It may not happen overnight, but when you follow these specific steps, it WILL happen for you eventually. How cool is that? Very!
  • “How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Practice, practice, practice!” Why practice is the name of the game when it comes to delivering a killer speech, and how to do it effectively.
  • Day 13 Video: “How to Speak on Camera”
  • Video has become one of the most powerful marketing tools. Your goal as a speaker is to get your face, content and message in front of as many people as possible. Use video to do this!
  • Watch what you wear. The camera has a tendency to magnify flaws and mistakes – make sure you know the rules. For example, close knit patterns create optical illusions, white can be see through and red needs to be avoided at all costs. Find out why!
  • Know what you’re trying to achieve. It’s critical to structure your video according to your goal. Are you trying to persuade? Entertain? Inspire? Make sure your video and message is tailored accordingly.
  • Day 14 Bonus Videos: “Body Language to Use and Avoid” and and “Vocal and Verbal Reassurance
  • How to read your audience’s degree of interest through their body language.
  • The no-fail “Bull’s Eye” Method.
  • Body language that affects people negatively and how to avoid it.
  • How to become a charming conversationalist on any occasion.


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