Ben Adkins – Fearless Branding

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Ben Adkins – Fearless Branding

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With a clear value proposition, messages that speak to the deepest needs of your ideal clients and marketing materials that differentiate you from the competition — how much could your business grow?

Fearless Branding will build a strong marketing and sales foundation for your business. You’ll attract your ideal clients – and closing the right business will get easier.

The services outlined below work together to give you the tools you need to grow your business.



Brand Vision

Position your business precisely in the minds of your ideal clients

A comprehensive program consisting of research, brand positioning and vision setting that defines your business’s competitive advantage and how to communicate it.

Client Research

In-Depth interviews with clients, prospects and colleagues

Get inside their heads. Uncover opportunities. Improve your positioning, messages and sales approach.

Business Planning

Define your key issues, business objectives and strategies

A Fearless Brand is a powerful tool that helps you achieve your objectives more efficiently.


Marketing Plans

Adopt best practices for service firm marketing

Your marketing plan defines the strategies and content you need to develop and shows how you’ll use them. Includes budgets, timelines and accountability.

Foundational Marketing

Logos, taglines, websites and case studies

The core visual and verbal elements to powerfully and credibly present your value.


Brand and Business Coaching

A rigorous hybrid of coaching and consulting

The Fearless Branding coaching program efficiently delivers the help you need to grow your service firm or consulting practice. I’ll coach you to define your objectives and your competitive advantage. And when it’s time to get into marketing and sales action, I can guide you, do the work for you, or a combination of the two – whatever serves you best.  learn more


How to Build a Fearless Brand

Interactive workshops and keynotes

Learn how your service business or consulting practice can apply principles pioneered by the world’s great brands to create fierce customer loyalty, command premium prices and increase your client base with the clients that want your unique value.


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