Annielytics Dashboard Course

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Annielytics Dashboard Course

Price:  $685
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DIY Site Audit Template

Want to do a site audit for your website but can’t afford $5,000 to $20,000 to have a professional do it for you? My DIY template walks you through 156 checkpoints. You can steal buy it for $195. It contains boilerplate text that explains each of the 18 categories (and many of the individual issues), step-by-step instructions on how to perform a site audit, and tons of explainer graphics like the one below.

DIY Analytics Audit Template

If you’re using Google Analytics to measure your site’s performance, this analytics template is for you. In the many analytics audits I’ve performed, there are common issues I run into on a regular basis. I collected these, added detailed explanations of the issues (so that someone who’s new to Google Analytics could follow along), created step-by-step instructions with 80+ screenshots to aid understanding, and packaged them up into a a downloadable Word document. In all, there are 6 sections, 45 checkpoints, and 147 pages. This template, like the site audit template, will be updated regularly. You can purchase it for $195.

Dashboard Course

Learn to create sexy, automated dashboards in Excel using the Google Analytics API. (It’s not as scary as it sounds.) This is a comprehensive, 16-hour video course that also includes three Excel templates, an exercise file for the Excel portion of the course, and a 142-page workbook.

If you’re just interested in learning how to rock Google Analytics or Excel for marketers, you could just buy one of the mini courses at $95 each. Our most popular plan is the Lite course, which is priced at $295.

Total: $685 for 3 courses.


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