Wendi Friesen – Power of Persuasion

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Power of Persuasion Hypnotically Enhance Your Influence SkillsHypnotically create power and influence in everything you do. Master the skills of language patterns and words that help influence others to see your point of view. This method is great for business contacts, relationships, learning body language, mastering power and becoming adventurous and fearless. Find out how powerful hypnosis can be when you open your mind to see and observe with intuitive skills.

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4 CDs with 10 powerful sessions. This price is special for this new release and will not last long.Disk 1

Sphere of Influence: Create an aura of influence around you. Your energy field will radiate desire and confidence. Others will feel inspired and easily understand you. Persuasion Mastery: Develop hypnotic persuasion skills, in your voice, your manner and the way you deliver your message. Disk 2

Connection: Allows you to create a deep connection with anyone, even those difficult people. You will make the person feel at ease and comfortable in your presence. Language Patterns: Unconsciously learn patterns of speech that open minds to your way of thinking. Learn the phrases that make people feel agreeable rather than confrontational. Become an expert at using these words naturally!

Disk 3Anger into Power: Stay focused when you get angry, become effective, powerful and in control. Instead of losing your temper you will feel wiser, willing to listen, able to command respect and get your message heard.Reading Body Language: Learn to read people like a book, intuitively knowing what they are really thinking. You don’t have to learn how to read body language, you will master the intuitive ability to trust your subconscious mind when you are noticing the signals their face and body is sending.Disk 4Power Posture: Have great posture, stand up straight, head high, shoulders back! Express the power of posture and attitude. You will hypnotically create the posture of influence and mental toughness. Others will know that command attention and respect as a result of the way you walk, talk and move.Fearless Cold Calling: Love to cold call and knock on doors! Get excited about new prospects. You will become an enthusiastic expert at cold calls! Imagine having an excitement and joy for calling new prospects.Cold Call Genius State: Absorb the skills of someone you know who is an expert at cold calls. Develop the inner attitude that they have mastered to move you forward in your career. It is like putting yourself inside their mind and learning from a heightened state. Your mind will instinctively learn and adapt these qualities.Instant Focus and Drive: Put yourself in a power state of focus in just one minute. Imagine having a trigger

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