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I’ve just purcharge this hope you guy enjoy!The Master Hypnosis Home Study Program is a proven learning system created by Wayne F. Perkins, a working hypnotist who has helped students in over 70 countries for more than 30 years!You get to take your time and learn at your own pace! Do you want to become a hypnotist the quick and easy way? Do you want to learn the secrets of the mind?

Would you like to prepare for a career in hypnosis, stage hypnosis and hypnotherapy using a proven method? OrAre you just looking to learn hypnosis for your own private purposes without the pressure and hassle of being Certified?

Now you can take the exclusive Master Hypnosis Home Study Program by Wayne F. Perkins, Master Hypnotist Trainer.Learn by listening to Wayne F. Perkins and practicing on clients based on Wayne’s step by step approach to hypnosis. You learn in the convenience and safety of your home! Can I Have A Sample on how Wayne teaches?Click on the play button below to hear Wayne help you learn you one aspect of hypnosis, Age Regression and Past Life Therapy. This is a one hour hypnosis training recording you can hear now in “Flash” format. When you purchase the program you will receive this recording as a small part of your hypnosis home study program in either mp3 format or in CD format if you order option B. “My hypnotism business is goingvery well. I have had to turn down three gigs for company

Christmas parties, and I am alreadybooked full for next year’s post prom party season.”I have gained confidence with every show, and now feel thatI can handle most any situation or venue.” “Word of mouthfrom successful shows has expanded my customer base andgeographic territory.” I am now getting the bigger schoolsand corporate events in the area.”Thanks again for giving me the confidence to follow throughon my dream.”Sincerely, Mark Maruska, from MinnesotaWhat does the Master Hypnosis Home Study Program teach me?

You learn:How to Hypnotize Other PeopleThe Dangers of Hypnosis and How to Keep Your Client Free from DangerHow to Create Your Own Hypnotic InductionsHow to Get the Best Results for Your Clients and VolunteersHow to Create and Deliver Age Regression and Past Life Therapy SessionsHow to Charge for Your Hypnosis ServicesHow to Deepen the Hypnotic Condition

How to Hypnotize People On StageHow to Find Out What is Holding You Back from Your GoalsHow to Create Your Own Entertaining Hypnosis Show for Parties and High SchoolsHow to Create A Proven Hypnosis Entertaining Show for CollegesHow to Market Your Stage Program to High Schools and CollegesHow to Help People Reduce Pain and Eliminate Stress

What if I have questions about the course as I am listening to it?

You can send Wayne Perkins email anytime while you are taking the course and he will respond within 24 hours In addition to the audio program you receive important bonuses listed below: Testimonials

From Mike Coster, Aukland New Zealand”Thanks so much for your course, which I would recommend to anyone,and for your always timely , friendly, and useful advice and help

throughout.”If you ever tour New Zealand , please do look me up.”Mike Coster

From Terry Manning, DeKalb, Illinois, USI loved this program. Your training is easy to follow and it works! I will be taking your one-on-one workshop very soon! Thank you again, Terry

Important Bonuses When You Order Today

When you order today your receive:

Bonus #1: Stage Hypnotism E-book and 2 Hours of Stage Training Recordings $200.00 ValueLearn how to put on shows for parties, high schools and collegesLearn how to use rapid inductions and instantaneous hypnosis in your shows

Bonus #2: Self-hypnosis Training 5 hours worth of recordings $120.00 Value Learn how to hypnotize yourself to achieve all of your personal goalsTeach self-hypnosis to your loved ones so they can achieve all of their goals.

Bonus #3: Weight Control for Life Hypnosis Audio Training a $50.00 ValueListen to this recording each day and control your weightHave your loved ones listen to this recording to lead happier and healthier lives

Bonus #4: Build Your Business with Hypnosis Audio Training a $50.00 Value Learn simple ways to overcome call reluctanceLearn how to overcome anxiety in business

Bonus #5: Hypnosis for Better Test Scores Hypnosis Audio Training a $20.00 ValueHelp yourself and help others achieve better test scores today!Reduce stress associated with taking tests and learning new things

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