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Revealed: HOT NEW Next-Gen Technology PROVEN to Quadruple Profits! Put Traffic on Steroids & Slash Expenses Dramatically Today!

  • Viral traffic & list building WITHOUT paid advertising
  • World’s FIRST all-in-one traffic-driving, conversion boosting and CASH collecting software
  • One-click campaigns get OTHERS to sell your products & build your list
  • Buyer psychology meets technology for long term passive profits in ANY niche

Viral Traffic & Conversions
In 3 Simple Steps

The Easiest Win-Win
In Marketing

Child gets what he or she wants. You get something in return. Everybody wins.
That’s not just human psychology in action … it’s marketing in its purest form.
Here are just SOME companies that use “incentive-based” marketing to build their business:

Traffic: NOT As Easy As They Say It Is

There’s a lot of guessing involved. Where are your best prospects hanging out? You can consider Facebook, InstaGram, YouTube, Pinterest or dozens of other social networks … then take your best shot.

For fastest results, paid ads are the way to go. Just be willing to pay whatever the networks feel like charging you.

The EXPENSIVE Traffic Gamble:
Guess, Pay, Hope?

From movies & restaurants to toys & cars, referral marketing is hands down THE best way to drive traffic.

Once we motivate prospects to refer OUR offers, they literally build our lists and generate sales FOR US.

There’s just one more magic trick to buyer psychology:

Playing The CONTROL Game
To Win

Every prospect wants to be in control. To have options. You’re offering something of value, and want something in return.

To get more of what you want, you need to give people CHOICES of how to get what they want. Proven psychology. Faced with just one choice, most prospects won’t act.

Faced with multiple choices? More will choose to take positive action.

Classic Marketing Fails

To master traffic & conversions … while getting OTHERS to build our business …
We need to look at the tools available to do the job.

First up, the standard squeeze page:

Next, traditional content lockers. Commonly used form of incentive marketing to generate sales:

Traffic & Conversion Tools:


Is a common traffic strategy. But unless you’re an expert or can afford to hire one, good luck getting consistent top rankings. And it’s almost impossible to stay ahead of the search engine updates & competition.


Get a lot of attention. While these methods can work, they involve either a LOT of time, a full time social media manager, multiple paid tools and/or an outsourcing budget.


Each can be effective, but to use them you need to add even more tools to your collection.


Has the potential to both drive traffic AND improve conversions. But only if you’re able to encourage viewers to watch your entire message.

That’s A Whole Lot Of Software
For VERY Questionable Results

We’ve used ALL of the above tools in our businesses. But lately the results just haven’t been there.

Bottom line? In today’s world of fierce competition and an
online audience that ignores most marketing tactics, you need:

  • A massive ad budget just to stay competitive
  • Multiple paid tools to both drive traffic & conversions
  • A minimum of 8 hours per day or the cash to outsource

With this tech, you can achieve similar results within HOURS of setting up your first campaign.

Ever since we’ve put this into action, we’ve tripled our results. While slashing our expenses and effort – because OTHER people are driving leads & profits FOR us.

Don’t Want To Pay For Ads?Or Limit Yourself
To One Platform?

You no longer have to. Forget inflated ad costs and picking and choosing from multiple networks. Just promote ONCE, then let your prospects spread the word FOR you..

The Viral Traffic & Conversion Machine

We wanted to see just how far word-of-mouth advertising could go. Took the best ideas from existing tools, made them even better …
and developed a brand new technology that takes online marketing to new levels.

We had HIGH DEMANDS for the software, so had to be sure it could do the following:

  • Allow anyone, regardless of experience, to set up viral traffic & lead generation campaigns in minutes
  • Eliminate COMPLETELY the need for paid advertising
  • Leverage the massive growth of social media to drive profits for online marketers in ANY niche

Sale Page : viralpaysoft.com/oto1/


Exploit YOUR Visitors’ Competitive Sides For Viral List-Building And Faster Profits

  • Tap into your visitors competitive nature for server scorching traffic
  • Gain repeat visitors to your sites
  • Goes hand in hand with social media & email marketing for instant FREE traffic

Give YOUR Visitors The Competition They Crave – For The Epic Traffic YOU Need

While VPS is a complete traffic generating tool on its own with amazing features like micropayments, content lockers, exit popups and more . . . still . . .

How would you like to get even faster results by creating some friendly competition among your visitors?

And at the same time, this competition creates a perfect storm of viral traffic for YOU. . . Right now, we’re going to give you the opportunity to add two advanced features to VPS. They will both give you a very unfair traffic advantage over your competition by encouraging your visitors’ competitive natures.
Read on to discover how YOU can cash in on the human craving for bragging rights…

Create AViral Traffic Frenzy By Creating A Giveaway Event

You may have wanted to run giveaway contests for your visitors in the past . . .
Then realized what a huge hassle it would be. Requiring visitors to share your content in order to get an entry produces a tracking nightmare! You don’t want to spend your days tracking how many entries have met your sharing requirements . . . or even worse, trying to decide on the eventual winner. Giveaways ARE a fantastic way of generating buzz and excitement – which creates loyal visitors and subscribers for you.

Now you’ll have opportunity to create exciting giveaways for your visitors – without the hassle of tracking.

Getting swarms of viral traffic is as simple as setting up a giveaway contest. Set a minimum number of shares for your visitors to enter. When your visitors meet the requirement, they get points. With every additional share, they increase their chances of winning. And because they want to win, they share even more. Which brings YOU more traffic! The beauty of it all is . . . You don’t have to lift a finger to keep track of the number of points entrants have collected. VPS Accelerator handles all of the tracking for you. VPS Accelerator makes sure only the entrants who have completed the minimum number of shares you’ve required are considered for a prize. And here’s another huge benefit.

VPS Accelerator completely randomizes winner selection. Simply click and VPS Accelerator selects the winner for you in seconds. It’s completely random, which helps fulfills legal requirements for this type of contest.

Tip: run weekly or monthly giveaways to get repeat visitors to your website.

We’ve still got another cool addition to VPS to grab more traffic than you can handle.

Live Leaderboards: Bragging Rights Bring
YOU A Traffic Bonanza

Who doesn’t like to see themselves sitting at the top of a leaderboard?
So, why not feature a leaderboard where your visitors can track their progress . . . and get bragging rights over their friends?
While unleashing their competitive side for server crushing traffic to your websites.

It works like this:

  • Create a contest where the winner is the person who shares your content the most number of times.
  • Watch as your visitors compete with each to get to the top of the leaderboard (they can’t help it!)
  • Enjoy your soaring number of sales and subscribers as your visitors’ sharing drives waves of viral traffic back to your website
  • You get all the FREE traffic you can handle for ultra-fast list building and sales beyond your wildest dreams

This is only the start of your psychological bag of traffic tricks with VPS Accelerator though.

Here Are 2 EASY Ways To Get Traffic With VPS Accelerator. .

Do you have existing Facebook and/or Instagram pages? Then you have a PERFECT foundation to get viral traffic with VPS Accelerator.
Announce a giveaway on your Page . . . then sit back and watch as YOUR Fans send you INSTANT traffic. . .

Which just keeps snowballing as they share with friends to gain an entry.

Next, send your Fans to your Leaderboard and watch the competition heat up even faster!
And the giveaway feature also goes hand-in-hand with email marketing . . . simply send off an email to your subscribers about your giveaway . . .

And watch your traffic stats go through the roof with viral shares!

VPS Accelerator is a perfect addition to your traffic toolbox – whether you’re a blogger, CPA or affiliate marketer, product creator, or an email or social media marketer.

This Is YOUR ‘Paid Traffic Slayer’…

Why pay for traffic when you can send swarms of viral traffic to your offers whenever you want?

How would you like to get even faster results by creating some friendly competition among your visitors?

To get paid traffic to pay off, you’ve got to spend days in testing and optimizing.

Now with VPS Accelerator, you can generate MASSIVE traffic almost instantly without going through the hassles of testing. . . not to mention the expense involved!

You’ll gain the ability to use giveaways to entice your subscribers and FanPage members to make REPEAT visits to your site . . .

And be able to cash in on the excitement and bragging rights a leaderboard creates.

Your traffic will begin to snowball fast as more and more visitors share your content.

Who doesn’t want a chance to compete for prizes and full bragging rights?

Before you know it, you’ll have server-melting viral traffic delivered up on a silver platter . . . without spending a single dime in ads.

We’re Guiding You All The Way

We’re also providing FULL training on how to get subscribers and sales with these advanced features. You’ll be able to set up your leaderboards and giveaways in just minutes following our simple step-by-step instructions.

And if you get stuck at any point, our amazing support team will be standing by to help and get you back on the right track.

Viral traffic can be YOURS just minutes from now.

An Incredible Value
For Much Less Than You’d Expect

You’re about to be VERY pleasantly surprised by how little you’ll pay today for VPS Accelerator advanced features. One popular giveaway software is only sold through a monthly subscription . . . and we’re offering up special LIFETIME pricing on the Accelerator. First though, we’re going to remove an obstacle which may be holding you back from purchasing . . . You want to make sure this software is right for your business before you invest. We get it. That’s why the risk is completely on us. We want to make sure you’re fully satisfied with VPS Accelerator.

Your purchase today is 100% risk-free.

Sale Page : viralpaysoft.com/oto2/


Plug & Play YOUR Way To FAST Profits . . .
With TESTED, Done-For-You VPS Themes

  • Proven, ‘DFY’ themes save YOU tons of time
  • Pre-tested – plug & play profit makers
  • Discover what’s working now…to create your own killer campaigns!

Instantly Improve YOUR ‘Batting Average’

In the game of baseball, a player who hits safely 3 times out of 10 has a respectable batting average.

In the game of business hitting .300 isn’t acceptable.

You have expenses to meet and perhaps a family to feed. Creating failing campaigns 7 times out of 10 isn’t an option if you want to stay in business for long.
So how can you ensure you create successful campaigns EVERY single time (without wasting ANY time and money on testing?)
You let someone else do the hard work of testing for you . . . and we’re about to give you that very opportunity.

10 FRESH Proven-To-Work Themes Delivered Monthly

Especially if you’re a solopreneur (as so many of us are) it’s critical to shave as much time as possible off setting up your campaigns.

Now you could decide to hire an expensive virtual assistant to help.
However, it’s way too common for VAs to disappear into the night.

So you’ll still be faced with creating and testing new campaigns on your own.
Instead, why not save yourself a lot of hard work and spare yourself the hassle of a VA?

Our team will deliver up 10 red-hot themes we’ve personally tested so you can save time and money.

Each theme is a PROVEN-to-convert winner.

Simply ‘plug and play’ the themes as you see fit. No testing or complicated setup required. Set the themes up in minutes. Sit back and watch as your servers are flooded with a HUGE firehose of FREE traffic almost instantly.

No testing or hassles required.

A Taste Of The ‘D-F-Y’ Themes You’ll Receive

We do all the hard work for you.

Every single one of these themes has been thoroughly tested for maximum conversions. Only those themes making the cut will be included in your monthly theme packs.
Grow your email list overnight with these themes. Watch your PayPal account blow up with sales driven via VPS viral traffic.

Here are some samples of the beautiful themes you’ll receive monthly:
[Samples of Themes here. List the types and show graphics beside each one.]
Now that we’ve given you a glimpse of what you’ll be receiving each and every month… we have to ask…
what price would you pay to know in advance your campaigns WILL convert?

Perfect Campaigns Without Doing ANY Testing…

Even if you’re an experienced marketer, and already have a very good idea of how to create a profit pulling campaign… they’re still very time-consuming to setup and test.

Not to mention, you have to fork out cash to test if you’ve hit the right notes with your offer.
And if you’re not an experienced marketer, you could easily spend hours, or even entire days trying to figure out which elements to include in your VPS campaigns.

So these profit pulling Done-For-You themes give marketers of all levels of experience a clear time and money saving advantage…As well as levels the playing field for less experienced marketers.
Both experienced and inexperienced marketers will be able to get server-melting campaigns up and running in minutes.

And even better yet…

You’ll Never Be Short Of Ideas
To Create Unique Campaigns

There’s a reason why marketing experts tell you to ‘steal like an artist.’ What they mean by this is to study top campaigns – then adapt them to your own niches and customer base. And that’s why getting these proven-to-convert themes gives you a big ‘leg up’ over your competition . . . even over other buyers of VPS who elect to pass on this incredible opportunity.

You can see what’s working now then create your own killer campaigns using similar elements.

The good news is, when we reveal the low price for these TESTED themes your jaw will drop. First though, we want to reassure you that your purchase of these themes today is backed by a full money-back guarantee.


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