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 Adskills – Conversion Tracking Masters


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Now You Can Unlock Trapped Sales With These Step-By-Step Videos

And Doing So With The World’s Most Powerful… and Free… Tracking Tool

Yes! I’m ready to END my days of being a basic tracker and eliminate all confusion I have about setting up advanced tracking. I’m excited to feel confident and proud of my marketing analytics. Give me the repeatable process I can use to track my entire funnel, unlock trapped sales, make my peers jealous of my genius, and follow the money down to the specific keyword, blog post, or email.

What You’re Getting: 76 in-depth training videos, guaranteed to make you a tracking master in easy to understand step-by-step instruction by a former Google employee.

Now You Can Unlock Trapped Sales With These Step-By-Step Videos

CLEAN UP YOUR DIRTY DATA: The first thing you’re about to do is clear your analytics of all the bot traffic, referral spam, and bad data that clutter your reports and lead you astray. Imagine logging into your dashboard and seeing the highest profits you’ve ever realized and with data you know you can trust to be accurate.

FOLLOW THE MONEY: Most marketers only track what’s costing them money, not what’s making them money. You’re now going to be able to see which keyword, which blog post, which email makes you the most money. Forget pinching pennies, you’ll now be able to optimize for earnings which is the key to scaling ad campaigns and unlocking hidden profits

PREDICT WHEN CUSTOMERS WILL CONVERT: How can you predict when a website visitor is going to convert… and when they aren’t? Using your new conversion tracking skills, you’ll be one of those rare media buying masters who knows how to “spy” on your website visitors and predict when they’ll convert before they know it themselves. Then…you’ll learn how to use that newfound information to dial in your campaigns for greater scale and ROI.

You’ll know how to use custom event tracking to measure advanced metrics like button clicks (ideal for “Add to Cart” buttons), scroll depth (helpful for optimizing long sales pages), time on page (essential for improving VSLs), and more. You’ll also learn the secrets of John’s “Pixel Funnel Tracking,” an advanced tracking & optimization technique you’ll use to help squeeze unseen profit from your funnel.

(NOTE: This is the advanced stuff that silicon valley guys are doing enabling hyper-growth companies like AirBNB, Uber, and Dropbox)

EASILY TRACK ACROSS ANY DEVICE, TOOL, OR NETWORK: Not a techie? Not a problem. No matter how complicated your funnel is—no matter how many marketing tools, platforms, domains, or custom events you need to track—nothing will stand in your way. You’ll know how to handle any conversion tracking situation, so you’ll never have another gap in your data. John makes your frankenstein funnel easy and enjoyable to track.

COMPLETE FUNNEL TRACKING: Now you’ll be able to visualize your sales funnel at every step and extract maximum value from your visitors. You’ll see your average order value, cart abandonment rate, upsell take rate, earnings per visitor, and more. All of the critical metrics big companies use, will now be a piece of cake for you to set up. So easy, that you’ll be able to pull out your phone and in two clicks show anyone exactly how profitable each step of your funnel is today.

REAL LIFE CASE STUDIES OF HOW TO SCALE: Now that you’ve configured your analytics like a pro, you’ll start to use that data to optimize every touch point of your marketing and generate new sales you previously couldn’t reach. You’ll learn how to accurately determine your conversion window… and how to use this critical data to maximize your ROI from remarketing campaigns. Finally, you’ll also learn how to leverage both “top of funnel” analytics (so you can get more quick sales immediately) and “bottom of funnel” data (to improve your customer lifetime value and maximize overall profit).


ZOMBIE BOT BLOCKING TUTORIAL: You probably know about bots that show up as fake traffic, but are you aware that bots can also now show up as fake conversions. Ever notice a difference in how many conversions you see in Facebook or Google vs. your own shopping cart? Then YOU’VE GOT ZOMBIE BOTS! If they are clever enough to create millions of fake Facebook accounts, they are clever enough to give you a fake email. YOU are in luck though, because we’ve thrown in a bonus tutorial to rid yourself of these pesky digital vermin.

ACCESS TO OUR PRIVATE SLACK GROUP: You’re going to have questions, obviously. Our slack group makes it easy AND FAST to get your questions answered. Just download the mobile Slack app and now you’ve got an expert in your pocket. Whenever you have a question, just pull out your phone, open the Slack app, and ask your question. It’s like being able to text message a pro media buyer whenever you are in need. Answers come in fast too, because with Slack you can “tag” a person to notify them.

If you’re not familiar with Slack, you’re going to love it. Slack is far superior to Facebook groups because we have separate sections for different topics, it’s searchable, and there’s Slackbots. Our Slack group is filled with members of all ranges of skill, from newbies to multi-millionaires.

I know of at least 3 multi-millionaires who regularly participate in the group to help answer questions. There’s also guys with skills in other areas like coding, design, and more. What’s it worth to you to have millionaires and ad experts quickly reachable?

BAD DOMAIN BLACKLIST FOR AD NETWORKS: Imagine you had a crystal ball, and could predict every low converting placement on Google, Taboola, Outbrain, and other ad networks. If you could do that, your ROI would be the envy of all your friends. Well, I don’t have a crystal ball, but I do have 65,500 known bad domains you can instantly filter from your campaigns. If I charged $500 for just this document it would be worth your money, but you’re getting this document PLUS the masters course.

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    A fantastic resource for beginners. Easy to follow and very informative.

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