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Perry Marshall – Rosetta Stone Seminar

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The Master Formula for Adding Zeros

I have guided thousands of entrepreneurs to six figures; hundreds to seven figures and beyond. Today, a handful are worth a billion.

Whether you desire to earn $400,000 a year strictly on your own terms, or if you prefer to join the ranks of the wealthiest entrepreneurs in the world, I’m delivering the world’s first Zero-to-Billion equity business strategy. May 8-10, 2018

Even the greatest marketer in the world now submits to the Equity Strategist.

YES, the Equity Strategist must thoroughly grasp marketing. But the Equity Strategist commands so much more.

Maybe you’re content just being the second highest paid person in the firm.

But don’t forget:

  • #1 Enjoys the freedom; #2 is a slave
  • #1 Takes home 2-10X more money than #2
  • #1 Keeps 75-95% of the wealth; #2 fights over the scraps

The world is not 80/20 anymore, it’s 95/5. 5% of the people attain 95% of the wealth. Once upon a time, #2 could still walk away with 20%. Now #2 is lucky to take home 5%. Probably 2% or zero.

Five Steps to Ruling Your Kingdom:

  1. Marketing
  2. Equity
  3. Scale
  4. Moat
  5. Castle

Marketing is essential. You’ll never rule anything without a thorough knowledge of marketing. But it’s not enough anymore. And until you have a clear, simple, elegant road map to the big levers, you will be mired in a sprawling swamp-bog of complexity. Most marketing education stops here. It’s not enough.

Equity is mandatory. There are three kinds of equity: I) Cash Equity: You set aside enough money to invest in assets that throw off cash. II) 80/20 Lifestyle Equity: When you don’t have equity (i.e. baseball player or oil painter) but you do have other forms of leverage. III) Business Systems Equity: You build a business you can sell. Rosetta Stone is about getting Business Systems Equity – even if you’re in a type #I or #II business right now.

Scale is the hardest step. It’s also the step that looks the easiest! In nearly any industry it’s easy to scoop up 1% market share. Even if you’re a bit player, there’s low hanging fruit you can shake off somewhere. But… getting 10%, 20%, 30% of the market – everyone makes it sound easy but it’s very hard.

Moat is the most rare. Nothing determines the value of your equity more than your moat.

95-99% of businesses don’t have a moat. The world’s greatest moat is Network Effect. Network Effect is when Ebay has buyers, which attracts more sellers, who attract more buyers. Ebay might seem stodgy in 2018, but it’s more immune to attack than the presidential palace in North Korea. You could spend $100 billion and you’d still never get Ebay’s buyers and sellers to switch to a new auction site. And that’s the kind of moat you need. The problem is, nobody has worked out a formula for regular businesses to attain Network Effect. Before now.

3000 years ago, Solomon said build your barn before you build your house. And I say: build your moat before you build your castle!

Rosetta Stone is Network Effect for Everyman.

Castle is your personal financial protection. It’s your autonomy and freedom. It’s immunity from confiscatory tax laws. It’s your capacity to rule as a Wise King. It’s the fortress that enables you do to the things you care about. Superstars of Planet Perry like Clate Mask and Ed Harycki, Mark Ingles and Bill Seagraves; programmer Monica Snyder, dog trainer Susan Garrett and tennis champion Florian Meier, are not only accomplishing what they want financially, but their lifestyles support their personal priorities and deep convictions.

Rosetta Stone is the first training to integrate all five, delivering not only an A-Z road map to the most powerful marketing strategies in the world but giving you OWNERSHIP, SCALE and PROTECTION – so ten years from now you’re no longer huffing and puffing trying to make that hamster wheel spin.

Entrepreneurship used to be about sales and marketing.
Now it’s about EQUITY.

It is for this reason that on May 8-10 I’m conducting a private seminar. 80-90% will be me, with only a very few select other guests or presenters. I’ve never done this before.

This is vital and essential because I’ve reached a new synthesis of both existing and new tools and strategies. New synthesis mandates new identity.

Whether you’re InfusionSoft hiring young Perry Marshall, or whether you’re young Perry Marshall trying to climb on board with InfusionSoft, this is how you create a consulting agreement that gives you equity. (I did get equity in InfusionSoft.) And the seminar is actually for both parties.

My FIRST Equity Adventure

Twenty years ago, I went to work as an employee at a small hardware and software design firm, Synergetic Micro Systems. Synergetic was struggling to migrate from hand-to-mouth product development “job shop” to full-fledged product manufacturer.

One year into the deal, I got “phantom shares.” Stock options.

I grew my tiny corner of that business from $200,000 to $4 million, and with the advent of our chip (which re-defined the company, as it was a Proposition Simplifier) we became ripe targets for acquisition.

Four years after I started that job, Synergetic got sold to Lantronix Inc. for $18 million.

I walked out that door with $268,000 USD in stock options. That was a landmark event in my life. It swung a wide-open door to all I’ve done since.

Had I not gotten that deal, I would not be here today talking to you.

Don’t forget: I was as important to them as they were to me. I gave that job my full heart, soul, and passion, because they gave me every reason to. The company was gunning for a big Exit Event and everyone was on board. The owners re-engineered the whole company with the Exit Event in mind.

It’s not like I didn’t have reasons to despair. There were all kinds of problems and I almost quit several times. I almost got fired too. But the incentive to persevere was huge.

I built sales funnels, a distribution and rep channel, wrote magazine articles, got publicity in trade journals, applied myself with conscientiousness and dedication. Went to seminars, educated myself in every way conceivable, subscribed to newsletters, hung out on discussion boards, was a bona fide marketing maniac 24/7. Bought recordings and read books voraciously. Cashed in my info product consulting coupons to solve problems in my sales job.

Without a “go to guy” like me, that company would have floundered and never achieved its zenith.

If you’re a founder or CEO, you need to find people like that. People who become assets that help you transform your business into the kind of star that either (1) gets sold for a large sum of money (so you have an exit); or (2) you design your company so family members can take over; or (3) structure your company so it channels enough dough into the bank that you earn your freedom.

If you’re a consultant, you need to use your passion, wisdom and expertise to purchase the same kind of lottery ticket I bought at Synergetic. You need to become the Master Strategist.

Rosetta Stone is the singular event that brings both groups together under one roof. Yes, so founders and consultants can meet each other. But most importantly because whether you’re a founder / CEO or a hired gun, you need to possess the Master Strategy. You want the capacity to handle ANYTHING that comes your way.

Oh, and by the way, Synergetic eventually achieved Network Effect too. It wasn’t Uber-style Network Effect. It was an ‘everyman’ version. But it was enough to fend off competitors and become a valuable asset and even in the cutthroat technology scene, the chip we developed is still sold today, 16 years later.

Three Days of Intense Perry Delivery

The Rosetta Stone Seminar will deliver three days of concentrated discovery and interaction, integrating and simplifying my sixteen years of consulting, authoring, teaching and strategy.

All other seminars I’ve hosted have either been small workshops with hot seats, or team efforts featuring multiple presenters and experts. I’ve not held any other large-format seminar where I delivered more than six hours of material myself.

At Star Seminar in 2014, Richard Koch did most of the presenting. In Marina Del Ray California the following year, I had many guests covering a wide range of topics. The fabled AdWords seminars in Maui Hawaii featured many speakers. The Rainmaker seminar for consultants had many speakers.

Roundtable meetings are more member content than Perry content. Only in the Influential Writing workshop in 2013 (twelve in attendance) did I give the majority of presentations across two days. There, the topic was extremely narrow.

This is nothing less than the definitive strategic marketing synthesis. An Operating System. The next level for people who already know the ABCs of marketing and who also know that what got you here won’t get you there.

It’s the zero-to-billion action plan.

Whether you simply desire to earn $400,000 a year strictly on your own terms, or if you prefer to join the ranks of the wealthiest entrepreneurs in the world, I’m delivering the world’s first Zero-to-Billion business strategy. May 8-10, 2018.

The Rosetta Stone seminar is utterly unique. I named this after the Egyptian Rosetta Stone, discovered in 1799. This discovery was a MAJOR leap forward, bridging Egyptian, Greek and Coptic cultures and understanding three major languages. It converted HUGE fragments of ancient history, harmonizing discordant time lines, shedding brilliant light on ancient languages, unraveling cultural mysteries and bringing the story of mankind into alignment.

The idea of a “Rosetta Stone” is to be able to set three different languages side by side and be able to decipher what all of them mean.

The Rosetta Stone seminar integrates Traffic, Conversion and Economics (marketing) with the Master 80/20 Toolkit (including strategies for market domination, simplification and fast growth) and the Self-Sustaining Network Maneuver, which is the most adroit moat you can put around any business.

Rosetta Stone is THE definitive marketing education. Master Strategy. It leaps beyond mere marketing to encompass all of the major strategies that are creating million- and billion-dollar businesses in the 21st century.


What’s NEW in Rosetta Stone?

  1. The ability to walk into any business and instantly see how to add a zero. Maybe two or three zeros.
  2. Immediate ability to rule out businesses where adding zeros is impossible.
  3. A method for revealing the exact bottleneck standing in the way of more zeros.
  4. A road map to the exact tools, processes and strategies that add the zeros. (Half have never been seen by most Planet Perry members, and at no time have I ever explained how to put them all together.)
  5. If you’re a CEO, a model for locating key consultants and employees and giving them “golden handcuffs”.
  6. If you’re a consultant, a model for qualifying clients and taking equity in companies.
  7. A structure for ending consultant or client relationships that aren’t working.
  8. A model for sharing equity that’s fair to all and ensures you get paid.
  9. The master formula for Self-Sustaining Network, which is the strongest moat you can build around any castle.

There is no neutrality. Whatever business you’re in, you need to own a network. And when I say “own” I mean real equity.

  • Mark McShurley, member of my US Roundtable, has discovered a surprisingly effortless form of Network Effect that already has given him a substantial edge over local competitors. He has gone from desperately struggling to admirably successful and double-digit growth in two years.
  • Yesterday, British Roundtable Member John Brudenell-Leach and I discussed a way that he can merge two of his web properties together in a way that will provide an exponentially strong protection against competitors.
  • This week, Swedish Roundtable Member Sylvia Oppenheim discovered she already has the basis of a fortress, fully functioning as a “basement” in her business. In the next 12-18 months she will emerge as the leader, a Network-protected force in a market that’s still sorting itself out. By the time others realize what she’s done, it will be too late for them to react.

Network Effect is not just for Silicon Valley. For the first time now, it’s also for mere mortals. This will be the Definitive guide to Network Effect. I’ve never seen such a thing anywhere else.

There are eight steps to total market domination, to attaining the respect of your peers and total career satisfaction:

  1. Use Renaissance Timeto gain discernment and clarity.
  2. Make 3x more profitwith an “Espresso Machine”.
  3. Earn $1,000 per hour at least 1 hour a daywith 80/20 Time.
  4. Make your product irresistibleby Simplifying.
  5. Carve out a niche where you’re the undisputed #1via Star Principle.
  6. Build a network that becomes competition-proof as it grows.
  7. Get equity & enjoy passive income.
  8. Enjoy freedom to create and inventevery single day.

This is Perry’s “eightfold way” sort of like the eightfold path Buddhists follow. How do YOU score on these items?

Wanna know how most people score on these items?

  • 5% actually do Renaissance Time every day.
  • Many DO apply the Espresso Machine principle. (Most who do, grant themselves an overnight raise of 10-25%.)
  • Most people at least understand the conceptof 80/20 time and making $1,000/hour. Most have difficulty carrying it through to completion. Few actually make $1000/hour.
  • Less than 2% create a Simplifying product. (Harder than it sounds. During the last year I’ve made great strides making it easier.)
  • Only 5% build Star businesses (also a lot harder than it looks).
  • Almost NOBODY knows how to build a competition-free moat around their business. Most people who think they own their business, don’t – because ownership is about control and immunity from disasterand most owners have neither.
  • Less than 5% get real equity. They’re sharecroppers and hourly contractors.
  • Very few achieve the freedom to create and re-invent.

These dismal results speak for themselves. Despite the fact that most people reading these words understand marketing very well,most possess little or nothing that generates equity or sets them free.

How about you?

News flash: In 2018 and beyond, merely knowing sales and marketing will NOT set you free. Anybody who tells you it will is either lying or deluded.

You need the five steps, which are:

  1. Marketing
  2. Equity
  3. Scale
  4. Moat
  5. Castle

Success eludes even people who know how to do all kinds of “sophisticated” things.

Marketing is and may well remain one of the highest paid professions. But all by itself it does not put you in the pole position anymore. It has ceased to be the key.

Marketers are headed for the same doom as doctors. In the ’60s and ’70s, doctors had the world by the tail. Took time off. Called the shots. They enjoyed insane income levels.

But now with insurance and hospitals and consolidation, the independent MD who has any control of his life is a relic of the past. With HMOs and PPOs and insurance companies and institutional bureaucracy… they spend most of their time punching information into facility-owned laptops, serving algorithms and feeding machines, complying with HIPAA laws…

…They don’t have time to listen to patients; they’re caught up in the insufferable, carnivorous bureaucracy that, as Howard Jacobson says, “makes the mafia look like nursery school.”

The “health care” beast feeds them nothing but stress and a stomach bloated with problems. They have no choice but to stay chained to their stethoscopes and clipboards because somehow or another they have to pay off that $340,000 med school bill.

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    I found the lessons to be very practical and useful.

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    I enjoyed the interactive elements of the course.

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    A valuable resource for anyone looking to improve their skills.

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    I appreciated the hands-on approach to learning.

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    I learned so much from this course. The instructor’s knowledge is impressive.

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