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Reprogram yourself for instant happiness by not watching these Visualiminal.Just play the Visualiminals downloads or DVD in the background to transform your mindset. Scientifically proven principles will make you to see immediate results!Just leave this innovative video running in the background and SEE the RESULTS.HAPPINESS FOR NO REASON – BENEFITS* Utilise the minds’ powerful unconscious resources for instant and desired changes

* Empower new and boost existing positive behaviours through Psychological priming and preconscious perception

* Stimulates super-learning though the state of the art graphics and audio tracks which create an amazing calming Alpha “brain state” background* You can carry out everyday tasks and just leave it on in the background because it constantly communicates Power Affirmations to your subconscious (whether or not you directly look at the screen) through your peripheral vision* Plays on most DVD players / computers / iPod / mp4 players

* Quality graphics create amazing calming background* Looks truly amazing on large plasma or LCD television

HAPPINESS FOR NO REASON – FEATURES1. Signatures (Duration: 20 mins)

This program contains all the Power Affirmations at an audio and visual level and uses state of the art technology to put the user into a pleasant alpha state to enhance activation of the subliminal affirmations. Perfect for more intense experience when used with headphones.

2. Booster Signatures (Duration: 3 mins) An accelerated 3-minute version of the main signatures program. It contains all the Power Affirmations at an audio and visual level to let your subconscious mind download the Power Affirmations in a short session.

3. Perpetual Signatures (Duration: Continuous) This relaxing program featuring awe inspiring vistas can be left playing in the background continuously with or with out audio to let your peripheral vision and your unconscious mind soak in the Power Affirmations while you carry out your daily tasks. What is visualiminal technology?

Visualiminal technology works on multiple levels since it combines the results of three distinctive areas of research: preconscious processing, mirror neurons, and brainwave entrancement.A subtle combination of specially designed graphics and sounds use the mind’s natural frequency to take your brainwaves into the comfortable relaxed state which is optimal for deep learning. In scientific terms, this state of pleasantly relaxed alertness is known as the alpha brainwave rhythm (approx. 7-13 Hz). NB This also acts as the equivalent of a ‘brain tune-up’ resulting in intelligence amplification, which is experienced as faster cognitive functioning.The graphics are aesthetically-animated positive visual messages which mesh subtly with audioliminal messages. All the messages have been designed to be understood by the other-than-conscious mind (ie superconscious, subconscious or preconscious). Although you may consciously hear or understand only individual words, the whole message is piped into the most effective area of your mind. Bypassing the conscious gatekeeper, the messages are hardwired as ‘conscious competence’ (a.k.a mastery) and will immediately work to highlight the perceptions, skills and abilities necessary to achieve your desired goals.The visualiminal and audioliminal messages themselves are created within a Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) framework to immediately engage the immense resources of the other-than-conscious mind. The results surface and manifest as new opportunities, skills and abilities, as the limiting beliefs about what can be achieved fall away.What are the principles behind visualiminals?Visualiminal technology works on multiple levels since it combines the results of three distinctive areas of scientific research: preconscious processing (how to influence the learning power of the other-than-conscious mind), mirror neurons (which influence our ability to emulate and empathise), and brainwave entrancement (inducing the relaxed alertness of the alpha brainwave state, approximately 7-13Hz).

How does the visualiminal technology actually work?

Visualiminals uses affirmations derived from the influential language of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) which are presented both to the visual and the auditory centres of the brain at a subliminal level (below conscious awareness), thereby avoiding the censoring conscious mind. The constant repetition of positive affirmations harnesses the immense power of the subconscious by aligning it with our conscious desires, so that our whole mind is optimally equipped to notice and act on the many opportunities for improvement that present themselves.At the same time, you might notice a constant background ‘beat’ which brings your brainwaves into the alpha rhythm – the optimal state for deep learning. This is the ‘brain entrancement’ aspect.

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