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Victor Cheng - How to Sell

Victor Cheng – How to Sell

How to sell your ideas in everyday life

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In business and in life, you’re selling every single day even if you don’t realize it.  The ability to sell is a paramount skill that schools just do not teach.  But in the real world, whether you’re selling your ideas, your vision, your product or service, if you want or need somebody else to do something, at some point you’ll need to sell them.

I have received literally thousands of questions from my readers on different aspects of how to sell. Instead of responding to each question individually, I conducted a comprehensive class on How to Sell Your Ideas so that many of my readers could benefit.

Not everyone was able to register, but you still have the opportunity to benefit from this teaching. My How to Sell program with all the content I taught in the class will be available in early October in a limited release for just 72 hours.

Here are the details of the program:

How to Sell Your Ideas in Everyday Life (Without Feeling “Sales-y”)

In this class exclusively for CaseInterview.com members, I share my framework, including the most important skills and techniques, for effective sales in career and in life. This includes:

  • An Overview of my unique Sales Process, including my framework for selling ideas effectively;
  • My process for selling (helping others get what you’re trying to sell) and how to do it;
  • Specific skills and techniques you can practice to increase success;
  • Examples of effective sales techniques and unique pitches you can use to be successful;
  • Specific steps in the sales process:
    • how to approach someone you’re trying to persuade;
    • how to generate interest;
    • how to establish trust;
    • how to close the “sale”;
  • An effective process for convincing and persuading others, in a genuine, non-sales-y way;
  • How to sell without being viewed as a salesperson, and without seeming pushy, arrogant or manipulative. (Just like networking, the sales process does not have to be awkward and there is a way to sell that is authentic and genuine.)
  • How to sell as an introvert or shy person, and how to develop the confidence to sell without inhibitions;
  • How to “sell” informally to people in your personal life.


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