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Trading Concepts ETF Trading MasteryTrading Concepts ETF Trading Mastery

How Much Longer Can You Afford to Keep Losing Without the Right Trading Strategy?

Watch ​My ​Workshop Recording ​​& ​See ​How ​To INTELLIGENTLY Profit From ETF’s In 27 Minutes S Day!
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Todd Mitchell, CEO of Trading Concepts, Inc.

Frankly, I didn’t plan for it to work out this way…

But over the last few years, hundreds of my students have discovered a hidden “glitch” in my trading system.

It involves the strategy I developed for creating consistent monthly income by trading Exchange Traded Funds – otherwise known as ETF’s.


17 ​TIMES ​SINCE 2007!

… and cumulative back-tested returns in the model portfolio by as much as 643%!

More on that later.

Hi, I’m Todd Mitchell, founder of Trading Concepts – one of the most respected trading education companies in the world since 1994.

And I have an important message you can’t afford to miss.

You see, since releasing my strategy – and matching it with a model that enables you to easily identify and profit from position swing trades in the hottest markets – it has attracted the attention of several influential traders…

…As well as everyday investors who want to grow their wealth, supplement their existing income, and boost their retirement savings.

But while traders of all levels have enjoyed the financial benefits, they were also surprised to discover an added perk…


I’ll explain how this came to be in a moment… and why some students call it one of the most rewarding “loopholes” in the industry.

First, however, let me explain a few big benefits of trading ETFs, and why they should be an essential piece of your overall wealth-building plan.

You see, an ETF is similar to a mutual fund, but with one big difference…

It trades like a stock.

In effect, you get a bundle of stocks (similar to an index, such as the S&P 500) that trades like any other company on an exchange.

With ETFs, you trade an entire industry as if it’s one stock.

For instance, maybe you want to play the real estate market… or trade companies searching for a cancer cure… or invest only in regional banks… or bet on obscure businesses in the solar energy niche…

The choice is yours.

Here’s another biggie. If you want to buy a basket of stocks, most people turn to mutual funds…

But most people don’t do the math and see all the associated fees.

The average mutual fund charges fees anywhere from 1% to 5% of assets…

Compare that to ETFs, where you only have to pay the kinds of commissions charged for trading stocks…

Typically no more than $10, depending on your broker.

This is a BIG deal.

You see, as Tony Robbins pointed out in his new book: “Money: Master the Game” – If you made a one time investment of $10,000 at age 20, with a modest 7% annual growth over time….

…You’d have $574,464 by the time you’re 80.

Unless you invested in a mutual fund that, say, charged “only” 2.5% in fees…

Then, you’re account balance would be $140,274 over the same period.

SO, ​WHICH ​ACCOUNT ​WOULD ​YOU ​​RATHER ​HAVE? $574,464 OR $140,274?

That’s why I’m here with you today.

And, like stocks, ETFs can be bought or sold any time during the trading day – and you can buy as little as one share.

The fact is, trading ETFs gives you all the advantages of stocks (including considerable tax advantages), but without the drawbacks you dread.

Get immediately download Trading Concepts ETF Trading Mastery

I mean, how many times have you picked the wrong stock in the right sector?

You watch as the whole sector moves up while your stock sits like slug – the victim of unfavorable earnings, an unexpected downgrade, or some other bad news.

It’s frustrating! And you’re not alone…

A study by Longboard Asset Management reviewed 24 years of data and compiled the returns of over 3,000 stocks.

What they found was shocking…

Their research revealed that an individual investor’s odds of beating the market by picking the right stocks were pitiful…



Think about this statistic for a second…

You’re dealing with a needle-in-a-haystack scenario, especially when you consider your odds of picking a few big winners out of the thousands of available stocks.

Heck, 89.8% of money managers don’t even beat these odds!

Fortunately, when you trade an entire sector, you don’t have to worry about picking the right stock.

And at the end of this presentation, you’ll see how you can find the hottest ETFs so you’re always in the right market at the right time…

Even if you’ve never traded ETFs a day in your life.

This is important because…

The best sectors dramatically outperform the market… and when you trade the highest ranked sector ETFs, you dramatically increase your odds, and your potential rewards.

Heck, there are even ETFs that go up in value as the market moves down, so you profit in even the worst market situations.

Furthermore, some ETFs provide double and triple returns on an underlying index.



The good news is: now you can do it too.

Take a look at the following chart:

An example of how ETF Sectors dramatically outperform the market

Now, let me be clear. What you see here is part of a capital growth strategy…

The average time frame of a trade lasts anywhere from a day to several weeks.

So you can take advantage of major market swings without needing to sit at your computer all day…

This is why trading ETF’s is perfect if you have a full-time job, want to trade your IRA, or simply want more freedom in your lifestyle.

These larger swings and time frames also mean it’s easier to grow your capital with less risk.

And while ETF’s are a popular Wall Street favorite, they are also perfect for the average Main Street trader with a small account.

Look, I’ve worked with thousands of trading students over the years. Here are the three traits that seem to apply to the most successful ETF traders:


Discipline doesn’t guarantee success, of course, but it greatly increases your odds. A strategy simply ensures that you focus on specific objectives and control your emotions.


Sure, the lure of more money drives them – but it’s a lot more than simply becoming wealthy.
What they want is the stability money provides for added income, a secure retirement, and true freedom.


They’re positive and take direction. More importantly, they’re willing and eager to learn.


If so, then I’m confident you’ll succeed trading ETF’s using my strategy.

And notice I didn’t say that you need a big bank account…

Or anything about trading experience…

Like any type of trading, there’s a strategy that works – a way of reading charts, identifying opportunities, and managing your risk.

What I’ll share with you now is that I use a very simple approach…

Whether you trade stocks, futures, or foreign currencies, the rules for reading charts don’t change just because you’re trading ETFs.

Think about it… Do the mechanics of an effective golf swing change just because you use a different club?


Whether you use a pitching wedge, driver, or putter, you still need proper posture, balance, and timing.

The only difference is your desired result…

If you want to hit the ball far in golf, you use a driver – the swing mechanics remain the same.

In trading, if you want bigger gains, you just make slight (but important) modifications.

Your approach to the charts doesn’t change.

This concept is the foundation for my ETF Trading Mastery training…


Nowhere will you find a program so targeted on trading ETF’s – with such up-to-date and relevant strategies and tactics.

And because it’s entirely available online, I continually update it with new techniques and current examples.

You’ll also receive a 70-page quick reference guide for implementing and executing every trading strategy taught in the training.

That way you have an easy-to-use “cheat sheet” you can reference at any time.

In short, you’ll learn everything you need to make consistent income from this profitable “niche” within the markets.

The ETF Trading Mastery program is presented in 12 modules… Over 10+ hours of videos with PDFs, tools, cheat sheets, and guides covering trade plan execution…price patterns… trade management… trade setups… early entry techniques… high probability profit objective formulas… logical stop loss strategies… automating your trading… and much more.

I pulled out all the stops to create a hands-on learning experience, ensuring you dodge every obstacle that could keep you from making consistent income trading ETF​’s.


You also get additional video tutorials recorded every week.

These allow you to see my trades – the exact moves I’m making in the market.

You see, I’ve seen all the hurdles that trip up ETF traders in the past… and I’ve figured out ways to leap over all of them and more.

Seeing my trades is one of the quickest ways to shortcut your learning process.

And the faster you learn, the sooner you earn.

To accelerate the process even more, I’m also holding 4 live coaching sessions. That way, you can get all your questions or concerns answered by me.

Of course, I can always answer your questions in the online members’ area, but as you know, many times a conversation can get you to your desired outcome quicker.

We’ll go over trades, discuss strategies, and dig deeper into anything you want from the training.

And here’s the thing…

There’s no time limit on these live coaching sessions. You get me for however long you need.

My point in telling you all this is…

Right now you have an opportunity to master trading skills that can deliver the same freedom and lifestyle that you’ve only seen enjoyed by top-notch traders.

So, if you’re fed up with feeling that nervous shake in your hand every time you enter a trade…

If your heart nervously moves into your throat with every move the market makes…

Get immediately download Trading Concepts ETF Trading Mastery

If you’re sick of searching for the holy grail of trade secrets that promises profitability…

This is your chance to make a major change.

Enrollment in the ETF Trading Mastery program is $2,495. However, because this is ​a special release to the public, when you enroll today, you can have…


…for only one payment of just $1,997 (or make easy monthly installments). Keep in mind, this is a special offer that won’t be repeated.

But before you make a decision, let me address the “glitch” I mentioned earlier…


You see, a while back I stumbled on another strategy that complemented my approach to trading ETF’s.

I’ve known the traders who created the strategy for years, but the system they had just released was so revolutionary, that I decided to investigate them further.

I already knew, they’d worked with some of the world’s top trading institutions.

Reuters… Barron’s… Fidelity… Intershow… Bridge… ADP Brokerage… ILX Systems… Townsend Analytics…

But as you know, I’m generally not a fan of black-box algorithms and expensive software programs.

I believe traders need to know how and why price moves, and understand how to spot high-probability trades.

But this system seemed different than anything I’d seen before, and my decades of trading experience (my traders ‘gut’) knew that their approach made complete sense, so…

I personally invested in the trading signals, using my own money, just as you would.

I was impressed with the results, but as a professional trader, I needed to know more information about the strategy I was trading…

In fact, I personally flew to their offices in New Mexico and spent several days with them to review their research myself.

My face to face visit more that confirmed my ‘gut’ expectations – this trading model was the ‘real deal’…

During that visit I also discovered research and statistical proof that examined the markets going back nearly a century.

This research was not only the proof behind why their system works so well, it also revealed that the strategy is built off same foundational principle I use …

Strong trends provide the best trading conditions.

After all, trend persistence is the most valid and statistical approach to handling the markets.

Remember earlier, we talked about how the top 25% of all stocks represent all the gains in the market?

Well, we immediately increase these odds when we trade ETF’s.

And when you can identify the best sector ETF’s to trade you give yourself and even BIGGER ADVANTAGE.

This new strategy identifies the sector ETF’s that are expected to have the best trends for the next several months or longer.

It uses a method discovered on the floor of the exchange, and refined while working inside a billion-dollar hedge fund…


Now, listen close because I want you to have this advantage.

What you’re about to see is the performance of a sophisticated investment model that quantitatively selects the top 3 ETFs to trade from a universe of 20 hand-picked ETF’s (which represent all the potential places where money will flow whenever economic conditions shift).

Knowing these top 3 ETF’s – selected based on a ranking of trend persistence provides an unprecedented edge for individual traders like you and I, because…

This identifies the ‘right markets’ at the ‘right time’.

And by trading ETF’s you can own the hot market as easily as buying a stock.

Until now, effectively trading sectors was only available to big institutional traders.

Now for traders who want a completely automated trading system…

All you need to do is buy the 3 ETF’s that the model identifies, and there are never more than 3 positions to manage…

Just look at this chart of performance:

This performance is based on 100% automated trading alerts that tell you exactly which 3 ETF positions to buy or sell and when.

There’s no need to analyze charts here.

Plus… because this is a position swing trading system where you hold positions for weeks and months, you will not be overwhelmed with trade alerts.

In fact, it generates a very manageable 15-20 trades per year.

And it gets even easier…

All the trade alerts are generated at the end of the trading day, and all entry and exit orders are executed on the open the following day.


Furthermore, this approach allows you to be potentially hedged when markets get rocky – and even short when they trend down.

As a result, you’re always in the right market at the right time – just like the best-performing Wall Street traders.

Now, I decided to give you this strategy in combination with my training – and here’s why: Everybody has a different trading style.

Some people like more activity, some prefer less, and everyone has a different level of discretion or control they want over their trades – even within an overall system.

By adding this strategy to mine, you now have the ability to trade whatever way you prefer.

I know the creators of this algorithm… I’ve seen the research… and I know their backgrounds.

And here’s the thing…

Even if you are a more discretionary trader, you can use the automated strategy to identify the hottest markets that you can then trade using the strategies you’ll learn in the ETF Trading Mastery program.

Get immediately download Trading Concepts ETF Trading Mastery



So here’s what you receive with this special bonus…

You get exact entry and exits for trades…

End of day trade alerts so you can set up your orders before the market opens….

And, because there are never more than 3 positions at any one time, there is very little management required.

Now, I can’t take credit for this added benefit.

I already explained my original reason for including the strategy in the training.

This earn-while-you-learn “glitch” was discovered by early implementer’s whose eagerness literally paid off…

And now it’s continued for hundreds of students who followed the same path.

Fear over the time it takes to make money is often the biggest hurdle that stops traders from learning a new strategy.

They’re afraid of blowing their bank account through trial and error.



And there’s more.

You heard earlier how I’m not a fan of fancy indicators because I believe you need to know how and why price moves.

But sometimes, it’s easy to overlook an opportunity. So I developed a special software to ensure you don’t miss a trade setup again.

You’ll love how the software programs what you already know into the charts. It acts as a checks-and-balances system.

You’ll never have an excuse for why you missed a trading opportunity.

I developed the software for TradeStation, Ninja Trader, and Trade Navigator. If there are 12 or more traders on another platform, I’ll even consider having another program developed just for you.

The software is color coded to make analysis easy. Let me show you…

Your lifetime access to this software shows trends and power action zones for highly probable entries and exits.

Please remember, this software is NOT required to successfully trade my methodology. It’s simply a visual aid for what you learn in the course.

So let me make you a deal…

Join ETF Trading Mastery today and I’ll let you try out everything…

The videos and printed modules… the live webinars…the ​Unlimited, ​Lifetime ​Coaching from me… the weekly videos… the regular updates… the earn-while-you-learn ​BONUS… and ​MUCH more…


Apply the ETF Trading Mastery trading strategies, techniques, and methodologies exactly as I lay them out for you… If you do this for an entire year and still haven’t made money, simply send my support team a note at the end of the year with proof that you applied these strategies, and I’ll not only refund your purchase price 100%… I’ll give you an ​Extra $500 just for putting your faith in me!

So either way, if you take this course seriously, you’ll come out ahead.

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