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Trading Plans

Here is the dirty little secret about “Big Money” trading. They have an advantage that most retail traders do not. It’s not the advantage that you’re thinking about though. The primary advantage of the “Big Money” is the system within which they are required to function. You might call this their “plan.” Fund Managers who are operating within a firm (ie, “big money”) are forced to follow a prescribed plan and face substantial consequences if the deviate.

Now, let’s talk about what reality is. Retail traders have even more advantages afforded to them than their big money counterparts. If traders simply had a trading plan they followed with discipline, they would find the gap between them and big money reduced or eliminated.

Welcome to TradeSmart University’s Trading Plan course!

Class Breakdown

In this 4-Class series, you will walk through the principle elements required in a profitable trading plan. Your plan should have detailed elements including risk management, outcomes, metrics and measurements, money management and more.

Students who complete this program will feel a sense of relief as they experience the benefit of consistency and predictability. No longer will you lay awake worrying about trades, because your plan is in place and ready to deal with any circumstance that comes your way.

Maximize your success by chunking your plan into specific, actionable steps that can be repeated consistently and accurately. From your trade setup, to a regular review of your analysis performance and trade execution… every step is guided and intentional.

Letter from Alphonso

Dear Future Trading Plan Extraordinaire,

If you’ve taken one of my courses or had a chancel to connect with me on the social network, you likely know my reputation as a profitable, full time day and swing trader. What you may NOT know is that this hasn’t always been the case for me. Like most who enter the business of trading, my initial expectations were far from the results I actually obtained. When I started trading I had one simple goal, to make money. This seemed like a completely logical and intelligent goal. I mean why trade if I’m not making money, right!?

One year into my new trading career, I was not yet achieving my goal consistently. While I had some success, it always seemed that I give any profits back to the market and my account was less than when I started. How could this be? I invested and received great education and could recognize patterns. I had studied, trained and executed as best I could. I knew that I was on the cusp of putting it all together and generating consistent profits seemed within reach.

To bridge this final gap, I decided to reset my trading and change my approach. I was blessed to find a coach who was getting the results I so badly wanted, and I chose to invest in a coaching/mentoring program with him. This forever changed my trading.

What I learned from him was not what I expected. I figured what made him successful was that he understood the market better than I did. That’s not what I discovered though. The only difference that separated us was in how he thought about his trading and how he organized his trading into a winning formula. That was IT! This “edge” that made him profitable and me… well… almost profitable was his trading plan!

So you’re probably asking, can trading really be as simple as having a detailed plan and executing it flawlessly? The answer is an unequivocal yes!

Without structure, nobody can beat or predict the stock market. Yet that was the very thing I was trying to do. So, I chose to stop trying and instead invested my time into writing a detailed trading business plan that was in my best interest and gave me that “edge” I so desperately wanted.

Like you, I did not know where to start my plan, so my mentor walked me through it step by step and I was able to make it my own. The decision to invest in a trading plan plus the mindset to flawlessly execute it bridged the gap from my being a struggling, frustrated and overwhelmed trader to a confident, focused, and profitable owner of a “trading business.”

I am now revealing this same trading edge in my class simply titled Trading Plans. Once and for all, you can bring all that you learned about the market and combine it with a detailed and easy to follow plan that will give you the same edge I received and launched me into a successful trading career.

I look forward to seeing you in class!


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