Todd Brown – The Entrepreneurial Planning Process


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Todd Brown – The Entrepreneurial Planning Process

Todd Brown – The Entrepreneurial Planning Process

 Price : $97
Sale Page : funnels.marketingfunnelautomation.com/epp

This Second-Chance Offer EXPIRES In Just:
For the first time, MarketingFunnelAutomation.com Founder, Todd Brown, shares his exact system for structuring your next year’s goals & financial objectives to engineerat least 2X BUSINESS GROWTH in 2016!
This “Entrepreneurial Planning Process”
Readies You And Your Business For 
Monster Growth & Scale In 2016!
This Process guarantees next year is 
your most successful year ever, because it…
  • Spots & fixes any weaknesses in your existing business model that can hold your business back from maximum growth in 2016!
  • Highlights the perfect customer segments for you and your business to target next year!
  • Gives you clarity on the best additional sources of profit to tap over the next 12 months!
  • Shows you how to set the proper financial goals and objectives for 2016… and how to monitor and report on each!
  • Guides you to properly expand your “company team” so you gain the benefit of leverage as your income grows! (Even if you’re a one-man show right now.)
  • Arms you with the productivity system necessary to see your personal output & business double, triple, even quadruple in size!
  • Equips your business with the systems to thrive and prosper so it frees you of required daily work!
  • Hands you a plan and process to prepare your business for massive expansion in 2016!
This Is The Most Valuable Question You Can Answer Right Now, While In December…
What type of planning and preparation does it really take to scale your business by two-times… three-times… even four-times or more in 2016?
What questions should you be asking yourself now, as we’re coming to the end of the year? And how should you answer those questions to prepare and plan for 2016?

For example:

* Should you go after new or different customer segments next year?
And if so, which ones and with what offers?
* Should you start or expand your team in 2016?
And if so, how, when, and for what positions? At what pay? And how to manage them?
* Should you add new products? 
And if so, which ones, in what order, and with what type of marketing promotions? At what price points?  And what about your old products?
* Should you stop doing certain marketing activities and start doing others in 2016?
If so, which ones, when, how, and for what outcome?
* Should you change or tweak your business model? 
And if so, to what and in what way?
* What’s the best way to double, triple, even quadruple your customer database in 2016? As well as your backend sales, profits, and bankable income?
If you can’t confidently say you know the right answers to just those questions — not even all the others — for your business… your ability to achieve bigger, more exciting financial & business levels in 2016 is going to suffer.
Simply setting “money targets” and committing to “doing more” isn’t enough. Deep-down you know that.
Scaling your business from $1,000, $5,000, or $10,000 a month… to $100,000, $500,000, or even $1,000,000 a month or more requires…
A Different Level Of
Thinking, Planning, And Executing! 
This page is your invitation to get that… and more…

Here’s the deal:

You’ll learn the same process, Todd Brown, Founder of Marketing Funnel Automation, continues to use every year to plan, plot, and strategize maximum growth and scale for the coming year.

> Planning your new products and projects…
> Setting-up your marketing calendar…
> Projecting your financials…
> Determining what type of team or support you need…
> Laying-out your milestones and measurement tools…
> Deciding on new traffic channels…
> Plotting your customer acquisition strategy…
> Mapping-out your backend profit strategy…
> Choosing your personal workflow structure…
> Selecting your most important personal goals…
> Eliminating the wasteful activities from your schedule…
> …and more!
By the end of this training… and armed with this process… you’ll have the claritydirection, and roadmap needed so you can…
 grow your business and income in 2016 
by two-times… three-times… 
even four-times or more!
Plus, with your registration to this training, you’ll also learn:
  • What Mark Ford (aka Michael Masterson) — the genius behind the half-billion-dollar-a-year company, Agora — taught Todd about how to go from zero to one-million dollars a year, fast! And, from one million to ten million.
  • The simple monthly Backend Report that instantly tells you the health of your customer list… and where to focus your attention for greater profits!
  • How to plan and achieve the critical objectives necessary for big financial growth & scale in 2016… using the 1/4 Periodization Model of Maps, Milestones, & Measurements!
  • Todd’s personal productivity system for managing and controlling his daily schedule, as well as setting and completing his daily, weekly, and monthly tasks and projects!
  • How to set-up a weekly “Scorecard” that tracks the most important KPI metrics in your business (Key Performance Indicators)! (Plus, how to review your scorecard, what to look for, and how to make the right business growth decisions from the numbers.)
  • How to structure and use a unique type of Quarterly Review to keep your business on track and moving forward with momentum as the year progresses!
  • One simple document to perfect & streamline your entire business model, plug any holes, and ensure you have everything in place so 2016 is a breakout year for you!
  • How to prevent entrepreneurial burnout and achieve peak levels of motivation with Todd’s personal (weird) psychological hack – Consequence Amplification!
  • The secret to identifying and accomplishing the Big Rocks and priorities in your business so your business and income takes leaps forward each and every month!
  • How to use TOC to identify and solve the key issues currently constraining your business growth!(This is how you permanently clear each of your business roadblocks from your path to success.)
  • The one daily and two weekly documents Todd uses to stay on top of our entire company and ensure consistent business growth… and how you can use them too in 2016 to do the same for your own business!
  • The 8 words Todd claims permanently eliminated his fear of risk and change within business! (He swears they will do the same for you too.)
  • How and when to hire employees or outsource… and what positions to hire as your business scales through the different stages!(Plus, Todd’s method and mindset for team management, company leadership, staff communication, compensation, and overall company motivation.) 
  • How to finally experience the CEO “Working On The Business” mode of being a real business builder… instead of being stuck every day in the mud of the day-to-day drudgery of “working for and by yourself”!
  • … and much, MUCH MORE!



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