Tina Zion – Hone Your Medical Intuitive Skills for Self-Healing 2022

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Hone Your Medical Intuitive Skills for Self-Healing 2022Tina Zion – Hone Your Medical Intuitive Skills for Self-Healing 2022

Become the master of your life and soul by unearthing the energetic roots of your physical or emotional dis-ease and accessing your innate power for self-healing.

There’s a key to healing your body, mind, and soul — and to shifting the trajectory of your life — in a deep and lasting way.

When healing happens on an energetic, nonphysical level — beyond the physical plane — that’s when you can really start releasing and liberating yourself from deep-seated pain.

This is a pivotal tool of medical intuition — a skill you inherently have — which you can put to work to heal yourself and ease your life challenges.

Unfortunately, like bandaging a wound, most traditional physical healing methods merely cover up symptoms without considering our complex nature.

When you address the energetic root of a health or life issue — going far beyond the physical — you can heal the cause of your symptoms and open the door to abiding results.

After all, we’re eternal energy beings.

Energetic healing, deliberately directed at the cause, creates a powerful release and a more complete and indelible mending. When you listen to what your body is telling you and are open to the intuitive messages it provides, you reach beyond your symptoms and create healthy changes that truly last.

Join world-renowned medical intuition instructor Tina Zion for an advanced 9-module course and take your medical intuition for self-healing to empowering new levels.

Tina will show you deep ways to address the eight primary causes of physical illness and life struggles.

As you’ll discover, when you work with your medical intuition correctly — especially with the guidance of a celebrated instructor like Tina — your healing potential can become more active and more permanent.

Over the course of nine modules, you’ll learn details and examples of each of the eight causes of an illness or struggle — and you’ll discover the exact causes of your illnesses, repetitive issues, or challenges that are specific to your own life.

Tina will also show you the precise action steps to release, remove, and heal issues to accelerate your distinctive personal healing.

You’ll learn to interact with your specialty guides with confidence and develop an actual team of specialists. Your specialized team will work with you toward specific areas of healing.

Your struggles and illnesses originate somewhere within your personal history as an eternal soul, Tina teaches. Those causes must be healed before changes can occur in your life.

A compassionate and humble teacher, an award-winning author, and a psychiatric nurse, Tina has taught thousands around the world, including medical professionals, how to access their medical intuitive skills to help others.

Tina will be the first to tell you she wasn’t endowed with a special “gift” at all — she simply set out to cultivate her innate intuitive skills.

There’s never been a better time to develop the healer within you, right now. Tina will help you take charge of different elements of your life, heal yourself, and become the master of your life and soul.

As you’ll explore, the most powerful healer has always been you.

In this self-empowering, advanced 9-module course, you’ll discover:

  • How to tune in to your body and medical intuitive skills to reveal the origins of your own health and life issues — then release and heal them
  • How to communicate with your body’s illness instead of ignoring or fighting it
  • How to energetically assess and evaluate your prescriptions and supplements
  • How the future of the current you and your eternal soul depends on your thoughts, your emotions, and your willingness to be the gentle receiver of intuitive wisdom from the living universe
  • Moments in your personal history — from 10 minutes ago to beyond 10 lives ago — that are causing your current life struggles
  • How your specialty guides can release and heal curses and vows from your life and body
  • How you and your spirit guides are capable of healing across time, throughout space, and throughout many, many generations
  • How when patterns in your life keep repeating, one of the primary causes is a past-life trauma
  • How any memory that continues to rise up in your awareness is a signal that it needs to be healed and released

What You’ll Discover in These 9 Modules

In this 9-part transformational intensive, Tina will guide you through the fundamental skills you’ll need to identify and alter your personal situations within each of the eight causes of illness and life struggles — for mind, body, and soul wellbeing.

This course will feature step-by-step teachings and experiential practices with Tina. Each session will build harmoniously upon the previous ones, so you’ll develop a complete holistic understanding of the practices, tools, and principles you’ll need to recognize the healer within you as you take charge of each area of your life, heal yourself, and become the master of your life and soul.

If you have not experienced Tina’s teachings before, you’re welcome in this advanced training but we ask you to complete the foundational Become Your Own Medical Intuitive for Personal Healing 7-module program on your own as a prerequisite, which will be included in your registration and can be completed before or in tandem with this advanced intensive.

Module 1: The 8 Categories Causing Your Life Struggles or Your Physical Illness — Cause & Healing #1: Negative Thoughts & Emotions

All struggles and illnesses originate somewhere in your personal history as an eternal soul.

In this opening module, you’ll learn the details of the eight different categories that cause your physical illness and life struggles.

As you’ll discover, the root causes deep in your history must be healed before changes can happen in your current life.

You’ll also explore the first of these eight causes: negative thoughts and emotions.

As you’ll discover, curses and negative vows are often carried with you from one life to another, causing a pattern that yearns to be healed.

TIna will help you explore whether you’re bringing a curse or negative vow forward into your current life — and take healing action steps to transform that energy into a blessing.

In this opening module, you’ll:

  • Learn about the 8 categories of causes that create physical, mental, and emotional illness and struggles — and how they take you across time and space
  • Notice judgments you’re making about yourself
  • Identify the vows and curses that caused your personal illness or struggle
  • Take specific action steps to free yourself from dense thought forms
  • Know yourself more deeply as an eternal energy being with capabilities you might not have been aware of before
  • Move through an exercise where you’ll call in a specialty guide to pinpoint a curse or vow that’s causing your illness or life struggle — and command the specialist to show you a vow or a curse you’ve placed on yourself in this current life… and participate in steps to heal yourself

Module 2: Cause & Healing #2 — Human & Nonhuman Negative Entities

You are a powerful healer for our multidimensional world.

In this module, Tina will help you end any fears you might have about the world of spirits — and realize they’re not more powerful than you.

While deceased people and other nonhumans are everywhere, they still come from the Creative Source of the All.

Negative spirits can be one potential cause of illness or life struggles.

Tina will guide you to step into the commander role and become the key to healing nonphysical beings as you also attend to your own personal healing.

In this module, you’ll explore:

  • How it’s natural to participate with the nonphysical spirit realms
  • Why you’re capable of assisting and healing the nonphysical in surprising ways
  • That you’re a powerful, commanding being of light
  • How some nonhuman beings are actually quite weak and needy
  • An experiential practice to call in a specialist to show you any nonphysical being that’s negatively affecting you — and to assist you with specific steps to heal and release the spirit being

Module 3: Cause & Healing #3 — Your Ancestors

Ancestors contribute to the genetics of your physical body in this current life. Your ancestral thoughts and beliefs also impact your current body.

In this session, Tina will share how your current-life ancestors are usually not the same people from your past lives.

You’ll discover how negative or limiting beliefs create heavy, thick thought forms of energy — and that dense energy can alter your genetics. These energetic thought forms are also taught to each generation as a “truth.”

Tina will show you how to identify ancient beliefs and the moment that belief was created. Knowing and healing that moment will ripple through time, your family history, and into your body.

In this module, you’ll discover how:

  • You’re influenced by your ancestry, but you don’t need to be a victim of your ancestors
  • Usually your ancestors aren’t the same individuals as people in your past lives
  • You and your guides are capable of healing across time, throughout space and throughout many, many generations
  • Time isn’t linear, and you’re not as linear or limited as you’ve been led to believe
  • A guided practice to command your specialists be shown any negative beliefs or illness that originated in your ancestral lineage (and the generation in which it began) — as you command a specific healing and release

Module 4: Cause & Healing #4 — Past-Life Traumas & Losses

Over the years, strange images or stories emerge within people’s awareness. These stories can even rise up in people who don’t even believe in past lives…

In this module, Tina will share how extreme intense emotions from your current life and extreme intense emotions from your past lives can carry forward — and continue to interfere in your current experiences today.

Both past- and current-life traumas may profoundly impact you. Powerful emotions of pain, agony, shock, and sorrow tend to create dense energetic forms that carry into one (or even multiple) lives beyond the traumatic life.

These patterns began in a past life — and will keep repeating until the emotions within them are healed and released.

We humans are capable of healing across time and space. This session will clearly define how to heal with the help of your specialty guides.

In this module, you’ll learn how:

  • When patterns in your life keep repeating, one of the primary causes can be a past-life trauma
  • You can often find the source of trauma and loss in a past life
  • You can permanently heal the past
  • Positive healing sends positive ripples across time and space
  • To work with a guided practice where you’ll command to be shown one past life that interferes with your current life — and then command a specific healing modality

Module 5: Cause & Healing #5 — Current-Life Traumas

Thankfully, there’s no need to relive any painful event to bring healing to it.

In this module, you’ll learn how to take charge and take your control back by healing and freeing yourself from the past.

When memories feel painfully alive, no matter how long ago they happened, it’s a primary signal that a fragment of your energy field has remained behind in that moment.

Tina will explain how the underlying cause of this alive memory is an old event in your life and the emotional impact it had on you.

As you’ll discover, the fragment is not separate from your soul energy. It’s more like a fragment of your energy field became attached or frozen in the trauma of the moment. The rest of your soul’s essence stretched on beyond that moment and continued forward in life with your physical body.

In this module, you’ll explore how:

  • Any memory that continues to rise up in your awareness is a signal that it needs to be healed and released
  • You’re your own healer, with the strength and ability to heal and release an event
  • You no longer have to be a victim to your past
  • You’re the creator of your current life story — from your childhood into your future
  • To work with an exercise to take note of one painful memory that keeps rising up into your awareness — then with the direct assistance of your divine and sacred specialists, you’ll remove the painful energy and take your power back

Module 6: Cause & Healing #6 — Your Relationships

Relationships are one of the causes of illness.

In this module, you’ll learn how to be the healer of your relationships with others. You’ll learn about positive and negative energy cords that exist between people — and how to perceive them and remove them in positive ways.

You don’t need to be more important than others in your life to heal yourself. Instead, it’s about becoming equally important.

Tina will share how to get in charge of yourself first, to achieve the healthier version of you.

You’ll learn that the more energy and care you give to yourself, the more you have for others. Your enriched energy and awareness will naturally expand outward to others.

As you’ll discover, your own health is the greatest healing you can give to your relationships.

In this module, you’ll discover how:

  • You can become a fascinated observer of all your relationships, and observe without judgment
  • Repetitive patterns in your relationships are telling you that you need to learn the deeper message beneath the pattern
  • Your greatest teacher in this life may cause you the most pain, sorrow, agitation, or anger
  • You must learn more about yourself, not more about the teacher
  • Certain healing methods can resolve specific conflicts and issues between you and others
  • Cutting negative cords is not healing — they must be removed to heal
  • You can positively transform all aspects of your relationships
  • To work with a healing method to help you learn from a negative relationship — then transform your relationships from negative positive

Module 7: Cause & Healing #7 — Your Environment

Your environment is not just your home.

It not only includes the structure of the building you live in, but also the land the building is on. It includes your workplace, your fun place, your journey down the road between one place and another, an intersection, a railroad crossing, or even an airplane.

Your environment is anywhere you’re located at the time.

You’re affected by the multitude of environments that we find ourselves in. Some environments can affect you negatively, and some can even make you ill. But you don’t need to be a victim of your environment — and Tina will share how proven methods with healing specialists can help.

In this module, you’ll discover:

  • How when different environments draw you in, while others — like certain restaurants, gas stations, neighborhoods, or parks, for example — repel you, it means your intuitive pathways are giving you subtle information
  • Why your choice of environments isn’t based solely on visual information — and how you should be aware of your intuitive guidance, too
  • That struggles in your home, and the land it’s on, can be caused by the local area’s history
  • How unhappy deceased people may negatively affect your environment
  • Your ability to clear and cleanse the history of your home, land, and other locations
  • That you can heal and release negativities from all types of environments around you using a 3-step method
  • The cause of a negative environment and experience and how to cleanse and transform any environment that surrounds you

Module 8: Cause & Healing #8 — Your Physical Body

Your physical body is giving you information all the time.

Are you listening?

Tina will explain how to communicate with your body. As you’ll discover, you can communicate with a disease, illness, or pain as if it’s another person that you’re getting to know in a special way.

You heal your body by first developing a meaningful relationship with it — and then working collaboratively with it going forward.

In this module, you’ll explore how:

  • Rather than ignoring or fighting against your body’s illness, you can communicate with the illness instead
  • It’s up to you to develop a relationship with your body by constantly communicating with it and receiving its answers
  • Water and food are medicines too
  • Altering the energy within your body using 2 methods: running your toroidal field and creating scalar waves of healing energy
  • To ask your physical body very specific questions during a guided practice — and give yourself an energy assessment for prescriptions, supplements, and food; to receive intuitive answers, and to take healing action
  • To participate in an experiential exercise to generate your own scalar waves for a more specific and detailed energy healing for specific areas of your body

Module 9: Your Soul, Your Karma & Your Life Beyond This Moment

In this final module, you’ll discover how your soul is the eternal nonphysical energy being of who you really are.

What you do, which actions you take, what you learn, and the level of awareness you advance to while in your physical life all affect your eternal self.

Tina will share how karma doesn’t mean receiving punishment for what you’ve done in past lives. Instead, karma is your lesson to be learned for the healing of your soul.

Communicating, recognizing, and healing your energetic field first is the hidden key for healing your physical body and your eternal soul.

As Tina will share, the most important question to ask yourself every day is, “Will my next thought, my next emotion, and my next action be healing for my soul?”

In this final module, you’ll discover:

  • How the future of your current and your eternal soul depends on your thoughts, your emotions, and your willingness to be the gentle receiver of intuitive wisdom from the living universe
  • Why karma is a yearning to learn more and to create events and situations to achieve your goals of awareness
  • That you’re an eternal being of energy expanding and advancing
  • Why you have a choice to be a weak or empowered link in the system of the universe
  • An experiential practice to communicate directly with your eternal soul — and receive its powerful guidance

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