Tina Lee – Full-Time Influencer

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Full-Time InfluencerTina Lee – Full-Time Influencer

We understand how important contacts are in this industry and have gathered over 200 PR agency and Tourism boards contacts so you can get a head start with your influencer journey!


  1. The Influencer Formula
  2. Determining Your Niche
  3. Getting Crystal Clear on Your Personal Brand
  4. Identifying Your Target Audience
  5. Identifying Your Target Influencers
  6. Finding Your Why & Attracting Super Fans
  7. Setting Up Your Account for Success
  8. What Other Platforms Should You Be On?
  9. Repurposing Like a Pro
  10. Q&As from Students + Takeaways


MODULE 2.1 – All About Photos & Videos

  1. What Gear Do I Need?
  2. Creating Awesome Photos
  3. Creating Awesome Videos
  4. How to Get Comfortable On Camera
  5. 10 Mistakes NOT to make with Reels & Videos
  6. What Softwares & Apps Do I Need?
  7. Organizing and Storing Your Files
  8. Solo Creator Guide
  9. Q&As from Students + Takeaways

MODULE 2.2 – All About Content Creation

  1. Defining Quality Content
  2. Building Your Inspiration Vault
  3. How to Come Up with Unique Content Ideas
  4. The Art of Storytelling
  5. How to Batch Create Content & Maximize Existing Content
  6. How to Create a Consistent Feed
  7. How to Create Affordably
  8. The Complete Posing Guide
  9. Q&As from Students + Takeaways

MODULE 2.3 – Planning Your Content

  1. How to Find Photographers Locally and Abroad
  2. Planning a Lifestyle & Fashion Photo Shoot
  3. Planning an Instagrammable Trip
  4. Packing for an Instagrammable Trip
  5. BTS – Hotel with a View (Day & Night)
  6. Q&As from Students + Takeaways


MODULE 3.1 – Instagram Growth & Strategy

  1. The Instagram Flywheel
  2. How the Instagram Algorithms Work
  3. What I Would Do If I Had 0 Followers
  4. How to Stay Consistent
  5. The Power of Social Proof
  6. Q&As from Students + Takeaway

MODULE 3.2 – Content Strategies

  1. Your Instagram Content Strategy
  2. Creating Content That Converts
  3. Creating Content That Pays
  4. Creating Your Content Calendar
  5. Q&As from Students + Takeaways

MODULE 3.3 – Growth Strategies

  1. Ultimate Instagram Growth Methods
  2. Identifying and Riding Waves of Trends
  3. Breaking Down Good Reels
  4. How to Get on the Explore Page
  5. How to Collaborate With Influencers to Grow
  6. How to Get On Feature Pages
  7. How to Use Hashtags
  8. How to Leverage Your Audience to Grow
  9. How to Grow Using Outside Sources
  10. Other Growth Methods
  11. Should You Start a New Account?
  12. Your Growth Plan
  13. Q&As from Students + Takeaways

MODULE 3.4 – Engagement Strategy

  1. Metrics to Understand
  2. Best Engagement Strategies
  3. STORIES Strategy
  4. Caption Strategy
  5. Engaging with Influencers & Followers
  6. Losing Followers or Suffering from Low Engagement?
  7. Your Engagement Plan
  8. Creating a Community
  9. Q&As from Students + Takeaways


  1. How the Influencer Marketing Industry Works
  2. Network Your Way to Success
  3. How Partnerships Work & How to Find Them
  4. How to Find The Right Contacts
  5. Crafting a Winning Media Kit
  6. How to Calculate Your Rates
  7. How to Craft the Perfect Pitch
  8. How to Negotiate Your Worth
  9. Understanding Your Contract
  10. When Should You Work For Free?
  11. Executing a Campaign
  12. Do You Need a Manager?
  13. Q&As from Students + Takeaways


  1. Setting Up Your Company
  2. Influencer Taxes
  3. Diversifying Your Income Stream
  4. Ways Instagram Will Pay You
  5. Get Paid with 0 Followers (UGC Content)
  6. Make Money In Your Sleep (Affiliate Income)
  7. Building Your Email List
  8. Quitting Your 9 to 5
  9. Q&As from Students + Takeaways

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