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Tim Schmidt – Affiliate University

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You’re about discover the exact exclusive and elusive mercenary methods

I use to generate money hand over fist month after month.

created AffiliateU, a one of a kind self-paced Affiliate Marketing educational course, that shows the exact methods I use to become the go-to authority website in any niche.

YOU can apply this mercenary strategy to command authority status in the niche of your choice…. for any affiliate product and price.


…being able to work from your living room couch, or your poolside, any time you want.

… Not having to worry about having enough time to spend with your family.
… Being able to attend every single soccer game or violin recital.
… and comfortably retire, without having to worry about a medical emergency bankrupting your family.

And most importantly, picture what life could be like without stress. Oh sure, there’s always going to be some stress. But what if money weren’t a factor? No longer worry about retirement, about paying for your kid’s college, or having to get a “reverse mortgage” or file bankruptcy if someone ever gets sick.
My Commitment To You…

I’m not promising Lamborghini’s, bikini-clad babes and Private Jets.

I’ll never ask you to…

Here’s my commitment to you: 

When you Enroll in AffiliateU today, you’ll gain hands on experience with the exact time-tested methods I used (and still use) to amass
7 figures annually. 

… Without having to figure it out the hard way and work 16 hour days like I did when I was first starting out.

The beauty is, you can avoid having to spend 16 hours per day moving from one Starbucks to the next, because I’ve fine tuned my processes and simplified the tactics over time.

Without Ever Needing

… inventory


… customer 

service & fulfillment

… setting up 

an ecommerce store

… creating 

a course

… messing with

membership plugins…

Another student made $1850 in one site on autopilot June 2015, from just one simple site, after being in business for only #months…

Without messing with pay per click, order products, building courses, membership sites…

Truly NOTHING but selling other people’s products.

I should say this is All Profit… 

By The Way

Note: My Students’ Examples Are from 2015.

You might be asking, “What is this Tim guy doing that’s so different?”

…Here’s What’s Different

Most affiliate marketers piece together a few “strategies” from old, dying affiliate methods.

…Patching them together and trying to breathe some life into them, and calling it something new. And they’ll show you financial “proof” from years ago… (if their “proof” is more than 2 years old, it’s freakin’ ancient.)

In AffiliateU, together we’ll explore my time tested methods, proven to work in several markets. You can use and scale these hacks in any niche to help change conversion percentages in your favor.

You’ll discover the “missing link” to unlocking the buying triggers and innermost desires. …This missing link is what every consumer secretly wants and needs, before making a buying decision.

It’s the only barrier holding your readers back from hitting the “Buy” button.

Do you want to know what that “missing link” is?

AffiliateU Fundamental #1


Call it what you want… heart, passion, life’s blood, soul!

AffiliateU teaches you how to create meaningful connections with your readers. They need to know you, like you, and TRUST you, before buying from you.

AffiliateU shows you how to form these connections, and much more. You can apply this strategy to any niche… any affiliate offer.

You’ll find out how to “hack” your way to building a REAL online “avatar” and create meaningful connections with your audience and be seen as an authority in any niche.

Your new avatar “mirrors” your readers, and compels them to buy your offers with mercenary skills.

NOTE: This method doesn’t just work for low-ticket $19, $49 and $99 products. You can apply this “mirroring” strategy with your high end, educated readers. People who buy $5000 purses!

1 Sale…

Is it really, truly possible to make monstrous commissions like this?

Is It Really That Easy To “Connect” With People?

Yes, it can be! And I’ll show you how!

AffiliateU was designed to help beginner and veteran marketers transform a non-existent or withering online business into thriving empires.

You’ll find out how EASY it is to connect with other people… to uncover their core desires and beliefs… to discover “What makes them tick?” And leverage that knowledge to form a lasting connection and credibility.

Which translates into sales and a long term, sustainable business.

That’s what you want, right?

AffiliateU Fundamental #2

Two Words: Stop Selling.

When you “talk” to your audience, do you sound like you’re selling?

Or are you simply “being you” and “telling?”

Are you cramming your product down your readers’ throats?

HINT: You shouldn’t.

There is a huge difference… and with a few psychic brain hacks and ninja moves, you can really get buyers on your side and help line your pockets.

AffiliateU Fundamental #3

Create Authentic “Story-Telling”

Are you “engaging?” Or are you just “driving traffic.” Are you interacting and sharing stories? Listening to what your audience truly wants? Are you really giving your audience what they want and need?

AffiliateU Fundamental #4

It’s Not All About “Traffic”

There’s a fair share of affiliate marketers, coaches and gurus preaching the big push for “Traffic, Traffic, Traffic!” Or they’ll push some crazy plugin that makes mini-sites or some other hodge-podge system…

Some old plugins and “geysers of traffic systems” may have marginal success, but you’ll never earn your site visitor’s trust with crap like that. Think about it as a potential buyer…. Do you like being fooled?

… Or do you like knowing that the person writing the site truly knows their stuff?

With detailed analysis and testing different methods, I discovered the ONE THING missing from all the dusty outdated systems out there.

So what’s the big, big, AffiliateU Fundamental that Ties this All Together?

AffiliateU Fundamental #5


… If you haven’t created a “Persona” for yourself yet, you need to.

… Right now.

Tap into your buyer’s psyche… It’s called “persona hacking.”

Now, you might think you have a “Persona,”  but chances are you’re missing some critical steps that can add some 0’s to the left of the decimal point on your bank balance.

In AffiliateU, you’ll discover the exact “persona hacking” technique I use to draw in readers and buyers and make incredible commissions every day.

Online Buyers are “Tuned In.”

Online buyers are savvy and “tuned in.” And if you’re not careful, they’ll tune you out.

They don’t want to be “sold to.” They want to “stumble upon” something, and feel really smart and informed about their decisions.

And they want smart, informed people — just like “your persona” — to help guide them to the right decisions.

Sort of Like a Psychic Tour Guide.

What if I could show you (yes, little ol’ YOU) how to be one of these smart, informed and sought after Tour Guides?

Well, it really is possible.

And in AffiliateU, you’re going to find out everything you need to know about reading your buyer’s minds, and compelling them to hit the buy button on authority sites YOU CREATE.


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