The Helper Healers – How to sell without selling


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The Helper Healers – How to sell without selling

The Helper Healers – How to sell without selling

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Do you love to help people…and
make money too? Like Mr. Rogers?

How to Succeed in Marketing
Without Being “Salesy”

Welcome To Mr Rogers’ $20 Million Method Order Here

Mr. Rogers got $20 Million Dollars in 6 minutesWithout being salesy.

Could you put maybe one percent of that – an extra $200,000 or more –
in your pocket this year with what I call the “$20 Million Dollar Helping Method”?
               Or even 1/10th of one percent of that – $20,000?
Kim KlaverFrom the Desk of Kim Klaver
Have you always wanted to build your Network Marketing business without the need to be a super slick salesperson or a go-go recruiter?
It probably sounded easy in the beginning…
You know, the emphasis only on recruiting, the constant “selling” of the opportunity… at some point, you feel like you’ll never succeed if that’s the only way you’ll get to the top. It’s frustrating… and you can end up alienating friends and family in the process.

There is a better way. Mr. Rogers and Steve Jobs showed us all.

What if there were an approach to networking where you can be yourself – where you do not have to compromise your personal values? A system that can help you share your love of helping others with your alternative approach, while getting the financial success you desire and deserve. A set of tools that let you find the right audience, finally.
Changing the Rules of the Game
Think about Apple Computer for a moment.  This was a company on the brink of disappearing a decade ago.  Microsoft had “supposedly” won the battle, and Apple was considered a “has-been.”
But something happened between then and now.  150 million iPhones later, Apple’s market cap makes it the largest technology company in the world.   That’s because they stayed true to their core values and company purpose.  They knew who their customers were and “wowed” them with the most spectacular phones, computers and gadgets on the planet.
The good news for you in all of this?
You don’t have to “sell” or “hype” your prospects on your products or
your business opportunity in order to succeed.  Apple doesn’t.
You don’t have to be one of those “pushy” recruiters
who won’t let you go until you sign up.
 All you need is to understand the new rules of the game… and how to “wow” your target market with your products or services like Mr. Rogers did. Like Apple does.  Which is where Kim Klaver and the Helper-Healer community comes in.
Kim is the real deal who walks her talk. In fact, during her first month in the industry, she made nearly $60,000 in product sales! She knows how to build an MLM business and does so with the highest level of integrity.
Kim has cracked the code… and made MLM fun again.  She wants to welcome you to a place where you don’t need to be “salesy” to succeed.  That’s because for helper-healers, it’s not about the money.  In fact, helper-healers don’t see money as their first priority.  Rather, they know that success will follow when you stay true to yourself and focus on helping others who see the value in what they offer.
So whether you see yourself as a helper-healer, or you’re ready to apply the new rules of the game and finally succeed with your networking business, Kim will show you the way.

The Helper-Healer Marketer

A Membership Program for
MLMers Who Love to Help Others
The Helper-Healer online membership program consists of 5 components and gives you proven and practical strategies for building a successful MLM business—without being salesy or pushy in your approach.
You’ll discover the mindset and the methods for creating success on your own terms, including how to invite, present and ask for the sale.  And you’ll be part of a community of like-minded networkers who approach their business with heart, not hype—folks who love helping others just because it feels good. You’ll also learn the magical helper-healer close.
Kim wants you to be an MLM winner, not an MLM loser. Watch these two short video clips to hear what she has to say… and then read on to discover all that’s waiting for you on the inside…

Exclusive Member Component #1
The 8 Helper-Healer Modules

These modules consist of audio and video content as well as PDF transcripts for easy reading and review.  Here’s some of what you’ll discover on the inside…
  • The simple key to building a loyal downline that sticks with your program for years, rather than months—The product volume adds up!
  • What Nike, Apple Computer and the Dairy Industry can teach you about network marketing—Copy this for a solid foundation to your business
  • Choosing the right audience can make or break your success—Here’s the single most important question to make sure you succeed
  • The truth about MLM—What the so-called “gurus” haven’t told you and why you need this information before you jump into the business
  • The A-Z’s of putting on an in-home meeting—And why you need to think outside the box to achieve the best results
  • How to create unforgettable in-home meetings when you don’t have a product to demonstrate—Your guests will realize how much you care
  • The secret to getting people to show up to your events—You’ll be astonished at how the turnout exceeds your expectations every time
  • The mindset for successful wow marketing—Take a page out of Apple’s playbook and your business will grow by leaps and bounds 3 questions to ask before inviting people to your meetings—Get this right and you’ll never have to worry about filling the room
  • Finding your “crazy ones” and building a long-lasting downline—Help them and you’ll create everything you need and desire with your business
  • The 5 “Ps” for marketing to helper-healers—This knowledge will put you light years ahead of your competition
  • Setting up your mastermind dream team—This principle alone will catapult your business to new heights and empower you to succeed
  • 5 easy to follow steps for putting on incredible wow events—Use this simple blueprint for attracting helper-healers to your in-home meetings
  • How to use scripts for inviting and presenting in a non-salesy way—No need to be anyone other than yourself!
  • It’s NOT your destiny to be an MLM loser this year—Stop worrying and start relying on this information to put frustration and failure behind you for good!
  • And so much more!

Exclusive Member Component #2
The Wow Event Planner

Included in your membership is the Wow Event Planner, which helps you plan, prepare and produce a memorable local demo that your guests will talk about long after the meeting ends.  You’ll close more product sales… sign up more distributors… and have more fun in the process!
  • The 7 questions to ask yourself before you start planning your event
  • A 14-point getting started checklist that covers all the basics and then some
  • A 7-point checklist that reminds you what’s needed for the room set up
  • For the day before, use this 7-point checklist to make sure everything is ready to go for the big event—Includes how to create a guestbook
  • On the day of the event, follow this 11-point checklist so that all your planning pays off-and your event is a smashing success!

Exclusive Member Component #3
Get Started Worksheets

To help jumpstart your business-building efforts, you’ll receive three initial worksheets designed to get you up and running fast.  These three worksheets will help you clarify your goals and reasons for providing in-home meetings.
Kim has created these as a result of working with tens of thousands of distributors over the years… helping networkers succeed when all other approaches had failed.  These three worksheets will become the foundation upon which you build a sustainable, long-lasting MLM business. The third one gives you the six-minute talk that got Mr. Rogers
$20 million and shows how you can model it, exactly.

Exclusive Member Component #4
Facebook and Word Press Marketing

Helper-healers need to get their story out, and Facebook is a marvelous opportunity to do that.  Learn from a Facebook expert during a special webinar, how to figure out who, on FB, is right for your product or business.
Another way to get your story out is to create your own blog – and you can learn to do that in this program. We’ll have a Word Press expert show you the ropes during one of our special sessions.

Exclusive Member Component #5
Ten Mastermind Calls

This is where the magic happens.
On the last Saturday of every month, excluding July and August, Kim will host a 90-minute mastermind call exclusively for members of the Helper-Healer program.  You’ll learn firsthand what it takes to create a successful wow event, including how to invite, present, sell product and sign up new distributors.
Kim will also teach you how to increase the number of people who attend your events.  In addition, on each of the 10 calls, two members will be selected to be spotlighted on the call.  You’ll get to hear Kim’s invaluable advice and the support of everyone else on the call as it relates to pulling off your own wow event.
Calls are on the last Saturday of each month — so the sooner you join, the sooner you can get personal attention from Kim.

Exclusive Member Component #6
Community Interaction

Every time you log in to the member’s area you’ll be able to interact with other members as well as with Kim through the commenting feature that’s part of each module.
You’ll be able to ask questions, comment on other members posts and receive feedback on any aspect of your business you need help with.  This is especially helpful if you’re currently in a distributor organization where you’re not getting the support you need and deserve.

Exclusive Member Component #7
Personal One-On-One Consultation

Each member gets a one-on-one telephone chat with one the Helper-Healer Marketer creators – either Kim or Vic. Which other program have you ever bought, at any price, that offers this wonderful touch?

Claim These Two Business-Boosting
Bonuses When You Join Today

When you join the Helper-Healer program today, you’ll receive two invaluable business-boosting bonuses absolutely free.

Free Bonus #1:
“If My Product’s So Great, How Come I Can’t Sell It?”

This 355-page eBook is filled with actionable strategies and tips for building a strong customer base. I’m talking about long term, loyal, monthly customers—not one-time retail sales. These are the kind of customers who look forward to getting their products each month and seeing whatever new stuff your company comes out with.
This is what builds sustainable product volume and consistent monthly checks!  Here’s a sampling of what you’ll discover inside:
  • How to eliminate the 3 signs of “seller talk” — You’ll effortlessly sell more products without being “pushy”
  • 5 strategies for finding points of common interest — You’ll be surprised by how positively people respond to you
  • Three sample scripts for speaking with potential customers — Follow these proven formulas that make it easy for you to connect with others
  • 15 tips for creating your own email signature — You’ll be amazed at how many new customers you can gain from emails sent to friends and associates
  • What to say at the end of every first conversation — These simple two and three word phrases will help you get your prospect’s interest and attention
  • Plus. . .strategies for contacting warm and cold markets, local businesses, speaking with people you meet around town… and a whole lot more!

Free Bonus #2:
“One Liners” MP3 Collection

“One Liners” is a collection of simple phrases that will make your life as a network marketer so much easier.  And when I say simple, I mean words that a 13-year old can understand!
You’ll receive two audio MP3 files (about 22 minutes total) along with instructions on how to put these on your computer desktop.
Think about it… wouldn’t it be great to utter a simple one-line phrase that compels your prospect to want to know more?  When someone asks, “What do you do?” or “How do make money?” you’ll have a quick and snappy answer that will get their attention.
These one-liners are what Kim used to get a $25,000 order from a guy she met in an elevator!  You just never know who you’ll meet… but one thing will be for sure.  You’ll be ready with these one-liners!

It’s Easy to Get Started

When Kim offered to open her new Helper-Healer membership program some
thought at first that it would be expensive to join.
The cost of the 10 mastermind calls is worth $1,000 on their own—and at that price, they would be well worth the investment.  I’ve seen other year-long MLM coaching programs cost as much as $5000—and I’m not so sure they deliver what I know Kim delivers.
When you factor in the 8 modules and all the other components, along with the free bonuses, there is unbelievable value here.  The program is easily worth 10x the cost.
Fortunately, Kim is a helper-healer herself, and truly enjoys helping others succeed.  As a result, you can join the Helper-Healer membership program today at a price that is accessible to any serious helper-healer marketer.
There is a small catch.  Kim may have to put a cap on the number of members she can realistically support.  She may decide to only allow 500 members… so I urge you to join today, and start reaping the benefits of all that this program provides.


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