Than Merrill – Raising Private Money

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Raising Private Money

Class #1: Understanding How to Raise Private Money
In this hour and half web class you will learn the basics of how borrowing private money works. They will walk you through the exact documents you to complete a private money loan. You will also see what marketing materials you should develop to help you recruit private lenders

Class #2: Finding Private Lenders
In this hour and half web class you will learn exactly how to locate, pre-screen, and pitch to private lenders. Our top sources for finding private lenders will be revealed and we will walk you through exactly how to pre-screen out the tire kickers. We will also show you exactly what marketing materials you need to develop to give to potential private money lenders.

Class #3: Crafting Your Private Money
In this hour and half web class you will learn exactly how to speak to private money. In the class you will actually listen to us do the 20 minute private money pitch so you know exactly what to say to a private lender. We will cover what the top objections are and how to overcome them when you are working with a potential private lender.
We will also help you customize and refine your pitch so you ACTUALLY convince the lender to work with you. We also show you exactly how to get them to commit in writing to fund one of your upcoming deals.

Class #4 Advanced Private Lending Techniques
In this hour and half web class you will learn exactly how to build long term sustainable relationships with your private money lenders. We will also teach you more advanced concepts like how to work with IRA money and 401(k) money. This class will be culminate with you receiving a complete understanding of the private money process

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