Commercial Real Estate Development Modeler

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Commercial Real Estate Development Modeler

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When a commercial development project comes across your table, 
complete this Modeler and start the deal off strong.

Organization is key when working in commercial real estate, and Dandrew Media’s Modeler Series was developed to keep our Intermediaries on track and their deals progressing. Our Commercial Real Estate Development Modeler is an exceptional tool to use when working on financing a new development where commercial units will either be leased or sold. This user-friendly spreadsheet allows you to create a project summary covering all vital components of the deal. Many Intermediaries make simple mistakes that can cost them the deal. This Modeler asks the important questions ensuring effective due diligence is performed. From the project overview and exit strategy to the project economics covering the capital structure and a loan valuation analysis, you’ll quickly realize the project’s strength or areas of concern.

The next time you have a new development deal come across your table, make a smart business decision and rely on the Modeler Series to ask the tough questions. From day 1, you’ll know if the deal is worth your time. Rely on our Modelers and we’ll get you to the closing table faster.

Modeler Highlights

Tell Your Story
When a potential investor wants to see your commercial land project, give them a comprehensive deal summary that will make your project shine. All key components of your deal will be displayed in one easy to understand financial model.

Simplifying The Capital Stack
Effectively communicating where investors fall in the capital stack is essential. Investors love our straight-forward analysis simplifying this often times complex subject.

Project Economics That Sell
Nothing sells a deal, like the cold, hard numbers. And that’s exactly what your investors will get. This Modeler contains a valuation analysis, profit analysis and residual land analysis. Build credibility by proving that you’re a commercial real estate expert.

Risks & Reward Revealed
Investors need to have a clear understanding of both the risks involved and the income potential. This modeler will make buying-in an easy decision by illustrating primary risks as well as the projects anticipated success.

What’s Included

Dandrew Media is passionate about helping our Intermediaries to be ultra-successful in commercial real estate. With over 20 years in the business, we’ve been around the block a time or two, and we know what it takes to attract investors and close the deal. Work our system and you too can live a prosperous life fueled by commercial real estate investing.

With the purchase of your modeler, you’ll receive:

* Instructional DVD
* Modeler Training Manual
* Fully- Customizable Modeler


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