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The ‘Hidden Enemy’  That Can Destroy
Your Ecommerce Business Overnight!

Let Me Show You Everything You’ll Receive

When You Join Ecom Insider Today!

So here’s the deal.

When you join Ecom Insider today you’re going to get ALL of the following goodies inside professional Build Grow Scale branded packaging.
I’ll rush it straight to your door and then every month after that I’ll send you another package… and another.
Membership is $197 a month… but during our pre-launch (AKA, right now!) you can lock up one of our charter memberships for 50% to 66% off the normal price.
It will be like marketing “Christmas Morning” every single month.
So, what’s in the first package?
Glad you asked.
Here’s Everything You’re Getting Today…
Ecom Insiders Monthly Print Magazine
When you join Ecom Insider today, I’m going to send you the “kick off” issue that will teach you my presell page strategy that raked in over $450,000 in 3 months.
And inside this full color magazine I show you the exact pages we useour statistics and a complete step-by-step tutorial on how to implement this strategy into your business.
Also inside this issue you’re going to get access to an interview I did with Black Label Mastermind Member Matthew Stafford on how he took a struggling ecommerce brand and turned it into a $2,000 per day profit business in less than 14 days.
It’s an amazing story and the interview is packed full of golden nuggets you can immediately leverage in your own business.
All of that is just in your first issue. Each month you will receive a new issue of Ecom Insider that is packed to the gills with cutting edge, tutorial based training you can use to build grow and scale your ecommerce store.
Proven $450K Presell Page Template
I’m also giving you my personal presell page templates that you can deploy immediately into your own business.
This is the same plug and play presell page that you will learn how to use in the Ecom Insider “Kick Off” issue.
This template can be used in any niche to boost conversions on any type of product. Simply swap out the text and images with your own and you’re off to the races.
This template has generated millions of dollars in extra sales for us this year and it’s something I’ve never shared before outside of our coaching program.
Ecommerce Business Calculator Collection
“These 9 Tools Form The Dashboard Of My Business!”
I’m giving you access to my private ecommerce “calculator” and spreadsheet collection. These are the 9 tools I use every single day to track performancecalculate metrics & KPI’sevaluate product and profit potential and a ton of other critical aspects of our businesses. Including:
  • ADVERTISING SPEND CALCULATOR – This calculator will help you determine how much you can actually afford to spend on your advertising based on the product(s) you are selling and whether or not you are using a sales funnel. Enter your data and it will calculate the Max CPC, CPM and CPA you can afford.
  • CONVERSION METRICS CALCULATOR -When you enter your information into this calculator it will tell you what your actual conversion metrics are through your entire funnel as well as calculating lead costs, earnings per click and your average customer value at each step of your sales process.
  • FREE+SHIPPING CALCULATOR – Free+Shipping is a tricky type of offer to dial in and run profitably. This calculator does all the heavy lifting and gives you all the numbers, metrics and ratios you need to determine how best to optimize your free+shipping offer.
  • LEAD GENERATION BREAK EVEN CALCULATOR – This calculator takes the guesswork out of using paid media to build your prospect list. Enter your list details and your offer details and the calculator will tell you exactly how much you can afford to spend to acquire a prospect lead.
  • PRODUCT EVALUATION & PROFITABILITY CALCULATOR – This calculator will help you weed out the products that are not worth it. After filling out the requested fields with the products information you will be able to immediately determine if a prospective product is worth your money and time.
  • PRODUCT PRICING CALCULATOR – This calculator will help you ensure that your products are always priced correctly in the marketplace and that with that pricing you also know exactly what your gross, working and net profit margins are.
  • BUSINESS SCALING CALCULATOR – Exponential growth can be very exciting, but it can also potentially put you out of business if you aren’t aware of all the additional costs. This calculator will help you avoid the hidden costs that you need to be aware of and have a plan for dealing with.
  • PRODUCT RE-ORDER CALCULATOR – This calculator will determine your product run rate, and production lead times to tell you when you need to place your product re-orders to avoid running out of stock.
  • WAREHOUSE INVENTORY TRACKER – This tool will keep track of all the product you currently have in inventory (you should track this even if you use 3rd party or FBA fulfillment) as well as when you need to re-order, the inventory valuation and how much money you have tied up in inventory.
I shared these calculators with my Black Label Mastermind Members and I was blown
away by how many of these 7 and 8 figure businesses were not tracking this data.

I don’t want you to make the same mistake, which is why
I’m giving them to you free inside your Ecom Insider membership.
$100 Build Grow Scale Live Event Gift Certificate
I’m giving you a $100.00 Gift Certificate (with no expiration date) that can be used for any Build Grow Scale Live workshop or Event.
I want to meet you and I’m going to incentivize you to make it happen!
Let’s be real for a second. Thousands of people are going to buy Ecommerce Evolved, but only a tiny percentage will ever do anything with it.
By joining Ecom Insider, you are signaling to me that you are serious about business and that you are one of those action takers who make things happen.
And because you are that kind of person. I want to meet you!
There’s not enough people like you and I out there and we need to stick together. 
And for that reason I’m going to incentivize you with a $100 discount to make that happen and the best place to do that is at one of our live events or workshops where you can not only meet me, but also talk shop with your fellow ecom insider members.

All That Is JUST What You Get TODAY 

To “Kick Off” Your Ecom Insider Membership!
And Then…

Each Month Like Clockwork, 

You Will Also Receive:
Ecom Insider Monthly Print Magazine

Every month I’m going to send you the newest issue of the Ecom Insider Magazine.

Each full color issue, is packed to the gills with cutting edge, tutorial based training you can use to build grow and scale your ecommerce store.
Before I say any more, let me address what you are probably thinking
I know there are other monthly magazines or newsletters out there, that “promise the world” but under-deliver when you get them in the mail.
They are either too generic, try to cover too many topics, or worse they use huge images and big fonts to pad out the page counts.
Plus most of them look like shit in the presentation department.
That is NOT the case with Ecom Insider.
Each issue focuses on one strategy or topic so we can dive in deep and give you the actionable info you need.
And I can’t cover everything you need inside the magazine, I’ll include additional training videos or supporting PDF’s to make sure you are never left wondering what to do or how to implement.
And EVERYTHING shared with you inside each monthly issue is 100% backed up by real world results generated by me and my companies.
 If we don’t do it, I won’t teach it. EVER.
You will be blown away by the value & insights you’ll receive from each and every issue.
PLUS, Each Issue Also Includes “Ecommerce Gold” From The Black Label Mastermind…

The Black Label Mastermind is comprised of some of the most talented 7, 8 and 9 figure per year ecommerce business owners on the planet.

And each month a different Black Label member contributes a “Insider’s Only” interview/training on what is working the best for them in their ecommerce businesses.
This is high level insight you won’t find anywhere else!
Monthly “Ecom Anatomy” Breakdowns

Every month, myself and the BGS team search out and dissect the most successful ecommerce stores and funnels we can find.

And if there is a specific site or brand, you’d like to see dissected, you can request it!

Much like an iceberg, which only has a small portion of its mass visible above the surface, The same is true for a businessover two thirds of what makes it successful is not visible at the surface level.

And that’s exactly what we show you inside these Ecom anatomy breakdowns. We deep dive into the inner workings of successful ecommerce business and show you the good…the bad and the awesome.
Not only do we analyze the inner functions of the site, we also show you what they are doing right and  what they are doing wrong.
And then we buy their products and go through the entire sales process from beginning to end AS a customer and show you what they are doing right and wrong at each step of the customer journey.
We spend thousands of dollars a month reverse engineering successful ecommerce stores with the goal of learning one or two things from each that we can implement into our businesses to help them grow.
As an Ecom Insider you now get to do the same.
Live” What’s Working Now Call’s

During our Insider’s Only “Live” What’s Working Now call, myself and the BGS team will show you exactly what we’re currently having success with and what is no longer working or has lost effectiveness in our Ecom businesses.

As well as any new or upcoming changes or you need to be aware of in the world of Ecommerce.
We’ll also show you any new methods or tricks we’re currently testing out.
All in all this means that everything we know, you will also know with nothing held back.
During this live monthly call you will also be able to ask questions and get them answered live as well as have the opportunity for myself and the BGS team to critique your business to make sure you are on the right track.
Ecommerce is all myself and my team do 24/7. So it’s easy for us to keep our finger on the pulse of the industry.
But that’s not the case for most people.
And if you still work a job or are only doing ecommerce part time then access to these calls could be the catalyst to helping you turn your part time biz into a full time profit pulling machine.
These calls are worth their weight in gold, because all it takes is one little tip or getting one question answered to give you the “ah ha”moment you need in order to create massive growth in your business.

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  1. Patrick Long (verified owner)

    I found the course to be very informative and useful.

  2. Sean Bennett (verified owner)

    I enjoyed the hands-on approach of this course.

  3. Patrick (verified owner)

    The course exceeded my expectations. Very comprehensive.

  4. Eric Howard (verified owner)

    I enjoyed the interactive elements of the course.

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