Sonia Ricotti – Unsinkable Bounce Back System 2.0

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Unsinkable Bounce Back System 2.0Sonia Ricotti – Unsinkable Bounce Back System 2.0

A Foolproof System to Bounce Back BIG, Turn Your Life Around FAST and Achieve Success Beyond Your Wildest Dreams!

Discover how to easily overcome life’s challenges and begin living a life you love and deserve . . . A life filled with great wealth, career, relationships, health, inner peace and happiness!

At times life gets difficult. We’ve all experienced this at some point. Whether it’s financial problems where you’re having trouble making ends meet, or you’re in a job you really hate, or you’re trying to start a business but it’s just not doing well, or maybe your relationships are chaotic, frustrating and negative, or maybe you’re suffering from some serious health issues…

…and no matter what you do or how hard you try to turn things around, nothing seems to work!

You can feel frustrated and demoralized.

You may be wondering why do others seem to have it all together and experience great success, but no matter how hard you try, it just doesn’t work for you?

NOW, imagine being in a place where money is flowing easily, freely and from everywhere; where you can do what you want, when you want and buy whatever you please?

Imagine loving what you do (your job, career or business) and you’re experiencing massive success. Imagine all your relationships are positive and uplifting. Imagine your health issues are clearing up daily and you feel energetic and healthy.

Imagine if you could actually LOVE your life and be happy, healthy, abundant and free!

Believe it or not, this can become YOUR reality…

Hi, I’m Sonia Ricotti and I’m a “Bounce Back” expert and #1 bestselling author of 2 books, Unsinkable: How to Bounce Back Quickly When Life Knocks You Down, and, The Law of Attraction Plain and Simple.

I have taught hundreds of thousands of people around the world how to turn their lives around quickly and live their greatest lives through my programs, workshops, and books.

Although I live a dream life today, it wasn’t always like that for me.

In fact, at one point in my life, I was $124,000 in debt, lost my home due to foreclosure, my partner in life was an alcoholic (and the relationship ended in great heartbreak) and I even experienced serious health issues (a blood clot)—and it all happened at the same time!

I have since turned things around in a BIG and dramatic way – and I did it quickly.

I discovered a formula that really works.

I have since made it my mission to help people everywhere around the world turn their lives around in a big way and achieve the success and the life they absolutely love and deserve.

I did it…and so can YOU!

Get immediately download Sonia Ricotti – Unsinkable Bounce Back System 2.0

It’s easy. It’s a simple three step formula…

The Only All-Inclusive System You’ll Ever Need to Quickly Achieve Your ULTIMATE LIFE!

What You’ll Learn…

Seven Amazing Things You’ll Discover In The Unsinkable “Bounce Back” System 2.0

In this amazing program, Sonia will guide you through a series of powerful tools and techniques that can help you not only overcome any adversity you’re experiencing in your life — but also guide you to achieve all the success and happiness you desire.

Here are some of the things you’ll learn in this Unsinkable Bounce Back System 2.0:

The Secrets to Overcoming All Adversity and Begin Living Your Greatest Life

Oftentimes, success in life doesn’t require massive leaps and shifts. It can be as simple as a perception shift — one that allows you to view problems and obstacles as mere tools and opportunities to springboard yourself into the life you are meant to live.

Powerful Tools to Re-Program Both Your Conscious and Subconscious Mind to Achieve Great Success

The mind is powerful and it can either open the doors to success or block and sabotage your success. Get ready to reprogram your mind to ensure your mind is working at its optimal level to manifest great wealth, health, relationships and more!

How to Uncover and Eliminate All Your Money Blocks to Allow Great Financial Abundance to Flow Your Way

In order to become financially successful, you must start thinking like a rich person thinks. Get ready to open yourself up to allow money to flow easily, freely and from everywhere.

Tools to Elevate Your Vibration to the “Above 500” Level in Order to Attract Great Things into Your Life

It’s all about “energy.” Elevating your vibration state is the #1 thing you must do during times of adversity. This will dramatically shift your situation and improve how you feel; you will attract great things, people and situations into your life.

Strategies for Dealing with Negative People So You Can Be the Most Positive Person You know

It’s important to surround yourself with high-vibration positive people. These key strategies will teach you how not to allow negative people to rent space in your head, or to affect how you feel.

Belong to a Powerful “Circle of Light” Private Group that will Support and Elevate You

We all need support and people to elevate us and help us move forward to achieve our greatest life. This private community (which includes Sonia Ricotti and her team) is a safe-haven where like-minded positive people come together to help each other.

Practices to Set Yourself Free, Feel Good and Achieve the Life You Love and Deserve

This is one of the most powerful concepts you’ll learn. It will help you release anger and resentment, forgive yourself and others, and create a new personal declaration to take your life to the next level. Use it to transform your finances, health, relationships and more.

What’s Included in the Unsinkable Bounce Back System 2.0 Exclusive VIP Edition?

Unsinkable Bounce Back System 2.0

Unsinkable Bounce Back System Audio Program and Transcripts (Value: $497)

In this 7 module program, you will get the step-by-step training required to completely reprogram your conscious mind, reprogram your subconscious mind and elevate your vibrational frequency to that super high “above 500” level.

With this life-changing training, you will bounce back quickly from ANY situation!

You’ll experience massive transformation in your life and achieve immediate and lasting inner peace (even in the midst of the most stressful of situations).

You’ll discover the true secret to easily manifest great wealth, achieve optimal health, experience harmonious relationships (even with the most difficult people) — and begin living a life beyond your wildest dreams!

Self-Awakening Meditations (Value: $147)

These four meditations accompany the 7 modules of the Unsinkable Bounce Back System 2.0. They are the most powerful and life-changing meditations you will ever experience. They include:

Meditation 1 • Shed Your Limiting & Negative Beliefs

Meditation 2 • Meet Your Future Self

Meditation 3 • Forgive & Set Yourself Free

Meditation 4 • Get Clear About What You Really Want

These meditations will completely shift and transform all areas of our life (wealth, health, relationships, career, business and more!).

Tools To Elevate Your Vibration (Value: $194)

These are 15-minute activations infused with the renowned Centerpointe Research Institute’s Holosync® audio technology.

When listened to with headphones, this creates the electrical brain wave patterns of many desirable states, including that of deep meditation. This Holosync technology in this audio recording will put you in an alpha brainwave state, a state of light meditation, inner peace and openness to learning.

These are designed to increase your ability to enter into a meditative state and more fully absorb the intention of this meditative activation.

Dramatically Elevate Your Vibration State: Listen to these powerful activations each morning and evening and watch your life transform.

Listen with earphones to receive the benefit of this remarkable technology.

AM Activation (With Holosync® Technology)

Listen to it each morning and you’ll increase your vibrational frequency to a state of love, peace, joy and gratitude. You’ll feel good, energetic, optimistic, take action, have set intentions and experience superb mental clarity.

PM Activation (With Holosync® Technology)

Listen to it each evening and you’ll let go and release any and all negative energy and negative feelings that you are holding on to and replace it with positive, joyful and peaceful energy and feelings. It will allow you to experience a deep restful sleep and increase your vibration to a state of love, peace, joy and gratitude.

High Vibration Neuro-Mantras (Value $197)

More Tools To Elevate Your Vibration: Listen to Mark Romero’s High Vibration Unsinkable Musical Mantras.

These new Mark Romero Musical Mantras have been created specifically for the Unsinkable Bounce Back System! This is musical technology that assists you to rise above your challenges and remove blocks in your life.

Listen to these musical mantras and you’ll be tuned into your highest personal frequency in the following areas of your life: wealth, health, spirituality, joy, career and relationships.

BOUNCE BOOSTER Personal Power Video (Value $197)

More Tools To Elevate Your Vibration: Watch this Unsinkable Personal Power Video.

Watch this video and feel better fast! This is a life-changing transformational video you can view on a daily basis.

This powerful visualization tool can give you the belief and “mental edge” you need to become UNSINKABLE in record time! You’ll enjoy STUNNING, high-vibration images, music, and messages that empower your mind to become Unsinkable — now.

Private Facebook Group
Unsinkable “Circle of Light” Community – Priceless

Get exclusive access to Sonia Ricotti (and her team of coaches) and to a supportive, loving, positive community.

This is your “Circle of Light” group. A place where you can ask questions and get support from like-minded loving people in a private and positive community.

Unsinkable Movie VIP Package

Value $997

Lifetime Access to The Unsinkable Movie

Get lifetime access to the Unsinkable
Movie. Re-live the inspiration and the teachings of some of the greatest teachers on the planet.

Full Expert Interviews

Enjoy incredible and inspired teachings from 12 phenomenal experts. Accelerate your own awareness with advice, teachings and deeply inspiring stories.

12 Transcipts of Interviews

Have these incredible teachings at your fingertips in a downloadable format.

12 Audio mp3’s of Interviews

Listen anywhere, anytime to these amazing teachings in an mp3 format that you can download to your computer, phone or any listening device.


BONUS 1 – Season 1 – Be Unsinkable Teleseminar Series

23 Audio Downloads and Downloadable Transcripts – Value $460

In this phenomenal first season of the Be Unsinkable Teleseminar Series hosted by Sonia Ricotti, the world’s top leading self-help experts offer their expertise and coaching on how to overcome any difficult life challenge! Experts include:

• John Assaraf • Nick Ortner • Byron Katie • Dr. Sue Morter • James Redfield • Janet Attwood• Carolyn Ellis • Loral Langemeier • Marci Shimoff

And many more great experts!

BONUS 2 – Season 2 – Be Unsinkable Teleseminar Series

23 Audio Downloads and Downloadable Transcripts – Value $460

In this incredible second season of the Be Unsinkable Teleseminar Series hosted by Sonia Ricotti, the world’s top leading self-help experts offer their expertise and coaching on how to overcome any difficult life challenge! Experts include:

• Lisa Nichols • Mark Romero • Bill Harris • T. Harv Eker • Joe Vitale • Alex Loyd • Bob Doyle • Chris Attwood• Jessica Ortner • Jennifer Hough • Elizabeth Lesser

And many more great experts!

BONUS 3 – The Millionaire Money Formula (Life Class)

How to Take Charge of Your Life, Manifest the Money You Need and Open the Doors to Extreme Wealth. – Value $97

If you are looking to manifest and achieve financial freedom, this is the class for you! In this life-changing Life Class you willl learn:

  • Why financial abundance eludes most people
  • How to uncover and release all of your financial blocks (that are sabotaging your success)
  • What successful millionaires do differently (that most people don’t do)
  • How to generate multiple streams of income so your money will flow easily, freely and from everywhere

…And lots more!

BONUS 4 – Overcome Procrastination NOW! (Life Class)

How to Break Through Your Blocks, Stop Putting Things Off and Start Getting Things Done! – Value $97

This is a Life Class you really don’t want to miss. Procrastination – we all do it!

Get ready to get all the answers of WHY we procrastinate. You will learn how to uncover the blocks behind it, how to really take action and make things happen in a big and wonderful way in your life!

BONUS 5 – Healing Relationships (Life Class)

How to Radically Improve ALL Relationships, Let Go of Past Hurts, Set Boundaries
and Experience Positive Interactions Even with the Most Negative People! – Value $97

In this life-changing Life Class, you will discover the true meaning of “transformation” as Sonia teaches you a four step powerful process that will completely shift ALL your relationships in a dramatic and positive way.

SURPRISE BONUS #6 – Sound Healing • “New You, New Life” with Mark Romero – Value $197

Another Special Bonus! It’s time to let go of what is no longer serving you…

Experience five deep guided “inner processes” delivered through a high-vibration musical performance by Mark Romero. These sound healing mantras are focused on letting go of the past, self-love, abundance, inner peace, and health.

PLUS…Mark Romero and Sonia Ricotti have a deep discussion around the steps to take to begin living your greatest life RIGHT NOW. Including, HOW to set yourself free of all negativity, stress, self-doubt, and any blocks that are sabotaging your success from living a life you love.

SURPRISE BONUS #7 – Sound Healing • “Manifesting Money” with Mark Romero – Value $197

Another Special Bonus! It’s time to let go of what is no longer serving you…

Experience several deep, guided ”inner processes“ delivered through a high-vibration musical performance by Mark Romero. The live “money” musical mantras will be focused on letting go of all limiting beliefs around money, and elevating your vibrational frequency to “receive” financial abundance into your life.

PLUS…Mark Romero and Sonia Ricotti have a deep discussion around the steps to take to make money flow easily, freely, and from everywhere. Including how to uncover any blocks that are sabotaging your financial success (and how to release them).

SURPRISE BONUS #8 – Unsinkable VAULT – Value $997

Another Special Bonus! Get access to ALL the recordings of Sonia Ricotti’s life-changing “Unsinkable LIVE” events!

Each event is dedicated to a specific topic to help you to not only bounce back, but to bounce forward, and truly live your greatest life in 2022!

You’ll also experience Mark Romero performing his “Sound Healing” musical mantras in each one too!

This is a treasure chest/vault of transformation. You can watch them anytime (or even download the audio version too!).

SURPRISE BONUS #9 – 2 Tickets to “DreamBuilder LIVE” – Value $2,394
(3-Day Virtual Event)

SPECIAL SURPRISE BONUS!!! After you’ve done the Unsinkable Bounce Back System 2.0 and bounced back in a big way, here’s your chance to take your life to the next (even higher) level!

This is a 3-DAY Dreambuilder LIVE virtual event with the wonderful Mary Morrissey (Sonia’s long-time friend and mentor!).

This is a life-changing, inspirational event where you’ll get super clear about what you really want your true DREAM life to look like. You’ll put an action plan together, and make it REALLY happen this year! YES!

You’ll get TWO tickets (one for you and one for a friend!).

SURPRISE BONUS #10 – Tickets to ALL “Unsinkable LIVE” – Value $997

SPECIAL SURPRISE BONUS!!! Sonia Ricotti will be doing THREE Unsinkable LIVE virtual events this year! Your ticket will get you access to ALL three events!

These LIVE events are designed to support you during your “bounce back” journey (to ensure your success)! Each one will include “Sound Healing” sessions performed live by the wonderful Mark Romero!

Each event will be dedicated to a specific topic to help you to not only bounce back, but to bounce forward, and truly live your greatest life in 2022!

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